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Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula

92% would recommend

2,500 savvy circlers teamed up test out Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula shampoo for beautiful, healthy hair and scalps. Getting their friends involved with the Luxury Hair Care Challenge, samples and coupons, the team captured everyone's thoughts and shared their own verdicts with the brand too. Find out what they thought.

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What is your general impression of Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula? 6.1/7 - 1,666 ratings
92% would recommend Head & Shoulders to friends and family - 1,666 ratings
89% were surprised by how soft, manageable & beautiful their hair was after using Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula - 1,666 ratings

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Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula

  • Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula provides a rich combination of cleansing, moisturising, protection and is robustly effective at removing flakes.
  • Its micro zinc technology contains an 8 times smaller zinc mineral. This has all the necessary anti-dandruff benefits and leaves room for added va-va voom, so you get beautifully soft, shiny and manageable hair and a gloriously clean scalp to boot.
  • RRP £2.99
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