Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

Immediate relief from the pain of sensitive teeth

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Join the national launch team for new Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

Test Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm

After six years of dedicated development, the experts at Oral-B, the #1 dentist recommended brand have brought you something special! A toothpaste that not only provides instant relief from the pain of sensitive teeth, it also cools inflamed gums while giving you an extraordinary brushing experience!

The powerful Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm formula blocks dentine tubes that can expose the nerves to heat, cold, acidity and stickiness. Not only does this powerhouse of a toothpaste taste and feel great, it is clinically proven to provide a barrier to help protect against sensitivity and erosion, while also fighting bacteria and plaque to strengthen and calm gums in the future.

Your Starter Kit:

  • 1 x full-size pack of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste
  • Sample-size tubes of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste to share with friends who also suffer from sensitive teeth
  • 50% off discount code for Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm for use at Boots.com

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vicbata • 2 years ago

Thank you! I've just received my samples and i can't wait to try them. Hopefully, it helps in reducing my gum sensitivities in some food.

marleyandme1604 • 2 years ago

using oral-B has helped me so much I now don't have to worry about what I eat. thank you for my oral-B products

pinkster • 2 years ago

Brillant.. i have been using the Oral B Calm & Sensitive now for a few weeks and i can now have hot and cold products without the usual twinge of pain. I have recommended this to everyone i know and gave some samples to them to try. Why did it take so long to invent this kind of toothpaste. I will not be using my usual brand anymore and only use this from now on. Brillant

makikooni • 2 years ago

The toothpaste is really amazing soo far! My gums finally don't bleed when I am brushing my teeth! The taste is very soft and refreshing.

Gemmaxx • 2 years ago

I got this on Saturday and honestly don't know how I have lived without it! The sensitivity has almost gone after just a few days. The taste of the toothpaste is honestly to die for. And the cleanness that you leave your mouth in. Is unreal its like having a dentist in you're bathroom!! And finally see the end of my gums bleeding. People who I have handed out the samples to are raving about it as well. I don't know about sensitive teeth. I personally feel this is must for all teeth.

Samona • 2 years ago

So pleased to be chosen for this project I can't wait to start using this I suffer with really bad bleeding gums and sensitivity hopefully if Oralb works for me I'll be changing my toothpaste brand

Kitty88 • 2 years ago

Got the samples last week. First of all my kids loved the small sized packing. My 2 years old kept holding the paste for hours asking me to get his brush for him. Then my daughter loved the taste so much that she wanted to share samples with all her school friends. I have used it for two days and already my teeth feel so much better. Like I could never take cold water and now I could eat half a tub of ice cream without feeling any pain. Our whole family loves it

MrsKbids86 • 2 years ago

Got these a few days ago though I’ve not noticed a difference yet but it is early days. My 10yr old daughter though has really inflamed gums and though it not a massive difference I have noticed a slight improvement hoping in the next few days/weeks it really improves them. I’d defiantly change our regular toothpaste if it does

sha4mth • 2 years ago

Still working well. Reduced sensitivity. Handed out samples, and looking forward to feedback.

Steph56 • 2 years ago

I have been using the sensitivity & gum calm toothpaste for several days and having positive results so far. My teeth are squeaky clean after brushing and sensitivity relief is fab. I am able to drink Icy drinks without any discomfort. The toothpaste has a mild refreshing taste and nice consistency.

Resinartist • 2 years ago

ahhh just received this! thank you

JB09 • 2 years ago

I absolutely love this, my teeth are particularly sensitive to almost everything &the past few days have been a dream! Love it, thankyou!

Lukey20 • 2 years ago

The toothpaste has helped me eat ice cream without any pain for the first time in ages.
It has a nice refreshing taste too

Maggles45 • 2 years ago

I received my samples pack to share with friends/ family and set about doing my own little trial. The feedback I had was amazing! Of those who have experienced sensitivity, 80% said they found this product better than their usual toothpaste and that it really helped. Of those who did not particularly experience sensitivity, they still liked the taste and felt the whole family could use it if a family member in the same house had sensitive teeth. I am therefore quite impressed by this new toothpaste. The testers were also really happy with the discount voucher and had put it to good use.

Hux74 • 2 years ago

I really struggle with sensitive teeth so am looking forward to trying this product! 🙂

RainbowFish • 2 years ago

My pack arrived on Saturday and I started to use that night. Has a nice taste and makes my teeth feel really clean. Have managed to eat an ice cream without sensitivity, which is great! Have taken samples to work with me today to share with my colleagues. Thank you for letting me test this great product.

sam.wilson5 • 2 years ago

I started to use this product 3 days ago, and I can definitely say that I have noticed a difference from my regular toothpaste routine. Immediately after using the toothpaste, my mouth felt so much more refreshed, and my teeth felt really clean and as though they had a protective coat. My teeth are normally quite sensitive with ice cream / slushies as well as when I inhale breath through my teeth - I can definitely say that my teeth have been much less sensitive since using this toothpaste. I have given some samples to my family and those who have tried it have said exactly the same as me - that the taste is great and it makes your mouth feel really protected.

Welcome1972 • 2 years ago

Looking forward to trying these, hoping it help my gums.

Anawhit • 2 years ago

Love the product. How amazing it is to be able to have ice cream and bite it without it gives you horrible pain? It definitely works!

kiirstylouiisex • 2 years ago

just recieved mine, absolutely love it, i can now have a drink from the fridge without wincing incase it hurt my teeth

beeb • 2 years ago

Just received mine, looking forward to trying it . Hoping it will calm my sensitive teeth and gums.

Jey27 • 2 years ago

Just received mine... can't wait to try

TanyaZ • 2 years ago

Just got my kit, cannot wait to try it, maybe I will be able to enjoy my ice-cream again!

Megs1405 • 2 years ago

Got my box and I absolutely love the oral B toothpaste!! I've been sharing the little tubes with my friends and family and it's helped my mum so much. She can now enjoy a ice cold glass of water

Leemia • 2 years ago

Just received mine. I pleased to be chosen for this project. I have bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. Hope Oral-B helps.

LesleyAngel • 2 years ago

I recieved the OralB sensitivity Gum Calm about 6 days ago. I have been using it for 5 days. I have always suffered with sensitivity on one side of my teeth for a while now. I have also been rubbing a tiny bit on my tooth and gum and I can't believe how much of a difference its made. Someone on my Facebook page asked me to let her know if it works, but instead I posted her a tube for her to try out. She replied to me today and this is what she said....

Hello just an update, the toothpaste is brilliant, Doesn't hurt my gums or teeth when I clean them, plus I've got a loose back tooth and when it aches I put some of the toothpaste on it and the pain goes away. I will be buying some this weekend, thank you for sending me some to try out! x

So that's another happy customer. 😁👍
I myself will keep buying it as well. It works wonders! xx

Jey27 • 2 years ago

Got my box today

Testing18 • 2 years ago

Received my box end of last week. Can now enjoy my cold/ice coffee in this hot weather!

Jkr • 2 years ago

Received my starter kit, looking forward to trying the toothpaste and relieve my sensitive teeth 😃

Kath38 • 2 years ago

I received my starter kit, thank you so much , very happy with the amount of samples and money off products , my teeth are super sensitive at the moment, I tried to drink some ice cold water today and it was so painful I'm going to put this to the test over the next few days and report back , fingers crossed it works for me 💙

ElvisRabbit • 2 years ago

Received my kit at the weekend and have started using the toothpaste today. I can't wait to feel the difference with my sensitive front teeth.

100yoga • 2 years ago

Really pleased to be part of the team. Received my kit a few days ago and am really impressed. Have given out some of the samples and will await feedback from family and friends! Really like the texture of the toothpaste, much more of a paste rather than a gel like many of the other toothpastes are.

Pig123 • 2 years ago

Absolutely love this toothpaste ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Product really work for sensitivity .I am very happy about it

ZosieAlisha • 2 years ago

Brilliant toothpaste! Gave the samples out to work colleagues and they loved it too! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdjTfPdr/ 👌🏼✌🏼

KerryMakk • 2 years ago

Loved this will definitely keep using it from now on thank you savvy .

suea • 2 years ago

Amazing - now been using for 3 weeks and the difference is fantastic! I've given out samples to several friends and the comments back have been very positive. Examples are: "great taste and clean", "my sensitivity started to improve after only 3 days using it", "my mouth feels fresh and my sensitivity has improved no end". Would definitely recommend

Melchuck84 • 2 years ago

My package arrived and I started using the toothpaste straight away. My teeth feel squeaky clean and my gums look a lot healthier

kimberleya94 • 2 years ago

Only bee using a week and already my teeth feel less sensitive! No pain when drinking cold drinks which is great in this weather!!

lzt • 2 years ago

The whole package just arrived a few days ago and the samples in it have been given away to the others even including some strangers, and they all love it. It definitely can help get a better appetite for me too. The voucher code for a half price discount at Boots seems to had been overdue when it arrived, but I have just checked with Boots and it is on a half price offer now without the need of that voucher code.

SusanJB • 2 years ago

Everyone who I gave a sample of OralB Sensitivity gum calm was delighted with the outcome. It started working for mealmost immediately and my gums are so much healthier looking and I can eat as much ice cream as I want without the shooting pains that I used to get. I will be buying more with the discount coupons in my package.

Ewy • 2 years ago

Its amazing i love it

oneplus • 2 years ago

Received my samples Oral B Sensitivity Calm. It had a neutral taste and left my mouth feeling fresh. This will help with sensitivity in foods and drinks. Will certainly pass vouchers and samples to friends and family. Thank you for the opportunity.

lzt • 2 years ago

Updated supplement for the previous feedback:
Not quite sure yet whether it can help to relieve the bleeding of gum occurring during brushing the teeth since more observation is needed for that, but its cooling effect indeed lasts intensively for at least 5 - 10 minutes after finishing brushing the teeth, so the soothing&refreshing feeling is prolonged and much longer when compared with the other toothpastes. Some other brands of toothpaste for sensitive teeth&gum have secretly relied on some extracts from opium poppy etc to function as a kind of anesthetic, which is not only harmful and even poisonous but also can make the user addictive so in fact dangerous, but its ingredient list has been double checked and it seems to be OK, so if its ingredient list is full and precise then it is indeed a good choice for those whose body especially teeth/gum is sensitive.

beeb • 2 years ago

I am really enjoying using this toothpaste. It has helped my tooth sensitivity so much, I am finding I am experiencing less pain. I like the flavour of it. Nice and fresh tasting.

Theoriginalmarion • 2 years ago

It has bern a week now , I was impressed by the taste and found it quite cooling but wasnt sure if I would change permanently. This weekend I had a crown fall out complete with the post, the tooth isnt that good and was very sensitive. Cant ger dentist appointment until end of july.i tried rubbing this on te gumvand the remains of tooth before I went to bed , within a couple of minutes the pain was a lot less .I applied it again in early hours and found it effective. I will use again if I have tooth extracted to ease discomfort.

lzt • 2 years ago

Updated supplement for the previous two feedbacks:
4 x Calm cards and 1 sample size pack to share or use, as mentioned in the email to me, have not been included in the whole package received (which only include 1 x full pack size Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste, 16 sample-size tubes of Oral-B Sensitivity & Gum Calm toothpaste - each with 1 Informational leaflet with the voucher code to give away to the others to try, and 2 other Informational leaflets different from the 16 ones that go with the 16 sample-size tubes).

100yoga • 2 years ago

Really impressed with this product so far. The weather has been very warm recently so I have been having lots of ice cold drinks with no teeth sensitivity!

Welcome1972 • 2 years ago

Loving this toothpaste, taste good n leaves the teeth that are my own feeling really smooth and I have been able to have cold and hot drink n been ok.

PGJ1979 • 2 years ago

Thanks for sending me the Oral B toothpaste sample. It’s a brand that I trust and as I have sensitive teeth was delighted to be able to try this. As with all Oral B toothpaste it took 1 or 2 uses to get used to the new taste but now I find it pleasant. It leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean. But more importantly the sensitivity I have with my teeth is under control. I have passed samples on to family/friends with the vouchers and am receiving lots of positive feedback.

susieretro • 2 years ago

This really does help, I'm always worried as I have always suffered with sensitive teeth and gums for years but I really love ice cold drinks and ice cream. I'm so pleased with this product and now waiting feedback from friends and family from the sample packs.

aebb04 • 2 years ago

Received my box the other day, cannot wait to try this out and give to friends and family :)

100yoga • 2 years ago

General comments from friends and family who have received samples are that they like the texture of the toothpaste, that it appears to be effective in reducing sensitivity, they like the name given to the product and the majority liked the flavor of the toothpaste.

Blamey • 2 years ago

Received my box on Tuesday and started using on Wednesday. Only been using 4 days and my sensitive molars are improving. Taste is good and freshness lasts.
I have already given samples to my mum and sister. Waiting for their feedback.

xannyah • 2 years ago

This toothpaste is just Brillant!
I have been using the Oral B Sensitive & Calm now for a week and I already can see big improvements. I can now have cold drinks and food without feeling that uncomfortable pain. And no bleeding when brushing.
I have recommended this to family and close friends and handed some samples to them to try it.
I’m glad finally this toothpaste was created.

Sysia • 2 years ago

I still waiting for this toothpaste ;)

Alohaaa9 • 2 years ago

Really enjoyed this project and love this toothpaste

oneplus • 2 years ago

A clean fresh mouth after brushing. Noticed less bleeding on the guns. Nice fragrance.

Tillymint • 2 years ago

Just received this and started using, fantastic and effective long lasting relief,smell and tastes fresh also the kids love it 😊

Sjcatchpole • 2 years ago

This oral b calm is amazing, I no longer suffer with such sensitive teeth and gums, my gums look and feel healthier and have stopped bleeding, I can now drink hot and cold drinks with no pain omg I just love it and I've changed my brand now and will never look back , thankyou so much for this opportunity to test and review I'm so happy I've changed to oral b calm , thanyou supersavvy for this opportunity. ❤

DavidCambridge • 2 years ago


KaroJulia • 2 years ago

Few days ago received my box. I am really surprised how quick is this toothpaste working. I am so happy with Oral B and I think I will stay with this brand only :)

Aimeebirkett • 2 years ago

My teeth are better than they have ever been since using this toothpaste, it has really helped with my sensitivity.

Sysia • 2 years ago

I love this. It has really helped with my sensitivity!

Karishtha • 2 years ago

Loved this. It helped a lot with my sensitivity issue.
Thank you for the opportunity

crazy_brains • 2 years ago

it's brilliant! thank you for my kit! I absolutely love mild flavour! and it helped a lot too, can eat foods I couldn't before

Safaa2212 • 2 years ago

I just received my pack today and I’m so excited to try it! The pack looks so good , one big size sample and many travel size

Welshmumma • 2 years ago

Only just received my kit. So happy, been suffering with sensitive teeth since having one removed. This toothpaste after one use has helped. I've handed out samples to my sister who suffers really bad with sensitive teeth and she was very impressed

Leannechets • 2 years ago

Loved this kit and so did my friends and family as I shared with them. Toothpaste tastes nice and really good on my sensitive gums

RookieAna • 2 years ago

I have received my kit 3 weeks ago and since then I started using the toothpaste daily. My gums were always bleeding while brushing, but not anymore since I started using Oral B sensitivity & gum calm. It's not too minty, it has a soft taste. I like it!

Hmills • 2 years ago

Wow I have been using this for the last week and what a difference it has made I can now enjoy cold things like ice cream and not have to suffer now. Will be continuing with this toothpaste in the future. 😍

alibongo4477 • 2 years ago

I heard back from several people who tried the sample and they all liked it most agreed left nice taste in the mouth and cleaned teeth and gums well.

emilyjkr • 2 years ago

Just finished my trial full size and am amazed with the results. My tooth sensitivity was dramatically reduced in just 3 days and hasn't returned. I now have ice in all my drinks and can go without a straw! Absolutely loved this toothpaste, I'm glad I managed to keep a few of the minis before my friends nabbed them all!

Loulabelle640 • 2 years ago

Just finished my full size trial and I’ve gotta say I was super impressed!! I have always suffered from very sensitive teeth and my dentist has recommended numerous products to help ease the pain but nothing seems to work, until I tried this. For the first time I have been able to enjoy an ice cream without the sharp shooting pain. It’s got a pleasant taste, quite like mouthwash I thought, and within a few days of using, my sensitivity has gone. I can’t recommend this enough

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