Let the games begin!

If you’re not already excited, we know you will be soon – because starter kits are beginning to meet doormats, and YOUR doormat could be the next! And since Febreze freshness could be in your next delivery, we thought we’d give you a little reminder of your upcoming tasks – and share a few hints on how to win big 🎁

GIF showing Febreze flip activation and placement in bathroom

What should I do?

Get creative! You’ve got your Febreze Bathroom liquid diffuser – so show it off, and have fun while doing it! How? How about this?

  1. Unboxing and reaction videos

    There’s only a few things more fun than opening a box, so let’s see how you do it. Show us what you got in your kit, and let us see that big smile as you unpack the #FebrezeFreshFlip experience!

  2. How-to breakdowns

    Show your followers a thing or two, and show the Febreze Bathroom in action! Start with the pack in frame and film everything, from unpacking, flipping the switch on the back, to placing it in your pristine bathroom!

  3. “Clean with me” video diaries

    How does the Febreze Bathroom fit into your cleaning plan? Why not take us through the whole thing? Get those rubber gloves on, and show us how you get that sparkle in your tiles – and finish it all off with a spritz of freshness from the Febreze Bathroom!

The only limit is your own imagination – now let’s see how far that can take you. Just remember: Febreze is the star of the show here – so make sure to keep any other brands hidden away.

Up for some pro tips?

  • Make sure to record your Reels and TikToks in vertical format.
  • Focus on the product in the first 3 seconds.
  • Edit! Trim out the fluff, and keep only the super-important stuff.
  • Forget the filters – or at least keep them light. You’re beautiful enough without them.

And importantly...

Don’t forget the hashtags, #ad, #FebrezeFreshFlip #savvycircle @supersavvymeofficial and @asda – and remember to also use our reporting tools so we can see your lovely creatins too!


And even MORE importantly...

There’s a £50 Amazon voucher up for grabs for the 10 best posts – so let that be your motivation, and show us all what you’re capable of!

Read full campaign T&Cs here

@all: What are your first impressions of the #FebrezeFreshFlip?


RobertBone • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Only negative I have is that the product itself can't be recycled I assume? Only the packaging.

babya • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Smells so clean and fresh. It’s so portable too. Although for the bathroom I loved it so much I took it everywhere with me until I got to the supermarket to buy more!

Jessicanaomi • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Lovey smelling product, very strong. My only negative is that the liquid has gone down very quickly so unsure if it will last the 50 days as advertised. I will however purchase these in future

Kattydog • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

OMG I love the Cotton Fresh aroma!! Will definitely be buying once this sample has run out.
My family have snapped up the coupons so we'll all have the most fragrant bathrooms ever :)

cordelia1959 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Well, I will admit that I am somewhat late in posting my first blog. I was super excited to be chosen and was really looking forward to using it. I set it up and placed ir on my toilet cistern and mentally prepared myself for my blog. Then ... disaster struck and, boy was I glad that I was chosen. Sounds strange to you? Well, yes, I guess it does. The issue was, I had a bout of food poisoning! This naturally meant I was using the loo A LOT more than I normally do. The good thing was, I had the Febreze open and working. It needed to be fantastic and it was. I'm sure everyone here knows that if you have a stomach upset then a visit to the bathroom can result in awful, long lasting pongs! Not for me this time, oh no. I could (and did) go to the loo and then, leave it with the confidence that at least I wasn't inflicting my problem on anyone else. I was just so very grateful to Febreze for creating a solution to my some what whiffy problem. Thanks also Savvy Circle for choosing me xx

Betts89 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Just had my parcel arrive excited to open it up and give it a try x

Cazalou • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I was a bit skeptical at first due to the size of the Febreze bathroom freshener but after a couple of hours I could smell the fragrance in all my flat as it's only small. The cotton fresh is lovely so I will use some coupons to purchase the other fragrances to see what they are like also, might even use in another room and just the bathroom! Yet to see if it lasts 50 days but it's still good after one week

cathwarbur • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Wish now I had kept a couple of coupons for myself, obsessed with the fabulous smell, perfect for my household.After it eventually runs out, will certainly buy more,

AmandaSally • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Still smells great but only a quarter left after a few days - it was only about a third full when it arrived though, so definitely won't last 50 days.

Shania99 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I absolutely love this!! The smell is so strong and can actually smell it all throughout my flat!! My only negative is as soon as I have pressed the button on the back, the liquid has gone down quite a bit, so don’t think it will last the 50 days. Also gutted I did not keep any vouchers for myself 😆

Mummymarshcleans • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

You forget it’s there but Smells amazing my daughter walked in the bathroom the other day and commented how nice it smelt in there

Lisa_y123 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

This smells amazing!! And not just in the bathroom, I can smell it throughout the downstairs and it smells so fresh

loopylou13 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Easy to open and use. Not a fan of the smell my lot said its like someone is trying to disguise a smell from doing something else...
Have given coupons out and used one myself to try and different scent

Lindsay76 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Love the bright packaging. Simple and recyclable. I have used one of these air fresheners before but the push button has changed…for the better in my opinion. It was simple to activate and the scent was started to emit almost immediately.

Lindsay76 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I like the fruity smell but I do prefer the more fabric conditioner cotton fresh floral smells. The fragrance travelled quickly through the upstairs despite the air freshener being placed on the toilet cistern in the bathroom. Hoping it will last but it appears a third full already after only a few days. My daughter said it was ‘very nice’ so that’s a positive!
I have handed out the coupons to be colleagues at work and they were keen to trial the new scent too.

BearsSquidge • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Looking at the comments, it seems a lot of people have the same issue as I do. The liquid has gone down very quickly in the week or so I've had it. Delivery wasn't the best and the huge box it came in, resulted in postie giving it to a neighbour without a calling card!
The scent was fantastic at first, but unless left near a heat source, it's struggling to emit around the room. I don't expect it to last 50 days, but will keep a nose on it!

Niceboyss • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Wow, I’ve received Febreeze bathroom cotton fresh and it smells so clean and fresh, I just love it. It’s a really strong scent but I’m not sure it’s going to last 50 days as it states has half the liquid has already gone, but we will see. I would happily use this in any room in my house it’s too good just for the bathroom.

danny1988 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

fantastic scent

janinedan • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I couldnt wait to pop this out and get it in my bathroom and oh wow smells amazing so far so good!!

Scouse_lad • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

So, Febreeze cotton fresh - very pleasant smell from the off. Was initially sceptical about the fragrance lasting but 10 days on and the smell is still there! You can smell it around the house so am happy about that.
Negative - the container doesn't seem to be recyclable so that means more plastic going into landfill - and the box it was delivered in was far, far too big! Think you could have fitted all 5,000 samples into the one box (well maybe not as many as that but the box was definitely too big!)

Testerhath • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Very excited received mine yesterday

Pampers33 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Been a few days now and the scent isn't as strong ,the liquid is very low now so don't know if it will last 50 days I really like this little febreeze I went to asda an got 2 more but in a different fragrance handed out the coupons to family and friends 🧡

nbrad1234 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Unfortunately my daughter loves the scent so much she keeps stealing it and taking it to her room.

ANDREABURTON8321 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Really love the scent, my bathroom smells so good

Teapot73 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I still haven’t received mine even though the tracking says Evri have delivered it. I’ve asked the for the photo graphic evidence to try and find out we’re it’s gone. So it looks like I will have to pop to my local store to purchase one so I can at least do the review

JKnz • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Mines just arrived so looking forward to testing this out

Ayesha89 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Really happy to receive this my bathroom smell devine and fresh also shared coupons with family friends.

Kmills13 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I love that the packaging has been updated and is a “flip” design now rather than the old push button format 🥰

Abb1x • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Love the new style! Smells so good, been in my bathroom for over a week and can still smell it !

1986 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

The smell is nice. Very strong, fills not only the bathroom but the whole upstairs. The positive is that the fragrance is pleasant. The negative is that the freshener is not refillable, it is single use, which means bad for the planet.

BCI969 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

This product smells wonderful and lasts well. I will definitely be buying more

M3rcury78 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

So happy to have been chosen!

cordelia1959 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Okay, here we go. On Tuesday I had lunch with my darling daughter. I told her all about this New Febreze for the Bathroom. She was thrilled to know about it and even more thrilled when I gave her a money off coupon. I was a bit naughty and gave her two coupons so that she could buy one for work as well. Guess who is Top Mum at the moment?

cordelia1959 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Follow up. Well, I wasn't expecting this so soon! A phone call today from my daughter. No, she didn't want anything from me! She just wanted to let me know that she bought two last night and used them today. She is thrilled with the responses she has received. Her husband said that it made going to the bathroom a pleasure! Her colleagues at work said that it lifted their mood when they went to the loo. Well done Febreze for making this product!

Gaga0211 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Very clean photo to try to convey the impression of this lovely clean scent. To start with, I am in love with cotton fresh scent and if I was to pick, this would be my choice. I was away for a week and decided to put this in my bathroom so I can see if there is any difference when I come back. Funny thing, I forgot 😁 so I asked my husband what is that lovely smell 🙈 then I saw it and realised that really works amazingly. It’s small, easy to install and gives that lovely freshness that is not too much.

danny1988 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

great smell

xxnimmyxx • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Received and putting it straight to the test in the downstairs loo which always smells no matter how much it’s cleaned!

Xpert • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I cannot believe how strong the fragrance is in my bathroom. It smells amazing and I can even smell it at the bottom of the stairs. Friends have used the coupons to try it out as well. Wonderful product!

Niki922 • Team Blossom & Breeze 28 days ago

Leaves an amazing smell every time I walk into the bathroom!

shellyevz • Team Cotton Fresh 27 days ago

I am soo in love with this product :)
The febreze cotton fresh is lush. It leaves my bathroom smelling so fresh. My family and friends have noticed to which I've given them coupons to buy their own.

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