Lenor Outdoorable mini-project

Outdoor freshness whatever the weather

Wish you could line-dry your laundry all year round? Then Lenor Outdoorable might be just the solution!

We’re looking for an exclusive group of just 100 savvy circlers who will put Lenor Outdoorable to the test before sharing stylish images and reviews to their social channels.

Do you have what it takes to join the team?

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Why choose Lenor Outdoorable? 🧺

Let’s begin with why line-dried laundry smells so good. When sunlight hits wet fabric, a unique photochemical reaction takes place, releasing aldehydes. These give your laundry that gorgeous crisp freshness you only get from drying outside. The experts at Lenor set out on a freshness quest to harness this reaction to bring you that line-dried freshness, even when you dry inside. The result is Lenor Outdoorable, a fabric conditioner that mimics the freshness of sunlight even on the wettest and greyest of days.

As members of the team, we will:

  1. Put Lenor Outdoorable to the test – we’ll recreate the shimmering crispness of line-dried laundry (without the need for sunshine).
  2. Post online – then, we’ll share bright, well-shot images of Lenor Outdoorable to our social channels (think piles of fresh laundry and smiling selfies with our Lenor Outdoorable bottle taking centre stage) and leave short reviews that our friends and followers can read.

Your Starter Kit 💙

  • 1x Lenor Outdoorable – Spring Awakening
  • A leaflet to give you all of the info you need about this premium product

Applications are now closed!

We have selected a team of 100 savvy circles to take part in this project. Have a look at your dashboard to see which projects you can still apply for!

@all: Do you love the scent of sunny line-dried laundry?


Clairelou83 • 1 month ago

I really hope I’ve made this project. It’s so hard to get my washing dry and not getting that damp smell when indoors. Fingers crossed!

SavageJessy • 1 month ago

oooh this looks interesting im ready to put it to the test! i love my washing fresh off the line, this would be great to put to the test!

Xxlishxx • 1 month ago

Don’t think there’s a better smell than fresh washing…

mihaella • 1 month ago

I really love the smell of the freshness clothes. Hoppfuly i will be the lucky woman to win this precious

Fionahome • 1 month ago

lets be fair, drying our washing inside isn't fun so I hope this helps and makes my clothes and house smell nicer! Applied

Natalieardis • 1 month ago

Id Iove to be chosen as a project member for the lenor outdoorable fabric softer,iv heard so many great things about this product and fingers crossed I get to try it 🤞🏼🤞🏼.

Zara_1998 • 1 month ago

I would love the opportunity to be chosen for this campaign. I love the smell of my clothes off the washing line and out of the washing machine. I have heard many amazing comments about this product from friends and family. I really hope to be chosen.

Rashda247 • 1 month ago

I would love to be chosen, I always get damp smell in my clothes from home so if I got chosen for this product it would be a game changer for me. leaving my clothes smells fresher .

mk1103 • 1 month ago

Hopefully win 🥰 Fingers crossed for everyone 🥰

Frankie2021 • 1 month ago

I would love the opportunity to try this campaign I’ve heard so many amazing things so would love the chance to try!

kathryn17 • 1 month ago

would love to give this a try and see how it smells fingers crossed ill be able to try many thanks for the chance it looks fab

Foxybird93 • 1 month ago

Cant wait to see the ambassadors selected for this, of course I've applied and can't wait ! Fingers crossed 🤞 my new washing machine is in need of some lenor !

Sammjh • 1 month ago

Now the weather has turned I'd love to try this out and gang onto that summer dried scent...you can't beat it

babysock • 1 month ago

Would love to a part of this project ☺️

Bambi3 • 1 month ago

Would love to be picked for this project. My washing never smells as fresh in the winter months when it isn’t line dried.

DanT • 1 month ago

I must admit that it's the thing that I look for most often in a fabric conditioner.

MrsJackson14 • 1 month ago

I'd love to try but it won't let me apply, just throws me back to main page 😟

Maddy1685 • 1 month ago

Would love to join the team but it won't let me apply
Any one else having the same problem?

Liza-M-B82 • 1 month ago

Why won't it let me join the team /apply as it just goes back to my dashboard? I would live to be part of this team please . Good luck everyone who did manage to apply

kathryn17 • 1 month ago

fingers crossed would love to try this thank you

shaz78 • 1 month ago

Think this is just what I am looking for !!! Really miss putting clothes outside for that fresh smell , this could be what I need . Good luck everyone

nasreenbegum_ • 1 month ago

I love doing laundry and have been trying out new things for my clothes so I really want to try the new Lenor!

Zarah26 • 1 month ago


Yummymummy1326 • 1 month ago

Would love to try this out and be able to recommend to family and friends look forward to this if choosen

Bev1961 • 1 month ago

There be lots of gappy faces soon when the lucky winners are picked good luck everyone 😁

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