Viakal limescale remover

Viakal limescale remover

Savvy Circle

Welcome to another exclusive project for members of the Savvy Circle! Over the next eight weeks we will have the chance to try out Viakal limescale remover.

Limescale removal with added shine.

Limescale occurs predominantly in areas where there is hard water and can be unsightly and difficult to remove.

Everyone wants their kitchen and bathroom to look clean and have a great shine, but limescale and watermarks can make surfaces appear dull and unhygienic. Viakal has developed a limescale remover with a unique polymer pro-shine technology. The Viakal formula has been specifically designed to efficiently remove watermarks and limescale, while improving appearance and shine and protecting surfaces from further damage.

The benefits of Viakal:

  • Effective removal of limescale and the dulling effect of watermarks
  • Polymer pro-shine technology to improve the hygienic appearance of surfaces
  • Water-sheeting effect prevents further build-up
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Strong yet safe cleaning

The Savvy Circle Project with Viakal.

At the beginning of the project all participating members of the Savvy Circle will receive a free starter kit containing the following:

For you to try out with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours:

  • 1x Viakal Original 500ml spray
  • Project handbook with interesting background information
  • Product research sheets to survey friends, family and colleagues

To pass on to friends, family and colleagues:

  • 1x Money-off coupon booklet
  • 10x hardness water test strips to pass on to friends and acquaintances

In this project we want to...

  • ... try out Viakal together with 5,000 members of the Savvy Circle.
  • ... find out your opinion of Viakal limescale remover’s features in three online surveys.
  • … work together to help spread the word about Viakal Original – simply by talking to friends, colleagues and family.
  • … collect lots of conversation reports and market research results: What were your experiences whilst spreading the word?

[The application phase has now finished - all further info can now be found on the Viakal project blog.]

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