Discounts, and more discounts!

It’s time for another weekend, so let’s shake off that 9-5 mood and get some friends over to unwind. And what better way to treat them than with the gift of ultra-smooth skin?

There’s still time ‘til 13th March to get up to 55% off selected Braun IPL devices on the Braun Shop – so don’t forget to keep on sharing those discounts! Because, as we’ve already made clear, there’s a whole £200 in Amazon Gift Cards in it for you*. And we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Up to 55% off on these IPLs 🎉

So tell your friends, family and everyone else head on over to Braun Shop and get that sheen they’ve been craving. And if they’d like some specific recommendations, here’s what we think is great:

Share this page with your friends 💌

Need an extra signal boost on that good word? Try screenshotting this post and sharing it on your social stories! Or just share the link directly – and make sure to include your online discount code, and a link to the Braun shop:

Catch up with your friends this weekend 🙋‍♀️

And if you’re planning more live demonstrations, why not check out last week’s blog post here? There’s helpful tips and essential IPL info to make sure your meet-ups are as valuable as possible.

@all: How have you been sharing your codes? Are you thinking about trying out anything new and creative?

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komqas • 1 month ago

Yes given the codes to a few of my friends who were interested

Marshie • 1 month ago

Have spoken to and shown friends the results, I’ve given out the code to friends and shared it on my insta-stories.

sublime91 • 1 month ago

My friends and a few family cousins were eager to get Thier hands on this. They were pretty camera shy but have all been given their unique vouchers. It was great to have them around and talk about this machine and it's benefits.

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