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How do I sort my laundry?

Getting your laundry right isn’t just about using the best detergent in the best machine. You can do that, and most of your clothes will come out just fine…right until that lovely lace bra comes out the colour of mouldy bread.

Your first task is to sort those clothes into groups that go together: whites, dark colours, light colours and delicates. Just drop them into a basket and you’re done. Probably a good idea to take them off first, too.

Now you have a laundry basket of clothes that can all be washed together, you’ve got no excuse not to use a full load. If you’re unable to, for whatever reason, make sure to use the half load function on your washing machine.

Keep that mud caked cycle gear away from your once worn dress, too!

Some clothes will still need different treatment, depending on their laundry care labels. A great way to make this easier is by making a mark on the label with a permanent marker. Any matching clothes will have the same colour mark on the label. How easy is that?

What wash cycle should I use?

That completely depends on what laundry you’re throwing in to your washing machine!

The normal cycle

The regular cycle is the go-to of the washing machine. It spins at a medium speed and includes a cool, rest process to reduce wrinkling. Perfect for dark colours, too, it won’t eat your clothes whole.

Perfect for: cotton, linen, bedding, towels, jeans.

Top Tip: Zip up your fly and turn your jeans inside out before wash.

Permanent press
Permanent press is perfect for synthetic fabrics, as it’s great at getting rid of nasty smells that can linger on man-made fabrics. Strong agitation plus slow spin is great for stopping wrinkling and piling.

Perfect for: synthetic fabrics such as knits, polyester and acetates.

Top tip: Wash your colours on permanent press and they’ll keep that colour.

Delicate, hand wash or wool
All 3 do exactly the same thing: low agitation, so no stretching or ripping of your delicate items. Won’t do anything to that mud stain on your hiking pants, though.

Perfect for: silk, sequins, lingerie, sheer fabrics, tights and loosely woven items.

Top Tip: Perfect for your favourite wool items (if they can be washed), as it prevents shrinking.

Rapid wash or speed wash
Again, two names, one cycle. Perfect for emergency washes, it has a short wash cycle and high-speed spin that gets the clothes drying quickly. Not the best for anything too dirty or too delicate.

Perfect for: emergency washes with slightly dirty items that aren’t delicate.

Top Tip: Don’t chuck in items with tough stains, as the cycle isn’t strong enough to remove the dirt.

Should I ever pre-wash my laundry?

Nope. A pre-wash not only take more time, but more detergent, electricity and water: all money down the drain. Well, guess what? With Daz, you don’t need to pre-wash. Even the dirtiest shirts with the toughest stains are dazzling white after one wash.

How much powder do I need for my laundry?

Water hardness

Have you got heavy water? Don’t worry if you don’t know: just check out our handy map for an overview.

The harder your water is, the more work your detergent needs to do. So add more! You can find the dosage tables on your box.

Just how dirty have you been?

If you’ve been extra dirty, your clothes will need a bit of extra work to get them dazzlingly white and clean. So add a bit more Daz to your wash. Check out the dosing tables to find out exactly how much more.

How much are you washing?

Naturally, the more clothes you put in the machine, the more detergent you’ll need. If you’re only washing a half load, then use less and put your washing machine on the half load setting.

How do I wash whites for the best results?

You may paint your walls magnolia, eggshell or beige, but you don’t want your white T-shirt to come out of the wash any colour other than white. White clothes stand out. Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. To stand out, you need the brightest whites imaginable, not a dingy off-white. Luckily, we know some tips that can help your whites shine the brightest.

  • White clothes love nothing more than other white clothes, so give them what they want! Wash your whites together with Daz laundry detergent, and keep those coloured clothes out of the way.
  • Keep your dirtiest items, like that one you stained at the pub, well away from the nearly clean ones. Wash nearly clean clothes together.
  • Don’t let stains dry in, treat it immediately.
  • Make sure to check the fabric care symbols on your clothes’ labels. They’ll tell you the maximum temperature and spin settings as well as how to iron and dry the item.
  • For the brightest whites, dry in the sun. As an added bonus, it also disinfects!
  • Always use the perfect laundry detergent for whites. Daz provides superior cleaning on whites without any extra steps. So no more scrubbing and soaking, just a simple wash.

How can I keep my kid’s clothes as dazzling as the rest?

Children seem to live by the rule ‘It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission’. There’s nothing wrong with this attitude, in fact it can foster creativity. Yet it still causes Mum a headache.

The children will jump in muddle puddles, play football in the rain, climb trees: basically just get very, very dirty. Don’t worry, Daz can clean up in a flash. There are a few tips to make it easier though.

  • When your children come in caked in dirt, get them to change and clean straight away. That way the dirty clothes are all in one place. Don’t stop there though, chuck them into the washing machine immediately with a good portion of Daz detergent – stick to the dosing guidelines though.
  • Also, while you should always wash a full load, very dirty clothes and just slightly dirty ones shouldn’t go together. So, don’t worry if it’s not a completely full wash just this once, you can always use the half load function.
  • However, if you know you’re going to be doing something that could result in very dirty clothes, schedule your wash around it. Build up a load’s worth of dirty clothes to chuck in together and, hey presto, you’ve got a full wash.
  • Most importantly, just don’t worry about it. Daz powder takes your dirty whites and makes them bright again, so no matter what your children get up to, you know they’ll be clean and shining later on.

Remember: Dirt is only dirt, so clean up those clothes with Daz right away.

How can I save money when doing my laundry?

Turn down that temperature! There’s an even better way to save time and money with Daz detergent too. You can turn down the temperature of your machine and Daz will still deliver top performance and dazzling whites.

Luckily, with Daz, you don’t need to use any additives, scrub or soak: you’ll have a superior clean right away without the need to use extra electricity for pre-washes.

Don’t tumble-dry. Sure, it’s tempting, but drying your clothes in the sun isn’t just better for your wallet, it’s better for the clothes, too, especially whites. Stick to the recommended doses on your box. That way your Daz will last for longer, saving you both money and a trip to the shops!

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