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Project results

Febreze Car – results from 5,000 testers.


5,000 savvy circlers tested Febreze Car for 8 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team:

The final opinions of the project team:

Trust Febreze Car to eliminate odours for up to 30 days.
General impression of Febreze Car.
Will purchase New Febreze Car after the end of our project.

From the 28th October to the 20th December, 5,000 Ambassadors tested Febreze Car as part of an exclusive savvy circle project team.

Ambassador Opinions
Ambassador Opinions

Febreze Car removes all those nasty car odours leaving a pleasant fragrance with a difference – Brilliant!

savvy circler loz8886

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador Opinions

The car freshener that harnesses Febreze magic – removing those awful, stale odours, so the Febreze scents can fill the car each and every day for up to 30 days!

savvy circler Mrspepperpot

Ambassador comment

Removes odours and leave a fresh fragrance. New Febreze Car is a specially designed air freshener which not only provides fantastic fresh fragrances but also actively removes unpleasant odours.

savvy circler LITUK

Ambassador comment

Eliminate odours and freshens for upto 30 days. Febreze Car provides 30 days of light fresh scents combined with odour eliminating technology, so I always enjoy jumping in my car!

savvy circler wonderpants

Ambassador comment

Fantastically discreet design. An excellent air freshener that eliminates ALL odours. With a fantastically discreet design, it looks good on the air vents of your car – plus the scent can be controlled using a dial.

savvy circler lriding