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Welcome to our project with Daz!

Give the new Daz for Whites & Colours a whirl!

6,000 savvy circlers will be trying out Daz for Whites & Colours, their all new formula that keeps your whites shining bright and your colours dazzling!

Daz know that when it comes to doing our laundry, we want it simple and effective and that’s why they’ve been keeping clothes clean for over 60 years. With Daz you can get a proper clean at purse-friendly prices, what’s not to love?

And now, Daz powder is no longer just for Whites! With Daz for Whites & Colours you can keep your colours shining bright and your whites crisp with one simple detergent. Daz are really excited to be working with us to brighten up our day and hear exactly what we expert savvy circlers think.

In our Starter Kit

  • 1 x full-size pack of Daz washing powder
  • A savvy circle insider’s guide full of handy hints and tips
  • ‘Ask your friends’ product research sheets
  • Some fun props to help you create the new and improved Daz Doorstep Challenge
  • 10 x packs of Daz washing powder, 6 washes
  • Money off coupons

In this savvy circle project we will:

  • Test Daz for Whites & Colours at home during our four week project
  • Share our samples with friends and family to find out what they think too
  • Feedback our experiences in online surveys with the Daz team so that they can make their products even better for future shoppers

The Application Phase for this project is now over.

Thanks so much for your interest - please do follow along with the project on the blog!

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