It's time to share the Febreze freshness on socials!

The campaign is now officially in full swing, and with starter kits landing, we're thrilled to see the project picking up momentum! We're confident you've been delighted to receive your fresh deliveries, so why not take a moment to share your excitement with us too?

Photo collage of Febreze Bathroom liquid diffuser packs

Let's take a moment to appreciate these fab first pics! Thanks team 💙

It's time to take to socials! 🤳

We've already dished out some pro video tips for those budding cinematographers among you (check them out 👉 here) - but how about diving into the world of still photography to spice things up a bit?

Here are some handy tips for crafting the perfect content!

  1. Perch! Show us a flat-lay, maybe, with your Febreze Bathroom diffuser perched amongst other elements from your bathroom – towels, toilet paper, indoor plants and so on. Prettier the better!

  2. What's your bathroom scene?: Show us just where you’re putting your Febreze diffuser in your bathroom – whether it’s the sink top, the cistern, or among the plants on the shelf. (Friendly tip: Let's skip the view inside your toilet – we've got the idea).

  3. Share your impressions: In your captions, tell us all about the scent and its intensity/longevity/freshness - and how convenient and easy the device is to use. Don't forget to encourage your followers to pick up their own Febreze from their nearest Asda!

Don't forget to toss in all the campaign hashtags as you share: #ad, #FebrezeFreshFlip, #savvycircle, @supersavvymeofficial, and @asda.

Report, report, report...

You're putting in the effort to create some fab socials, so always report them back to us so we can see your creations! Don't forget to use our reporting tools and upload your photos to be in the running to be FEATURED and WIN a £50 Amazon voucher!

Read full competition T&Cs here.

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@all: Any ideas on what you'll be posting for the #FebrezeFreshFlip challenge?


Mummymarshcleans • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Still such a lovely strong smell , perfect for spring time getting you in the mood for summer . Still
A fresh as went I flick the button few weeks ago now .

Sue-ling • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

The scent is still there long lasting & lingering in my bathroom a happy bathroom is a happy me🙂 I just adour the fragrance.

felix595 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I have never tried these before and I was surprised at the strength of the scent. I have bought others in the past that haven't been as good. The scent is lovely 😍 And looks great in my bathroom!

Anum634 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

i am probably the last person submitting my review thats because i actually was checking how long this febreze blossom lasts and how does it actually make my bathroom smell.
i had to go through emergency c sec 2 weeks back and coming home i got my parcel waiting for me. i put it in the washroom instantly and i am so much surprised that how lovely my toilet smells. as new born dirty nappies create quite a lot of smell really happy and impressed love it highly recommended

Hillage27 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Mine smells so nice xx

xxnimmyxx • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

This is absolutely amazing! Bathroom smells amazing.

HelenB76 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

This smell was so noticeable! Actually couldn’t belie it came from this small item! Loved it and definitely a new customer

Chris2 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I opened the citrus one in my bathroom and can smell this better than the pink one previously, the switch on the back was harder to press on this one so I’m assuming the pink one isn’t working properly, even having the small window open all night I could smell it this morning.

prizwana • Team Blossom & Breeze 29 days ago

The smells is gorgeous, love walking into the bathroom when it smells nice and fresh.

shellyevz • Team Cotton Fresh 27 days ago

I'm in love with this product.
My bathroom smells so fresh even after a few days it's still going. Can't wait to purchase more.

Misspiggy1969 • Team Blossom & Breeze 26 days ago

My first time at trying this,and I have to admit the smell is soooo good

Orange_sky • Team Fruity Tropics 26 days ago

I always like fruity scent, this is my first time trying this in bathroom, absolutely love it. Have to buy some more and keep this nice scent going! Also love it as it is small and it doesn't take up any space at all.

Orange_sky • Team Fruity Tropics 26 days ago

Fruity scent works best for me, what a change to the bedroom, have to go get more today, need to keep this scent going in the future! A very refreshing experience!

Butterflykym • Team Fruity Tropics 19 days ago

Smells great. I bought 3 more!

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