Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

Immediate relief from the pain of sensitive teeth

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Test Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

After six years of dedicated development, the experts at Oral-B, the #1 dentist recommended brand have brought you something special! A toothpaste that not only provides instant relief from the pain of sensitive teeth, it also cools inflamed gums while giving you an extraordinary brushing experience!

The powerful Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm formula blocks dentine tubes that can expose the nerves to heat, cold, acidity and stickiness. Not only does this powerhouse of a toothpaste taste and feel great, it is clinically proven to provide a barrier to help protect against sensitivity and erosion, while also fighting bacteria and plaque to strengthen and calm gums in the future.

Your Starter Kit:

  • 1 x full-size pack of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste
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  • 50% off discount code for Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm for use at Boots.com

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Lauraocmua • 1 year ago

Passed these onto family members friends and using myself I suffer with gum disease I so far I've noticed a massive result in sensitivity love this

shallam3 • 1 year ago

Good comments back everyone who had a sample loved it and the vouchers was a bonus a few agreed it has like a cinnamon undertone but not too strong a flavour just right over all a good toothpaste that does what it says here's to the next home made iced coffee

ulstersajida • 1 year ago

Thank you so much for accepting my request to trial this product. I have passed on to friends and family who were impressed with the results.

Pegicorn44 • 1 year ago

Really pleased with the results so far. Previously used di

Pegicorn44 • 1 year ago

Really pleased with the results so far. Previously used other brands and I have to say I will be switching now.

micksgirl • 1 year ago

i like the taste of it and it cleans well.

AlisonT • 1 year ago

The taste of this toothpaste is far more pleasant than the toothpaste I'd previously been using. Much more subtle and just nicer generally. My husband is really finding that it's helping with his sensitive teeth, and my daughter likes the taste. I've given the samples to family and friends. One friend in particular is definitely feeling the benefit of using it. Says he's noticed the difference. Everyone comments on the taste - not so strong as traditional harsh toothpastes.

Paro • 1 year ago

Excellent results. I've shared all of the samples and the code vouchers with my colleagues, family relatives,neighbours. Everyone has back with such a great positive response. I think every dental surgery can start recommend Oral-B Gum Calm and Sensitivity.

holhome • 1 year ago

I met with some friends this afternoon, all had received samples and vouchers for Oral-B Calm toothpaste, and all had only positive comments about the toothpaste. They loved the taste, the minty refreshing aftertaste and especially they were happy since they did not experience any tooth sensitivity. As a matter of fact we all had some nice cold drinks, and none of us felt any tooth pain. Brilliant outcome!

holhome • 1 year ago

I gave the last samples and vouchers two days ago to my three work colleagues, who I have been collaborating most for the past year, mainly working from home. I am waiting to hear their opinion on the toothpaste.

holhome • 1 year ago

I met with some friends this afternoon, all had received samples and vouchers for Oral-B Calm toothpaste, and all had only positive comments about the toothpaste. They loved the taste, the minty refreshing aftertaste and especially they were happy since they did not experience any tooth sensitivity. As a matter of fact we all had some nice cold drinks, and none of us felt any tooth pain. Brilliant outcome!

cathwarbur • 1 year ago

Been quite busy passing on samples to family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances. All feedback so far has been positive and I am sure the coupons also will be used lovely to be part of this campaign.

Bev1961 • 1 year ago

I’m having so much fun with this project I now feel 8 can eat almost anything now ice cream frothy coffee no pain or discomfort... and my friends are thinking the same thing oral b calm will be a permanent item on my shopping list 😊

donnadickson • 1 year ago

Shared with family, friends and neighbours over the weekend. Received really positive feedback today and they all liked the taste.

TrishM • 1 year ago

Received my box of goodies on the 21st April so wanted to ensure that I distributed the samples to friends, family and neighbours and get their thoughts before leaving my review. Personally I have loved this toothpaste. Not only have I suffered with sensitive teeth for what feels like forever I also suffer with bleeding gums when I floss. Other toothpastes have certainly helped with the sensitivity but CALM has virtually meant that I am able to eat and drink what I want without the pain. My bleeding gums are also a thing of the past and I can now floss and gums feel 'calm'. This will definitely be my toothpaste of choice in the future. The feedback I have received from the samples that I gave out have all been positive. All have said that their teeth felt clean and mouth fresh after brushing and the toothpaste did relieve sensitivity pain. One family member who suffers with a sore tongue (geographic tongue) mentioned that it didn't aggravate the symptoms as some toothpastes do and she will definitely continue to use. The flavour had mixed reviews - some really liked and others said they would prefer a more minty taste. Overall a brilliant product.

Kelliefq • 1 year ago

I love this toothpaste, after taking strong medication over a number of years my teeth have suffered terribly, I really wanted to try this toothpaste but I was worried it wouldnt help but how wrong was I , I managed to drink a cold glass of milk without flinching or having to use a straw. I have sent my friends and family some testers and they are so impressed too. They have all asked for the half price voucher code, so I passed this on and asked for reviews from them all. Fab product.

funkygrandma • 1 year ago

I have really enjoyed sharing my tube of this great sensitive toothpaste with my husband. We are coming to the end of the tube and have NO complaints. (Praise indeed since my husband loves a good moan about anything new!) I have given out my samples and have had lots of positive feedback - 100% positive. Congratulations Oral-B, and thank you so much for providing such a great product for both sensitive teeth and gums. A triumphant success!

monikamocca • 1 year ago

I'm really pleased that I had opportunity to try this toothpaste. It is amazing. Freshness, healthier gums (no rednes and bleeding) and what is the most important, decrease in sensitivity. Very happy user 🤩

colinsara04 • 1 year ago

Been using this toothpaste for over a week now and it's been great. I can enjoy my favourite Fab Ice Lollies once again!

monikamocca • 1 year ago

What is more, so far, all family members and friends I gave the samples to, think the same, only positive responses 🤩

Shayla • 1 year ago

Family and friends really enjoyed this product too, not been able to go to the dentist since covid and this has been a massive help, my teeth arent as sensitive and they feel clean and fresh for longer. Definitely will continue to use in future.

Jonathanharp • 1 year ago

handed out the samples and the voucher cards before they expired. had a few people tell me they liked that the product actually worked, I have been using it 2 times a day for a week and I need to give it a bit more time, I think

holhome • 1 year ago

The more I use Oral-B Calm toothpaste the more I like its positive effects on my teeth and gums. My mouth feels refreshed after every use of this toothpaste and my teeth have started to feel stronger, and I do not experience any pain with any type of food or drink

RebeccaJ424989 • 1 year ago

i perosanlly love the taste, although i do feel though after a few weeks of using this product it has made my teeth feel more sensitive

Chrissie57 • 1 year ago

I have used OralB calm for about a week now and I have really sensitive teeth, I’m sorry I never bought this sooner it’s been a godsend it’s settling my teeth although I’ll still use it I don’t have sensitive teeth, I’ve passed a few samples to family and waiting for their reviews

TanLou • 1 year ago

Love this toothpaste. Was happy to be chosen to trial this and have handed out samples to friends and family too. Leaves that fresh, just been to dentist feeling. Will continue to use.

Dawn_p • 1 year ago

Love love love this toothpaste and so do my friends and family and neighbours. Not 1 negative feedback. Gave the vouchers out and they were snapped up. No more sensitivity felt at all. It's my new wonder product.

Dic • 1 year ago

Well what can I say, amazing products yet again. The calm toothpaste was really loved by my family and friends .And literally helped me no end with my bleeding gums, gingivitis etc and helped with my tooth sensitivity also cracking products and everyone who has had a little sample loved it too. Really helped with all and only had positive reaction feedback. From all the pictures everyone liked also, would definitely recommend and use this product from now on myself oral b calm awesome 👌.

NikeMaria • 1 year ago

I have now been using it since I have received it and I have found it really good for my gums, my gums are not as sensitive as they used to be, plus I find it that it leaves my teeth squeaky clean with a mild fresh taste in my mouth. I have been sharing lots of the samples with family and friends and have had great feedback from them, they like how it tastes and the results on their sensitive teeth. :)

baggy1973 • 1 year ago

From children to grandmother, everyone who's had a sample so far has loved it. great taste, effective results, fast

Autumnsend • 1 year ago

I now been using Oral B sensitivity and gum calm toothpaste, I have been delighted with the results, having missed several dental appointment due to lock down, I found that my teeth were becoming more and more sensitive, hot and cold drinks were completely out of the question. even rinsing my mouth out was painful. After about a week the sensitivity completely vanished. The taste is also very nice as well.
I have tried several different tooth pastes designed to combat sensitivity, but this is the best I have sampled by far and I intend to carry on using it.

Loushan • 1 year ago

Received this product as part of a test and was delighted to try something to help aid with the sensitivity of my gums. This toothpaste definitely was gentle and cleaned my teeth effectively, however I did not enjoy the taste. For me it tasted too clinical - I was expecting a minty refreshing taste. However after using for a week I did notice my gum inflammation ease up - so this product definitely works but the taste isn't for me personally. I would also be interested if there was a version that had whitening affects? This would definitely encourage me to buy more but my family (mother, father and other half who has particularly sensitive teeth) love it and don't mind the taste!

Chiggs • 1 year ago

Handed out all the samples to friends and family, very positive feedback no one disliked it.
I personally have very sensitive teeth and have to watch what I eat, hot and cold gives me pain.
I have been using sensodyne for several years as it was the only toothpaste that helped relieve the discomfort.
Tried oral b calm with an open mind, I was blown away how good it was, tastes similar to what the dentist uses which is fine by me.
Used it several times and it works faster and lasts longer than sensodyne, also polishes my teeth and tastes fresher.
I'm an oral b calm convert.
Definitely the toothpaste for me, I would highly recommend to anyone that suffers from sensitive teeth

ILovegreen • 1 year ago

Been using Oral-B calm for a few days and I am amazed at how quick it works, almost instantaneously, I know the leaflets suggest that this is the case, but I was very sceptical, however I'm pleasantly surprised. I am not having any sensitivity, even after eating a bowl of ice cream for the first time in ages.

Fievel • 1 year ago

I have handed out samples to 9 people so far and 4 have let me know how much they like it.
I will follow up with the other 5 in a week.

clicker2 • 1 year ago

Had feedback from all family and friends who received samples and all agreed the product lived up to its claims. Although one or two would have preferred a stronger taste all agreed that the flavour was pleasant and left a good aftertaste. Most agreed they would be happy to purchase in the future

LadyPenny • 1 year ago

Reporting back on the toothpaste the people who I gave samples to were split 50/50. Those who loved it said it help with sensitivity, cleaned their teeth and left their mouth feeling fresh. The others felt that it was a good toothpaste and did help with sensitivity they felt it was expensive and other on the market brands were just as good. Personally speaking I am inclined to agree, I found it effective and cleaned well but it was overpriced for what it was.

AmTheBest • 1 year ago

Everyone I gave the samples to have loved the new toothpaste. They are all so impressed.

angelabut • 1 year ago

Gave lots of samples to friends and relatives and all feedback is still good. Everyone has told me that they have definitely seen a difference in their teeth sensitivity problem and are now eating things they would'nt have eaten a few weeks ago. Everyone is pleased with the product and they are all saying that they will buy it in the future instead of their usual toothpaste, which is exactly my own sentiment also. Its goodbye to sensitive teeth and hello to lots of ice cream

Roni • 1 year ago

I've been using the Oral-B sensitive & gum calm toothpaste for almost a month now and I can honestly say that I am impressed. It left my mouth feeling deeply clean and fresh for a long time. I suffer from gum disease which can cause alot of pain, bleeding and sensitivity to cold/hot food or drink. Since using the toothpaste I've noticed a significant reduction with my gum disease issues compared to my previous toothpaste. Also, I love the texture and taste of this toothpaste. I feel a smooth film across my teeth after brushing which is just amazing. I will definitely continue with this henceforth! I have also shared with friends and family, and they too agree that they love the toothpaste for various reasons including freshness, taste, texture, less sensitivity, clean teeth and lasting fresh breath.

KEMPO • 1 year ago

Iv recieved oral B Calm nearly a month a go gave out my samples out to friends and family .
I have used mine twice a day at least .My teeth and gums are very sensitive and during lock down and not able to go to dentist they have suffered and I have tried lots of different toothpastes and mouthwashes and still sufferers.
Then I started using this New Oral B Calm and it is like a miracle my teeth appear to be alot less sensitive and my gums are so much better the taste is quite refreshing to ,My friends like the toothpaste to

Donna-MarieL • 1 year ago

Wow, shared the samples with my friends and family and not one person has said they don’t like it. Some found it refreshingly fruity in taste and others quite minty.
A couple have said they can already feel a difference and will more than likely continue to use it..

stephg3r • 1 year ago

Definitely containing to use this product, it has made a great difference to my sensitive tooth. Good flavour and feels a really good clean without being harsh on sore gums.

happymand • 1 year ago

I'm loving this toothpaste and so are all my family and friends. I can now drink a hot tea and then perhaps eat an ice cream without wincing! It's also a really pleasant tasting toothpaste and my gums look healthier.

Nellykelly • 1 year ago

I handed out the samples to my family and friends, and also the vouchers for 50% off. Well some of my family and friends have got back to me saying, they are so happy with the results of what they have had so far, and will definitely be switching to using this toothpaste from now on. I have sensitive teeth, and I can honestly say, this has really helped with the sensitivity. I had a twinge in my tooth the other night, so I rubbed a pea sized amount around my tooth and the gum, it helped straight away, I’m 100% changing to this toothpaste from now on, best ever. 👍👍

virtualpict • 1 year ago

I'm really loving this Oral B Calm toothpaste. I'm not suffering from the pain with cold foods and drinks, hot drinks and sweet stuff. I was nearly hitting the ceiling on occasion.
My mouth feels refreshed and clean all day and all night after brushing. It's not a minty taste but a bit like Dentyne Gum or Euthymol toothpaste, a little spicy, like cinnamon maybe. It is not harsh tasting like Corsadyl mouthwash or sweet like many mint toothpastes. It took a couple of brushes to get used to.

jayne62 • 1 year ago

Unbelievable the difference this toothpaste has made I can now eat ice pops ice cream a drink with ice in without any discomfort life changer

Meljel • 1 year ago

I totally love Oral B Sensitivity toothpaste it has done wonders for my gums and leaves my breath smelling lovely and fresh too thank you!

cheektocheek • 1 year ago

Afew weeks in and my husband is really feeling the benefits of Oral B Sensitivity toothpaste, he also likes the
milder taste which leaves his mouth feeling fresh. Thank you Oral B!!

annhalse • 1 year ago

I have thoroughly enjoyed testing this product and feedback from friends and colleagues has been great, I no longer worry about cleaning my teeth when the ulcers flare up as this is so soothing on my sore gums, I have purchased more and I will continue to use this, only upset is the issue with my social media.

hannahmassy • 1 year ago

Love the taste of this, and sooo happy to be able to eat ice lollies again! The pain from sensitive teeth has really subsided since using and I rarely get any pain now. Will continue to use.

zumbamad • 1 year ago

Have been unable to bear anything ice cold. After using the new toothpaste for over a week now I am able to drink water straight from the fridge , just how I like it. What a relief. It really does work.
Have given samples and coupons to friends relatives and my husband's work colleagues. All have been suitably impressed.
Thanks for the brilliant opportunity to test this toothpaste . It has worked a miracle for me.

Pamd • 1 year ago

I have been using Oral B Sensitivity toothpaste for a couple of weeks now and it is absolutely wonderful. I have no sensitivity at all now and I love the super fresh taste. I have given out all of the samples and vouchers and received totally positive feedback from everyone, they all love it too! I will definitely keep using it and I know that many of my friends and family will too. Well done, this toothpaste is great.

lildan • 1 year ago

Loved using this new Oral B toothpaste. I've really noticed an improvement in the sensitivity of my teeth and will keep using this product. The taste is different to my usual toothpaste but not unpleasant and leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean after brushing.

Avanti • 1 year ago

I'm very happy that I had a chance to try that toothpaste. After few days I had a big relief. All my friends trying samples from me an all of them are happy to use Oral-B in future

Sarbre26 • 1 year ago

Always like trying new products, this toothpaste is great, leaves teeth feeling fresh & clean, it tastes & smells nice. Will be trying more oral b in the future

Brownie • 1 year ago

just been great and everyone who has been given a sample has loved the benefit of this

Louby13 • 1 year ago

I've had good comments back about this toothpaste, tastes good and works well. Myself I find the taste quite mild and it has definitely reduced my sensitivity

Shaz93 • 1 year ago

Loving this toothpaste! From the first use no more bleeding gums! Tooth sensitivity is gone out the window and i can now eat and drink whatever i want!! It makes life so much easier which is what we all want. Iv given out all the samples and cannot recommend it enough! The taste is grand and leave my teeth feeling lovley and clean. I be sticking with this toothpaste from now on. Thanks savvycircle and oralB

ParisLove • 1 year ago

This toothpaste is by far the best I've used, I absolutely love the way my teeth feel after brushing, it also has a lovely flavour and it has helped relieve my sensitive gums! I managed to fully enjoy a hot drink so it definitely does work. I recommend to give this a try If you have sensitive gums.

ParisLove • 1 year ago

I shared the samples and vouchers with friends and family, I've only received good feedback, most love the flavour, some definitely noticed a difference with their gums. I really enjoyed participating in this project, thank you @savvycircle @supersavvyme and @oralB_uk

holhome • 1 year ago

I saw my neighbours this morning and they mentioned Oral-B Calm toothpaste telling me how happy they are with this toothpaste, their tooth sensitivity is gone. They love the taste and the texture of this toothpaste and how refreshing it leaves the mouth after using it. They have also bought some more using the voucher I passed them at the beginning of the campaign.

Zee_85 • 1 year ago

My family, relatives, and friends were so delighted with the samples. Thank you very much.

Dziosefina • 1 year ago

I shared with friends,family and online in groups with people. I wrote reviews in sites,shops and others.. I can't believe...So many people was so happy of my spread about this product

mei_rao • 1 year ago

So pleased with this! Gave a lot of samples to friends and family and all are super happy to not experience any teeth sensitivity after eating ice cream/drinking ice coffee!! Bonus that the aftertaste is so refreshing. Will definitely keep using this product

styxl • 1 year ago

Handed out my samples at work and everyone was really pleased.

Smokeyjo25 • 1 year ago

I have never found a toothpaste that has left my whole mouth feeling so clean and fresh I was so impressed I gave samples to family and friends and they have all said how good it is
it’s not to minty so doesn’t bother my ulcers like other toothpaste and it froths loads in your mouth and a great feeling now that I don’t get pain with hot or cold foods anymore and as for my sore gums that’s now a thing of the past too great product thanks for letting me test it

SBurford • 1 year ago

I absolutely LOVE this product. I do not see myself moving to another toothpaste brand for a long time. My teeth feel so so clean every day. Defiantly recommend.

Badders • 1 year ago

Would love to try this out as my teeth are sensitive and been suffering with my gums since on my new medication

armston • 1 year ago

I have found this toothpaste very good for cold items but my teeth are still quite sensitive at times when I am drinking hot drinks . Feed back from 2 people 1 very postive the other does not like the taste and prefer more of a mint taste .

drhkjec • 1 year ago

I have suffered with sensitive teeth and this fantastic & also leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean love the product glad I was selected thanks SuperSavvyme

Maryse • 1 year ago

Having sensitivity and pain evertime I eated something cold or sweet, this toothpaste saved my life , even after just one use I could eat everything I wanted with no pain at all. Recommended to all the person's I know and got all my samples and flyers to everyone from relatives to friends. Thank you.

Dic • 1 year ago

What can I say amazing products ,oral b calm toothpaste loved sharing with family and friends alike and on social platforms .All my feedback has been really positive all said exactly the same, kind of views love the product helped massively with their sensitivity issues ,teeth and even gum problems are improving so genuinely really happy again .

tammyy2j • 1 year ago

Myself friends and family loved, we can eat ice cream and cold icy drinks no pain

diddiebiddie • 1 year ago

I have given some samples and leaflets to friends and family, those that have tried it have been very positive although one friend didn't like the taste (I didn't either) she did say she felt it had helped with sensitivity issues and was going to persevere

Doomhamster • 1 year ago

I really like the flavour of this toothpaste, kind of reminds me of rootbeer. I do prefer milder flavours, harsher flavours sting my tongue and I'm less likely to continue with the toothpaste.
I've been using this for just over a week, my teeth feel nice and clean. I still have a little cold sensitivity, but not enough to stop me biting through a choc ice.

I've had to post samples with vouchers to friends and family, as I don't have anyone in walking distance and I don't drive. I still need to contact them for feedback.

snelling • 1 year ago

I absolutly love this toothpaste for senitive teeth, it is the mst effective one I have used and I have been trying different ones for many many years now but none are as totally effective as this one, I have given out all my samples and got feed back from almost every one and they all agree it is the best. I have now been able to drink water straight from the fridge and BITE into an ice cream with no nasty shocks. Thank you for including me in this trial it has been a revelation.

Pujap • 1 year ago

I suffer from tooth sensitivity and can become a pain, having use numerous products i didn't quite find anything that helped me, not only have i seen a change but I am so proud to be a part of this trial, as I've had 2 people come back saying after using the sample provide and having purchased the toothpaste they can see a difference in their teeth. Thank you or this opportunity and for bringing a great product in mine and my family n friends life

Srahak • 1 year ago

Samples passed out to friends, family and colleagues. Some good results, reduced sensitivity as well as leaving teeth feeling clean. Mixed reviews on the aftertaste but some felt the reduced sensitivity and paid was good enough to persevere with it.

JustLiving87 • 1 year ago

Passed samples out to frends, neighbours and family as well as the vouchers, all good feedback so far!!

Chuna • 1 year ago

Since using the Orab calm toothpaste I can bite into a cornetto without making a face 👍😊😊 very impressed!

Cadescalade • 1 year ago

I gave out all of my samples to my friends and family and they were very happy to be able to try it out. Got a lot of feedback that the toothpaste really worked and its their must have from now on

hafsamem • 1 year ago

I suffer from tooth sensitivity and specially with cold stuff. Nothing so far worked until I used this. I can see a difference in my teeth and my sensitivity. Thank you or this opportunity and for bringing a great product in my life to solve my problem.

ms.b_home • 1 year ago

I’ve been wondering what the taste is for weeks & ive finally worked it out! It reminds me of bubblemint chewing gum! 😍

Serena1306 • 1 year ago

Passed out loads of samples, some have even used the voucher to buy the full size. A winner in my house love the instant relief I get from just rubbing on to my teeth. No more covering my top teeth with my lips when I drink cold drinks.

Holz • 1 year ago

My teeth are so sensitive it's getting out of control. I would love to be chosen. I really need some help!

Dziosefina • 1 year ago

10000 times i love this product

xDeeDeex • 1 year ago

Finally managed to track down my parcel so I could trial and spread the word on the Gum Calm paste. My post on IG is up now.

I found using the toothpaste twice daily for the past few days has made a slight difference on the sensitivity of my teeth and gums - not to the point I can relish on ice cold beverages or anything but there has been a difference so I actually cannot fault the product.

From my hospital bed I managed to pack up the samples (unfortunately not the discount codes though) into some jazzy metallic envelopes to gift out to loved ones, colleagues and neighbours, and thus far have heard such positive things about their experience already. How fantastic!!

So thank you to the Supersavvyme & Oral-B team for allowing me to trial your product. I appreciate it very much. x

Agamsi • 1 year ago

this toothpaste is the best! Since I received it, I wouldn't have changed it for another. I had a problem with sensitive teeth, now I know Oral-B toothpaste really helps, I don't have a problem with sensitive teeth anymore.

jadaroo • 1 year ago

Can't believe I'm able to whiten my teeth now without the sensitivity I used to experience :D

lacemaker • 1 year ago

Passed on all the samples with a mixed results. most liked it but a couple said they found it quite flavourless. personally its the first grown up toothpaste i have been able to use for 18 months since developing Oral Lichen Planus as it is a very mild mint flavour which is all i can tolerate

butterflyk • 1 year ago

I like this toothpaste, minty fresh but wish it had more of a whitening effect to it.

Shaz93 • 1 year ago

Still using 2 weeks later and guys i am obsessed i now brush my teeth so much more regularly as the pain and blood is gone!! How have they done this,magic?! My husbands teeth and gums have also stopped bleeding we have been recommending to everyone we have met since as we just cant believe it!

Liza-M-B82 • 1 year ago

Wow loved trying this tooth paste felt amazing on the teeth fresh, clean all over teeth. Friends was amazed and have managed to get 5 people to buy this product instead of there other tooth paste . Loved being part of this project

iwasthere22 • 1 year ago

Didn't work miracles on sensitivity for me

Annaleksans • 1 year ago

Great product, my teeth feels clean and not as sensitive

xx_amy_lou_xx_82 • 1 year ago

Absolutely love this toothpaste and will defo be buying from now on. My teeth went awful with my pregnancy and since having my baby have been soooo sensitive, this toothpaste has helped massively.

Warriors19 • 1 year ago

I have really enjoyed trying this product and have been fascinated by the responses from friends and family. I think it goes to show that teeth and toothpaste choice is a very personal thing. Some found the product to be life changing as it allowed them to eat, in particular, cold items that were previously on the banned list. For others, me included, the product was good, made some difference - but was not revolutionary.

Savvyshopperme • 1 year ago

I’ve really enjoyed this project. Thank you for the opportunity. It has made such a difference to my teeth and gums. I have been handing out the samples with confidence. I’ll definitely be purchasing this toothpaste. 5*

Rachel189 • 1 year ago

My Mum is a fan of this toothpaste since I introduced her to it as a part of this campaign. She cannot bless me enough.

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