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Savvy Circle

Welcome to another exclusive project with Olay Effects Sensitive Moisturiser.

6,000 members of the savvy circle will get to chance to try out a new facial skincare product from Olay.

Anti-ageing for sensitive skin.

Many women find their skin is sensitive and delicate. With increasing age, the real challenge lies in finding a skincare solution that both works effectively against ageing and is especially formulated for sensitive skin. As a result the scientists at Olay have developed Total Effects Sensitive, combining ten years of proven anti-ageing expertise with a formula specifically designed to pamper sensitive skin.

The Total Effects Sensitive formula has been carefully developed to help calm and protect sensitive skin, all while delivering the range’s classic anti-ageing effects. Its ingredients protect, calm and strengthen.

The benefits of new Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser:

  • Hydrates to strengthen your sensitive skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Fights 7 signs of ageing which may be accentuated by the symptoms of sensitive skin.
  • Contains SPF 15, white tea, sea buckthorn, antioxidants and a proven vitamin-rich anti-ageing complex.

The Savvy Circle project with Olay.

At the beginning of the project all participating members of the Savvy Circle will receive a free starter kit containing the following:

For you to try out with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours:

  • 1x Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser (30ml)
  • Project handbook with lots of background information
  • Market research sheets to survey friends, family and colleagues

To pass on to friends, family and colleagues:

  • 10 x Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser (7ml)
  • 10 x money off coupons for Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser

In this project we want to...

  • ... try out Total Effects Sensitive together with 8,000 members of the Savvy Circle.
  • ... find out your opinion of the moisturiser’s features in three online surveys.
  • … work together to help spread the word about Total Effects Sensitive – simply by talking to friends, colleagues and family.
  • … collect lots of conversation reports and market research results: What were your experiences whilst spreading the word?

[The application phase has now finished - all further info can now be found on the Olay project blog.]

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