Lenor Outdoorable mini-project

Congratulations, and welcome to the Lenor Outdoorable team! 🧺💙

Did you receive an email to confirm that your Lenor Outdoorable application was successful? Then congratulations and welcome onboard!

Our 3 project missions

Your starter kit should be arriving any time now, so let’s have a quick look at the tasks we’ll be completing during this project:

1: Test Lenor Ourdoorable

As our days grow shorter and we head towards the festive seasons, it's difficult to find an opportunity to line dry our washing — cue Lenor Outdoorable! Thanks to its innovative technology, the Outdoorable range lets you experience the freshness of drying outside, even when drying inside. Magic!

You can find all the information you’ll need within the welcome letter enclosed with your kit, so you can pop the top of your new fabric conditioner and start testing right away!

2: Post your experience on your social media

Let your followers know what you think about Lenor Outdoorable, and illustrate it with some fancy photos to highlight the benefits of the product. Feel free to let your creativity shine! We’ve collected a few tips below to help you create some quality content:

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #ad #LenorOutdoorable, #LineDriedInside, #savvycircle and make sure you tag @supersavvymeofficial!


Proper lighting is the key to photography, and filters are a real no-no as they can distort the colours and image quality. Save yourself some time by taking your photos in natural daylight. It will balance the colours, and give it that dreamy daytime feeling.

Colour coordination

Stand out from the crowd by using colours that compliment each other. You can rock a beautiful flat lay with the product centre stage among a matching background. Include a fluffy blanket or put the bottle on the freshly made bed, present it with fresh laundry or even add some decorations such as flowers or other pretty props.


We’d love to hear about your own experience and get to know your thoughts about the product. Share with us why you love Lenor Outdoorable, for example, do your clothes really feel as if they were dried outside? Do you love its fresh scent? Is your laundry softer than ever?

3: Share your content with us

We’d also love to see the amazing photos and videos that you post, so once your creations are published upload your best shots with our Online Reporting Tools below.

  • If you’re sharing a Facebook wall or Instagram grid post and your profile is public, then you can share the URL here:

Upload your URLs

  • If you have a private profile, or you’re uploading a Facebook or Instagram story, upload a screenshot to the Photo Gallery by clicking here:

Submit screenshots

Have fun creating, we can’t wait to see your posts!


Njcherry10 • 2 years ago

So excited to be part of the team!!

Clean_homefortwo • 2 years ago

So excited to be taking part 😍

Pixie73 • 2 years ago

Woohoo, thank you so much for selecting me to be part if this campaign - I'm over the Moon to have made the Team 😍

Famguy • 2 years ago

Thank you so much, can't wait to try this in my wash

Isitjustmeme1 • 2 years ago

Excited for this, as someone who usually line dries washing wheels possible I am so intrigued by this product ! 💙

MummyBtothree • 2 years ago

Didn't get chosen this time but congratulations to those who did. I will look forward to reading your reviews 👏

Siany1 • 2 years ago

So excited to be part of the team x

Sarahloui17 • 2 years ago

Thankyou selecting me .. so excited be apart team 💕

Tasha74 • 2 years ago

Eeeeeek super excited to try out these, now to think of the photo staging

DIVA • 2 years ago

Super happy....yey...:) My fiance always complains our washed clothes do not smell nice as weather here in England is humid and clothes do not dry that well like on sunny climate, so now I hope this project will make a huge difference to us...

Hannah1233 • 2 years ago

So excited to try this thank you so excited to smell a new fragrance in the washing love new smells

Noway • 2 years ago

This is like the 4th time Iv tried for this & they said no. How can I find out why?

happybear1993 • 2 years ago

So excited to receive an email looking forward to trying this

Alexgroganx • 2 years ago

Really excited to receive and try this

FiD1 • 2 years ago

Delighted to be part of the team, it’s definitely the weather for Lenor Outdoorables, can’t wait to put it to the test!

Lorraine1988 • 2 years ago

Whoop over the moon I've been chosen

devonjane5 • 2 years ago

Yay I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of the Lenor outdoorales team.
Never tried this before so this will be a completely new experience for me & I can’t wait to review it and let you know what I think.

homewithliam • 2 years ago

So excited to try this!

Fragrantfrenzy • 2 years ago

Thanks! Cannot wait to try this!

paspatu • 2 years ago

So excited for this project 😊

shaz78 • 2 years ago

Didn't get chosen this time .... congrats to who did .... enjoy !!!

LaurenW • 2 years ago

Super excited to try this! Thank you for selecting me :)

Meljel • 2 years ago

I am absolutely gutted I am being chosen for this team devastated 😢..

Isaac.violet.mummy • 2 years ago

Thankyou so much for choosing me to take part. I'm very excited, I love lenor x

Kamila280392 • 2 years ago

Thank You 😍
So very excited for this project 💕

Natalie17 • 2 years ago

So excited 🥰

Gunn1 • 2 years ago

Good luck to all those enjoying this campaign cant wait to hear outcome - ENJOY!!!!

Mary20 • 2 years ago


Mrsh_ • 2 years ago

Yay. I'm excited to try this. 🖤 Thank you for giving me the opportunity

Lorraine1988 • 2 years ago

Mine is on the way can't wait x

Mrinnoscent • 2 years ago

Its arrived and for once i am excited to do some washing!

Jackjohn7 • 2 years ago

Please pick me x

Pixie73 • 2 years ago

I received my bottle of Lenor Outdoorable yesterday so will be putting it to the test over the next few days 😍

Lorraine1988 • 2 years ago

So glad to be part of another amazing project

Khawlah • 2 years ago

Love being part of supersavvy family, and being part of projects 👍🏼

Lorraine1988 • 2 years ago

Loving this so far

summertime79 • 2 years ago

Lenor Outdoorable, best describes this, amazing to get the right scent, fresh from a country garden, yet your washing has not left the house or been Line Dried, thanks for choosing me for this great campaign @supersavvymeofficial!

Mrinnoscent • 2 years ago

My first load i didnt get much scent from it. My second load smelt amazing in the tumble dryer. Filled the room with fresh scent. I loved it 🥰

Pixie73 • 2 years ago

I think I've discovered my new go to fabric conditioner for the autumn/winter - I love the fragrance 😍

Njcherry10 • 2 years ago

First load of washing in, can't wait for it to be dry already

Pixie73 • 2 years ago

I've just submitted my IG post URL as requested. Thank you so much for choosing me to be one of the lucky 100 taking part in this fantastic #LenorOutdoorable mini project - it's been a pleasure 🌛💜🌜

Mrsh_ • 2 years ago

Worked through my washing all day. Spring awakening scent smells amazing. Drying the washing on the radiators so the house smells amazing too X

Angel0508 • 2 years ago

This is the best softener I've tried yet!!! The smell really does fill the room & lasts forever. #LenorOutdoorable #savvycircle #ad @SuperSavvymeUK

Lou1178 • 2 years ago

Wow can't wait to try this, I've not had a email though

Craigo71 • 2 years ago

Well happy to be part of this fabulous opportunity. How good does it smell tho? Yummy

Rowson • 2 years ago

Love to try lenor out door Heidi rowson 😍

briggsy • 2 years ago

i use lennor all the time

Roxyshonestreviews • 2 years ago

My house smells lush when using this

NJH27 • 2 years ago

I am loving this!
My whole house smells unbelievable.
And I cleaned my bedding and I don’t think I’ll be leaving bed ever again 😍

Rowson • 2 years ago

Love to try Heidi rowson Lenor out door

Craigo71 • 2 years ago

I'm loving this project. My washing smells amazing. I can't stop picking it up and giving it a sniff... I need help!!

Sophieshelley • 2 years ago

This smells amazing! So glad to have been chosen for this!

Laimucka • 2 years ago


Lorraine1988 • 2 years ago

Loving lenor all my clothes and bedding is smelling gorgeous 😍

Deedenise • 2 years ago

I missed out on this one as i`m just new to all this but well done to the one`s who were chosen!

BuzzyBecky • 2 years ago

This stuff is absolutely incredible a little goes a long way and I love the smell of my clothes and also they come out incredibly soft.

Jojo785 • 2 years ago

Absolutely love this! The bedding is smelling so good! I don’t want to leave my bed!

Rowson • 2 years ago

I love lenor love to try Heidi rowson ❤️

Startwinkle • 2 years ago

I love Lenor so was very excited when this package arrived - I hadn’t seen the email so it was a complete surprise!! It didn’t disappoint - this is the best softener yet from Lenor! It smells amazing and leaves the washing smelling amazing too! Even after the towels had been put away for a week, they were soft and smelt fantastic when I got them back out! It’s definitely my new favourite!

Alexgroganx • 2 years ago

Just about running out but I am obsessed with it. Smells so good!

LRW • 2 years ago

Although I didn't make the team on this project it looks like a great product. I will probably buy it when I see it in the shops.

happybear1993 • 2 years ago

I have really enjoyed this my house smells amazing whilst washing is drying

Rowson • 2 years ago

Love to try outdoor Lenor Heidi rowson

Sukh76 • 1 year ago

Amazed at long the fragrance last after washing, would definitely recommend lenor outdoorable.

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