Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

Immediate relief from the pain of sensitive teeth

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Test Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

After six years of dedicated development, the experts at Oral-B, the #1 dentist recommended brand have brought you something special! A toothpaste that not only provides instant relief from the pain of sensitive teeth, it also cools inflamed gums while giving you an extraordinary brushing experience!

The powerful Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm formula blocks dentine tubes that can expose the nerves to heat, cold, acidity and stickiness. Not only does this powerhouse of a toothpaste taste and feel great, it is clinically proven to provide a barrier to help protect against sensitivity and erosion, while also fighting bacteria and plaque to strengthen and calm gums in the future.

Your Starter Kit:

  • 1 x full-size pack of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste
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  • 50% off discount code for Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm for use at Boots.com

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sivviboots • 1 year ago

Really like this toothpaste so far, it feels different to other toothpastes when using as it feels so smooth and I like the flavour which seems to be long lasting. Look forward to seeing if it helps with sensitivity with more use.

Slouise2 • 1 year ago

Seems like a good product upto now. Doesn’t taste the best but has relieved my teeth so would continue to use.

NN • 1 year ago

Love this toothpaste I can feel a difference in my sensitivity and family members are saying same but taste is not best but can live with it for having no sensitivity in my teeth

DELMOS • 1 year ago

Taste isn't great, the expectation is for a minty taftertase but it certainly does help with sensitiveity issuues

redarrow • 1 year ago

Absolutely love this! My teeth are very sensitive, & my gums can get sore, too, so I really appreciate something that addresses this & tastes good, too!

Jlhuntly • 1 year ago

So far so good, it is helping with my teeth alot so far, they feel less sensitive and cold drinks are not as sharp as they were. Loving it so far. Have given out some testers to family and all good feedback so far. 💗💗

Saadi • 1 year ago

I have tried this toothpaste and I am really happy with it. The taste is really mild which I like, not minty like other toothpastes.
Quite satisfied overall :)

Lydia001 • 1 year ago

Taste is different but seems to be working. I had an ice lolly yesterday! Yay

Dannixxx • 1 year ago

Lovely toothpaste! Makes my mouth/teeth feel so fresh and clean. Had had any problems with my sensitive teeth either which is a relief

ellestar • 1 year ago

Firstly what a pleasant taste. My mouth already feels so much less irritated. There is less bleeding already and my gums feel much calmer

westie80 • 1 year ago

Review... This toothpaste is AMAZING!! I have been using sensodyne for a couple of years and it just didn't seem to be helping. Was dubious about trying something new but it started working immediately after brushing and I was able to eat a yogurt pain free! Again I LOVE this product.

lindon • 1 year ago

Everyone I've given a sample to say it really does work and they are going to be changing to oral b calm from other well known brands instant relief also the freshness
Well done oral B
It's does exactly what is says the samples have converted my friends and family

nazk78 • 1 year ago

I really love this product your teeth feel so clean after ,my family also love it and so did my friends,definitely going to use this toothpaste now :)

mandyellen • 1 year ago

So far so good , all feed back been ok ,think most of my friends and family who tried this think it should be more minty , I don’t really like the after taste in mouth

Carly888 • 1 year ago

Loving this toothpaste so far, has really help my teeth and I have been eating and drinking things I'd normally avoid 😁

Belissima16 • 1 year ago

Started off well with this toothpaste, it reduced swelling quickly from a wisdom tooth coming through and made my gums feel nice but after a few days my front top teeth started to feel a bit sensitive! Will still give out to others and warn how it affected me but may just be an ingredient that doesn't suit me unfortunately.

princess • 1 year ago

Seems like a good product upto now. Been using sensodyne for a long time but its nice to use something different that actually works.

holhome • 1 year ago

I have been brushing my teeth with Oral-B care toothpaste for more than a week. My teeth sensitivity has decreased I can eat and drink cold items without feeling any pain. My husband who also always complains with tooth sensitivity told me the other day that he had a painful tooth and now the pain is gone. My next-door neighbours whom I gave a samples to try told me today they are happy with the toothpaste, their teeth sensitivity has decreased a lot.

Rebeccamichelle • 1 year ago

It's been great so far! I still get very minor discomfort when eating or drinking anything hot or cold but I don't get a lot of pain as I did before. My partner has treid it too and he says it has worked wonders, he has sensitive gums too which this toothpaste has helped eased the gums also.

Small_sam • 1 year ago

Tested this toothpaste out for a few days now. I like it. I don’t really suffer from sensitive teeth but it’s a good toothpaste.
My mum has also been testing it and she says it has helped her sensitivity.

Davali • 1 year ago

Been using the toothpaste for a week and already helped me when drinking hot or cold drinks. Shared the samples with 8 friends and family and initial feedback includes:
Tastes great
Helps with my sensitive teeth issues
Nice fresh tasting

Mariusjane • 1 year ago

I hope i will can try toothpaste

Leannej56 • 1 year ago

Brilliant toothpaste after using a few time i can eat and drink whatever i want.

caitlin04 • 1 year ago

I have really felt the difference with my sensitivity and have shared my samples with neighbours and family all reports are that it does work and the taste is really good

paulapantaloons • 1 year ago

I’ve sent out in the post samples to my followers, I can’t wait to see what they think too x

LadyPenny • 1 year ago

I have not fully made up my mind about this toothpaste yet, while I admit it does help with my sensitivity I now much prefer a more natural toothpaste. I have given out samples and posted out samples to relatives and friends so I am waiting their feedback on the product because 2 of them have very sensitive teeth and I would be interested to know what they think about this product.

Rosemary75 • 1 year ago

I have been using for nearly two weeks now and it’s helped massively with my sensitivity. It tastes great too nice and minty not too hot . I have even had comments that my teeth look whiter so I’m very impressed. I have handed out all samples and leaflets with discounts . Most friends and family are happy with it too . Would definitely recommend.

Kitybot • 1 year ago

I received the sample kit on Friday and my partner and I started using the toothpaste Friday night. Already our issues with sensitivity when eating ice cream and cold drinks has greatly improved. My gums feel better and do not bleed when using this product. I love the sweet but mild taste and foamy consistency of the toothpaste. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Sandringham • 1 year ago

Been using for a week now . Wow what a difference . No more wincing with hot or cold drinks & food. My friends and family are loving it too .

spongebob3 • 1 year ago

Had some feed back today one of work mates said it tasted like bubblegum and he liked the taste

Martiniboy • 1 year ago

I have been using it now for over a week and am liking it. Very nice flavour, reminds me of my childhood, almost a bubblegum flavour to it. I did start to get a few sensitive points before using and now appear to calmed down. I had been using Colgate sensitive whitening for years before and always has worked well with a few lapses where I have to temporarily switch to a different brand to then feel the full effect on switching back. I think “calm” at £5 would be a little too expensive to use as a day to day toothpaste though unfortunately.

Patid1980 • 1 year ago

This is the perfect paste for me. It leaves my mouth fresh. My teeth love it

keksitxp • 1 year ago

Feedback from neighbours. She loves it- worked on her tooth pain with icy drinks. He is not so keen, thought perhaps helped a little but not enough to change yet & he dislikes the taste. Gave him another sample & said try for a little longer.

VixenK • 1 year ago

I have tried this and first go impression was the flavour reminds me of germaline but not overpowering. The paste is easy to handle and seems to do the job. Second time well this is the difference, I used it and straightaway bit into an icelolly that I previously couldn't do!so ar so good, didn't hurt me!Will keep trying and speak to my friends and colleagues next week about their experience

carol7474 • 1 year ago

Amazing fresh taste, cold drinks here I come, I have passed the samples to friends and family and speak to them once they have a chance to see a difference

Fizzzy • 1 year ago

Loved this toothpaste, really helped to soothe my gums, has a nice taste not to strong, as most other toothpastes i have tried have been quite strong in taste. Helped to eliminate any sensitive teeth, gave a lovely rich lather on my teeth. This tooth paste does wonders to sensitive teeth. Family, friends and I are loving the results of this toothpaste 🦷

ngarpi • 1 year ago

Love this toothpaste, it has certainly helped with sensitivity, (eating an ice lolly as I'm typing this and no pain!) Toothpaste is smooth and pleasant to taste. I've have given several samples out plus discount cards. All feedback is positive . Will give the rest out to work colleagues tomorow. I will definitely be purchasing this toothpaste in the future . So far so good!

NikeMaria • 1 year ago

Thank you #savvycircle and #OralB for giving me the opportunity to try this toothpaste. I am always in the search of a good toothpaste that helps with the awful pain I get in my gums eating and drinking hot and cold things. I cannot stand the sharp shooting pain I usually get!
I have now used it twice a day constantly since receiving it and my gums don't feel so painful when having slightly hotter coffees or ice in my drinks. It has really helped my gums and my teeth are left nice and clean. So far it has been great! Really happy I have discovered #OralBCalm! 😍

mermaidchaser • 1 year ago

Met up with my daughter and son-in-law first time in months, was lovely to be able to give them free toothpaste samples and coupons, we had a lovely walk and found an ice cream van, was fantastic to enjoy without my teeth going into spasms thank you calm it’s a huge improvement

Arf88 • 1 year ago

Always struggled with sensitive teeth. This stuff is amazing. I can enjoy cold drinks and ice cream now :).

Mkenny88 • 1 year ago

I struggle with sensitive teeth from hot/cold drinks, ice cream and even breathing in cold air when outside in the winter months. This tooth paste has made a difference and I can now enjoy an ice cream with no pain 👍🏻

Famguy • 1 year ago

Handed all my samples out now, positive feedback from them, and even me I can eat and drink iced cold ice cream / iced coffee without that sharp pain sensation in my gums and teeth no more.

Jwolfwitch • 1 year ago

All samples despatched... looking forward to having some feedback this week. It's definite winner in our house. The only negative so far is the coupon date. It was so short when the parcel was received, I know a couple of my friends were a little disappointed in that.

Jri1965 • 1 year ago

Great flavour as it has long lasting freshness, and it boasts my confidence as I feel like I have longer lasting freshness, whereas some other brands I couldn't tell I'd used a toothpaste soon afterwards (but this toothpaste really tasted, and my mouth felt good, so that's the first plus).
Very nice texture to the paste itself and after prolonged usage I am feeling a positive difference to my teeth and gums.
As someone else posted, the date of the discount coupons could be longer as we've only just come out of lockdown, so not everyone has had enough time to get to the shops.
The comments from my friends have also been positive, and they like the flavour too.

CaroleM • 1 year ago

Really enjoying using this toothpaste and finding it very beneficial. I am awaiting dental treatment where 2 teeth have snapped off and my gums tend to get sore when I eat certain foods. They are also sensitive. Oral B sensitivity and Gum calm really soothes the gums and alleviates much of the soreness. I also find drinking coffee -which often sets my teeth and gums on edge - is more enjoyable after brushing with the toothpaste. I love the fresh taste and how clean my mouth feels after brushing.

Mouse59 • 1 year ago

I have given out samples and coupons. Still awaiting some of the feedback, but the feedback I have already recieved is excellent. The most common comment is that they like the flavour as it is fresh without being overpowering. My son-in-law is already a convert! I myself have found that this product really works. You get greatly reduced sensitivity and fresh breath all in one. A definite thumbs up all round. Thank you SuperSavvy for the oportunity to trial this great product.

Suz150600 • 1 year ago

Gave a sample to my brother as he has really sensitive teeth and he couldn't believe how quickly #oralbcalm worked

Jasp3 • 1 year ago

I am continuing to use the toothpaste along with my wife and we're both finding it amazing. Samples of the toothpaste and the leaflets have been sent to my wife's work (as I'm currently only able to WFH). The folk at her place are media savvy, due to the nature of the business, so they will give it a good test out and will share their findings. Another batch going in tomorrow for the team on the other rota! The feedback so far has been very positive and deserved!

jen220 • 1 year ago

Absolutely love this. I wasn't sure if it would work but it does. Everyone so far I have given a sample too love it aswell.😄 It's amazing. So glad I was chosen.

MsSuperBex • 1 year ago

Amazing product. Definitely glad I got accepted to review it my teeth feel strong every day

heajon • 1 year ago

IMMER Well my partner & myself weren't too sure at first, but after the first clean he felt a diffence & I felt it after the second. We have always been a two toothpaste family, not anymore. This is our new toothpaste.
Most of my friends have been telling me much the same, but here in Scotland we're going through an early Winter so I've only seen a couple of them at the moment.
All good reports.

angeliclucy • 1 year ago

Samples and leaflets dispatched to friends,neighbour and family . Its all been received very well and had lots of good feedback. Its proved helpful for a few with sensitive teeth and gums already and I've even given extra samples to some who have found benefit before they purchase there own as lockdown is meaning they are not getting out as much.

GrazynaMarchewka • 1 year ago

Is amazing 🤩 definitely recommend 5 stars ⭐️

marygreen67 • 1 year ago

Hand on heart I can honestly say this does exactly what it says on the tube. From first use I noticed an improvement in the sensitivity of my teeth and since using in place of my normal toothpaste I have noticed a vast improvement in my gum condition. I’m an ulcer sufferer as a rule and so far (touch wood) not had one for over 3 weeks. Which may not seem much to most but when you get them as often as me this is a massive blessing. Everyone I have given samples to to try have all commented how much nicer this paste is to others for sensitive teeth. I particularly like the fact you don’t get the harsh minty chill that you get with a lot of other products for sensitivity which can actually make it worse.

nagyizidora • 1 year ago

Its amazing 🥰 nice taste it leaves my mounth fresh.
I have a sensitive teeth and gum and using this toothpaste I have noticed a difference in just a short time.
I’ve got a positive feedback from my family and friends after using the sample.
Definitely recommended 🥰🦷

HomewithMrsO • 1 year ago

Great review from a friend given one of my samples of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste

Hi H. I gotta tell you that I'm very impressed with the toothpaste, lack of B12 makes the mouth very sensitive and prone to soreness, the toothpaste is very gentle to my mouth, nothing burny burney, a hint of menthol its great and much kinder than the sensodine ive been using, well no more its gonna be the oral b from now on xx

emmaj112000 • 1 year ago

It has been about 5 weeks now since using the toothpaste, it’s taste is not harsh and my mouth feels clean. Would recommend this as it is not a gimmick and works well with sensitive teeth and gums.

jaguar01 • 1 year ago

I love this and I am very impressed with it, my mouth feels so fresh and yes it calms my sensitivity, this is the one for me and it has a great taste.

fez192 • 1 year ago

i only been using the toothpaste for a week or so i don't think i have use it long so not feeling much yet so of my sensitivity has felt better but not by much i think i need bit longer using it so i going to keep at it twice a day until i use up what i got before i can say it is really helping. over the last week i have giving 5 of my family a coupon and a sample toothpaste 4 each to friends and even hand 2 out to people were i live just to see if there would want to try it there took it so i hope they like it, got some photos of couple of people taking it from me and i talk a friend into using it in front of me and snap a shot of them i be sticking them up tomorrow so keep an eye out for the person who love there photo took but not when they got there mouth open, after a week i can tell you that my mouth feel bit better and doesn't taste to bad.

Kits • 1 year ago

I have stopped using my usual toothpaste since I got this sample. I like the fact that it is very foamy. The light bubblegum taste which leaves the mouth refreshing is another aspect I like. I have shared the samples with friends and relatives and they have found that their sensitive tooth can now bear sweet and cold. 😁

Miikaylahhh • 1 year ago

Wahoooo I was picked to try test and review these with friends and so impressed..!!! Thank you

viola_3105 • 1 year ago

I really like this toothpaste it helps my sensitivity and I will definitely use it longer , thank you :)

juliawilkes95 • 1 year ago

Loving this toothpaste! It really does work wonders for someone with sensitivity issues :)

MaddyG34 • 1 year ago

Loving this toothpaste. It works magic! I can have my favourit again iced coffee

Bridetwobe2020 • 1 year ago

Got to trial this and it works wonders i feel like i have a new mouth i love it

Natty23 • 1 year ago

Tried the toothpaste and it actually works! I have no enamel on one tooth and when it hurts I just apply this toothpaste on it for a minute and the pain is gone!

Ally94 • 1 year ago

Loving this product so far. My gums feel less irritated and I can drink ice cold water without getting a pain from my front teeth. Great comments from family and friends who I gave samples to. A lot have said how their gums feel much better and teeth are less sensitive.

kg14 • 1 year ago

Great smooth texture not too strong it's flavour which I really like and starts working quite quickly Stuck in my teeth being so sensitive it is really good Nice Nice to squeeze out of the tubs Yes

mandy64 • 1 year ago

Wow up to now I'm very impressed with the product,my teeth are so much better ,sensitivity is no where near as bad and can eat hot or cold without a problem.ive given out the samples to family and friends and all say what a pleasant taste and leaves you feeling fresh and clean

Cece16 • 1 year ago

I’ve really enjoyed using this toothpaste and will switch from now on. It’s not as minty as I would’ve liked but the plaque removal power more than makes up for this and gives me fresher breath for longer. I’d highly recommend this!!

Clakel356 • 1 year ago

So I have had 4 people get back to me about their trial, and all comments so far have been great! All have said they have a noticeable difference in the food and drinks they can now consume. There doesn't appear to be any discolouration to teeth either.

My personal experience has been amazing, I suffer badly with one really sensitive tooth, and I am now able to drink ice cold water and eat ice cream without an issue! Think this will be my new toothpaste

Doodygirl • 1 year ago

I’ve used this toothpaste for over a week now and it’s amazing. It has made a difference with how sensitive my teeth are. The only down side is I’d prefer a more minty tastes other than that it’s fantastic. 3 people have got back to me and said the same thing has me that’s it’s a great toothpaste

sutty123 • 1 year ago

Have given out the flyers with the discount code on to my daughter and my son and his partner, a few freinds and some neighbours who were pleased to receive as its on half the price, and it gives them the chance to try out this new one, my husband who is very particular has tried it and says he is really pleased, gives a nice sensation in the mouth after use, no horrible aftertaste as he had tried the hemp toothpaste which i was a bit afraid of, myself have sensitive teeth anyway and buy a senstivie toothbrush always which at some places is not easy to find these days and the only other one that was recomended to me when my mother in law was alive was sensodyne which i think now is even more expensive. So good comments so far from my own family.

Lush68 • 1 year ago

Well.... I love this toothpaste, there is no nasty after taste and honestly my gums and teeth feel less sensitive, my Mum and Sister said it was nice but wanted a stronger flavour but apart from that they loved it and said that they would buy it again so have taken some vouchers - I have already stocked up. My partner also likes it and he did use another leading brand and prefers this one

jemma83 • 1 year ago

Really impressed with this toothpaste. I wondered if it was sustainable or if after your mouth got used to using it it would taper off and not be as good but so far...... it has been brilliant really pleased with it hope it continues has I have now been able to eat ice cream without it hurting my teeth.

Brownie27 • 1 year ago

Well it seems to be suiting me, and I’ve just about got around to liking the flavour as it’s somewhat different to my usual brand

valjean • 1 year ago

Seems to be working very well indeed!

rachiebaby • 1 year ago

Not sure about the flavour but for the first week or so it seemed to make a real difference. I could drink hot drinks for the first time in ages and it didn’t hurt! However, I have be trying out the various foods and drinks that my teeth are particularly sensitive too and I found that when I had really cold drinks with ice in particular, I had that familiar pain and it certainly didn’t help with ice cream either. Hot drinks amazing! But unfortunately it’s just not for me. The quest goes on for a sensitive toothpaste that works for me.

Scolad • 1 year ago

My mouth has been sore the last couple of days - hope it's not something to do with this.

Chrisclass • 1 year ago

Tried the toothpaste, it has helped with my on edge teeth, due to severe hay fever. I am not sure about the consistency of the tooth paste. I will keep trying it and see. I have given out samples to my friends and asked them to try. I am waiting for their opinions.

armston • 1 year ago

Been using this toothpaste for the last 5 days the taste reminds me of Dentyne chewing gum . Neither like or dislike the taste. Have tried cold drinks with it which so far seems to be working but not tried any ice cubes or ice cream . Gave out 5 samples and leaflets waiting for the replies . Will give out more when i see more people .

DiscoDebs • 1 year ago

I never received my box :'(

happypod • 1 year ago

I am loving using this toothpaste definitely feel a difference in sensitivity.

Clbe200 • 1 year ago

I was very sceptable at first as I've heard it all before. It's, as my dad used to say, the best thing since sliced bread. I noticed the difference immediately and was impressed. Keep up the good work

MamaFoxto3 • 1 year ago

I’ve been using the toothpaste for a week now and what a difference! I can even eat ice-cream again, something I haven’t been able to do for three years (without suffering from sensitivity afterwards anyway)!
Absolute recommend this product and have told anyone who will listen to me about it.

Hoyt • 1 year ago

I honestly love this toothpaste so does my husband. And my mums who has sensitive teeth says it the best thing I’ve ever given her 😂

MrsJinspirations • 1 year ago

I have noticed a massive change in sensitivity since I started using this. I am able to manage more cold drinks than before.

holhome • 1 year ago

I am so happy with Oral-B Care toothpaste and so is my family. I can now drink cold and hot drinks and eat chocolate without getting any sensitivity in my teeth.

padu • 1 year ago

Loving how clean and healthy my whole mouth feels and such a difference to the sensitivity.

NikeMaria • 1 year ago

Review: I was given this toothpaste to test and review. I have now used it twice a day for over 1 weeks and I love it already. It has a mild minty flavour, not too strong, but still fresh.
I always suffer with sensitive gums, especially with cold drinks, so far I had struggled to find a toothpaste that worked. The OralB-calm really has helped me calming down the sharp shooting pains I used to get. I've tried ice on drinks and ice cream and so far so good. Even brushing my teeth with an electrical toothbrush doesn't really hurt anymore. I would certainly recommend it.

Joopford95 • 1 year ago

Fantastic tooth paste!!!
Since having braces my teeth have become that little more sensitive. I’ve experienced spasms and great pain when eating or drinking hot and cold food.
After just one week I’m able to enjoy my morning coffee and eat the food I love. I love my teeth. Brushing then morning, evening and every time I eat has become a favourite part of my day. I sometimes brush a little bit of tooth paste into my retainer and wear it while in the bath then brush them after they have been sitting for 20-30 minute this has helped hugely.
I have been giving tested of the tooth paste to friends and family have one family member who suffers with dry mouth has been experiencing real gum and sensitivity since using the tooth paste she has seen a great difference. She is one of them people don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee well since experiencing sensitivity she wasn’t able to have it so was a little grumpier than usual. Now using this after 1 weeks she is starting to have that coffee again so we see the get up and go person we saw before. She has gained more confidence and is actually able to smile when our side.
:) overall have had fantastic results.

viola992 • 1 year ago

I really love trying new things. Testing products make my aware of new things and up to date with technology and brands. I enjoy posting great things on my instagram and I always write reviews all over the internet thats why I decided to test toothpaste which was great idea because it helped me with my sensitivity and gum bleeding really love it :)

carowood • 1 year ago

My husband and I have both tried this toothpaste. Hubby loves it, he likes the taste and says it leaves his mouth feeling fresh and clean. It is also helping with an area of sensitivity he has on gum and tooth. For me, I am also happy with it as I had been having a lot of gum trouble recently, but no problems since using Oral-B Calm - coincidence, I don't think so!.

Mrstlm2013 • 1 year ago

This arrived at the Exact right time. I had previously sent over 12hrs in 2 weeks due to a fall which knocked out 2 front teeth and then antibiotics stripped my teeth from any goodness.
My husband went to Wales and took lots with him for all ages of family and my daughter in the south west so all over.
Ok so what about me, as I couldn't cope with anything near by gums and teeth what a perfect time. So far nothing on a prescription was helping me with the pain. I tried so hard to put the toothpaste in my mouth but so scared also as couldn't cope with any more pain. Took me about 10mins to pick up the courage then I finally did it. Initially I was crying not down to the toothpaste but me!! WHY DID I wait to use this. Almost immediately the area was calmed down at last relief l was still crying due to now not having pain im daft but it was such a relief, no more pain. So many more dentist hours but I had to tell her about the toothpaste and as I've been carrying it with me at all times I handed her a tube. Back there again next week so I will ask her. For the many almost all of them agreed that in relation to the sensitivity it was almost 100%. Almost all of them have noticed to various degrees of calmness to their gums. BUT for me it's been a lifesaver and I will never use any other toothpaste so thank you thank you thank you for giving me this opportunity.

alysonchapman • 1 year ago

I was really quite sceptical before trying this Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste but in fact, I liked it! Firstly, it tastes lovely - a gently minty taste, and secondly - it works!!! I've always had sensitive teeth and painful gums and have tried just about every product on the market - some work okay but break the bank! Others are just not successful.

After the first use my gums felt a little better - and with mouth pain, 'little' is worth waiting for! After cleaning my teeth with this I put a small amount on my finger and rubbed it on my gums; it really helped me. Now, after a couple of weeks using this Oral-B my teeth feel less on edge and my gums look more pink/less red and not as inflamed as before.

I've handed a few samples out to my family and friends who have similar problems and all have reported back that they really liked this product and almost certainly be purchasing the full size tube - using the great money off coupons provided! I already have added it to a Boots' online shopping order.

So, thank you Oral-B and SuperSavvyMe for allowing me to be part of this campaign - it's been a brilliant one! My smile has come back and that is wonderful and much appreciated.

sparky01 • 1 year ago

Have handed these out to friends and the elderly in our community hall, and the response has been so positive and overwhelming... Gums are less sensitive, and not so red. Some said their teeth look healthier as well, really shiny. Teeth and gums stay fresh longer as well... Many have said they will be ditching their old toothpaste and buying this amazing toothpaste. Thank you for bringing this product to us.

Pdawg21 • 1 year ago

Wow this really does work and I can finally eat ice cream again so thank you! Everyone I have given a sample too have shared the same excellent feedback. Definitely recommend!

Swoosie • 1 year ago

I am loving this toothpaste! It has really helped me to desensitise my nerves and teeth. For the first time in ages I've managed to eat ice cream again and actually enjoy it without pain!

Bev1961 • 1 year ago

Well I’ve got to say I was a little sceptical at first but after using for a week now I can finally eat a magnum solero lolly and my mouth doesn’t hurt and not in any discomfort also my friends have tried the toothpaste and mixed reactions some say no effect at all and others said they had been able to drink very cold drinks and no discomfort at all so great news they also used the coupons and bought more tubes so Thankyou so much for allowing me to share this with friends Xs

Lia28 • 1 year ago

Passed lot of samples and the voucher code onto work colleagues and friends - one commented that he was really excited about the fact he might be able to finally eat an ice cream!!

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