Pampers Baby Dry


General Information

What is Pampers Baby Dry?

New Pampers Baby Dry have three absorbing channels that help spread the wetness evenly and lock it away better, so they’re less bulky in the morning. In fact, they're up to 2x drier, so you’ll wonder where all the pee went!

What are Pampers Sensitive Wipes?

Pampers Sensitive Wipes are a thicker, softer wipe that clean more gently with less wiping to give you the best way to clean your baby’s precious skin.

What is the Recommended Retail Price?

Baby Dry

Carry - £4.99 / Essential - £7.99

Large - £10.49 / Jumbo+ - £14.00

Mega - £15.00 / Giga – £22.00

Sensitive Wipes £2.99*

5 Pack - £9.00 / 12 Pack - £12.50

. All prices are at the sole discretion of the retailer*

How should I spread the Pampers word?

In our Starter Kits are Pampers cloth bags which we can use to make fun mini kits for our family and friends! Simply fill a bag with a few samples of Pampers Baby Dry and a pack of Sensitive Wipes and hand them out with an 'Ask your friends' sheet! The team at Pampers can’t wait to hear all your honest feedback.

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Pampers Baby Dry

How does Pampers Baby Dry work?

Pampers have unique Micro Pearls™ that absorb up to 30 times their weight and lock in wetness better than ordinary nappies, allowing baby to enjoy up to 12 hours of dryness and undisturbed sleep. Pampers Baby Dry helps keep your baby dry overnight to ensure they get the sleep they need to wake up happy.

Are Pampers disposable nappies’ ingredients adequately tested to ensure they are safe for my baby?

Your baby is Pampers' No. 1 priority. Pampers carefully evaluates and tests the safety of their products and materials that go into them using well-established safety assessment methods to ensure there is no harm to baby’s skin.

The ingredients and materials used in Pampers nappies have been clinically tested and do not cause skin irritation or skin sensitization.

Are there any long term effects for a baby using a disposable nappy?

Today’s disposable nappies have a decades-long history of safe use by many millions of babies. Studies have shown that disposable nappies may actually provide benefits for your baby by improving skin health. In addition, modern disposable nappies, such as Pampers Baby Dry, have been proven to reduce excess skin wetness using super absorbent gel that locks in urine and keeps moisture away from the baby’s skin helping reduce the incidence of nappy rash.

Pampers Sensitive Wipes

What makes Pampers Sensitive Wipes special?

Pampers Sensitive Wipes offer gentle cleaning for delicate skin, thanks to Pampers' unique Soft Grip Texture™. They also contain lotion to restore the natural pH of the skin and they are thick and soft, to help your baby feel more comfortable during changing time. It’s the only wipe to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

Are Pampers Baby Wipes gentle for babies' sensitive skin?

Pampers Baby Wipes have been clinically tested to ensure they do not cause allergies or skin irritation and are clinically proven to be mild even on sensitive skin. In fact, Pampers Baby Wipes are gentler to baby skin than a cotton wool and water.

Are Pampers Baby Wipes safe to use on my baby's face and hands?

While specifically designed for nappy change cleanup, mums and dads can be assured that Pampers wipes are safe for use on other body parts - including the face - and can be used at every nappy change.

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