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Pampers Baby Dry and Sensitive Wipes results


3,000 savvy circlers tested Pampers Baby Dry and Sensitive Wipes for 6 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team

94% would recommend Pampers Sensitive Wipes for gentle cleaning with less wiping - 1,821 ratings
What is your general impression of Pampers Baby Dry?        - 1,943 ratings
What is your general impressions of Pampers Sensitive Wipes? - 1,943 ratings

From the 25th June to the 28th August 2015, 3,000 ambassadors tested Pampers Baby Dry and Sensitive Wipes as part of an exclusive savvy circle project team.

Pampers Baby Dry Info

  • Specially designed to provide up to 12 hours of dryness
  • Contains unique Micro Pearls™ that absorb up to 30 times their weight and lock in wetness
  • Helps keep your baby dry overnight to ensure they get the sleep they need to wake up happy

Pampers Sensitive Wipes Info

  • Unique Soft Grip Texture™ offers gentle cleaning for delicate skin
  • Contains lotion to restore the natural pH of the skin
  • Only wipe to be dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance

Recommended Retail Price

Baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry and Sensitive Wipes
  • Carry - £4.99 / Essential - £7.99

  • Large - £10.49 / Jumbo+ - £14.00

  • Mega - £15.00 / Giga – £22.00

Sensitive Wipes

  • £2.99*

  • 5 Pack - £9.00*

  • 12 Pack - £12.50*

*All prices are at the sole discretion of the retailer

Ambassador Opinions
Ambassador Opinions

Best nappies we have used. My daughter wakes up happy with a dry bum and no rashes! The wipes are brilliant and easy to remove from the pack without multiple coming out at once and are super soft and sensitive. All my friends loved the starter kits and also enjoyed using the products. Brilliant project. Thank you for letting us be a part of it.

savvy circler Bops1990

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador Opinions

I've really enjoyed this trial and am delighted to have found a nappy and wipes combo which doesn't give my baby nappy rash! She has such sensitive skin that I had almost given up trying anything new and was resorting to smothering her in nappy cream each time I changed her, but since starting the trial her skin has been so much better. What a relief!

savvy circler Makingendsmeet

Ambassador Opinions
Ambassador Opinions

The products - both nappies and wipes - are great for sensitive skin. No sign of redness or rash, just uninterrupted sleep and I will be sticking with these products permanently! It is great to find a product with a lock-in core which genuinely keeps our girl dry and comfy for a whole night and lots of my friends are following me in changing from cheaper, own-brand products to this quality brand.

savvy circler LeeMW

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

Everyone, including myself, that tried Pampers Baby Dry samples I gave out agreed that they were they best nappies they had used. Super absorbency means a happy baby and happy parents. My granddaughter now sleeps through and really does wake up with a smile on her face when we go into her room in the morning - I'm sure a dry bottom helps her to wake up in such a happy mood. The wipes too are really good, probably the best I've used

savvy circler Lanetoptoo