Get the stage set, and hit the lights!

Hi savvy circlers - it’s time to get preparing for our product demos with the Braun IPL. If you’ve got friends and family that would love a smooth new glow about them, invite them over and share the good news!

Woman using Braun IPL on face

We’ve already got our discount codes – that's the first step. Now the real task begins: to share the impressive hair reduction power of the Braun IPL. Over the next few days, we’re inviting over anyone who’s interested in quick, safe and efficient hair reduction, available at home. We’ll be showing off these benefits with live demonstrations, and letting our friends try out our Braun IPL for themselves – and maybe, just maybe, earning big as a result! That’s right, there’s up to £200 in Amazon Gift Cards for every participant – and the more people you get on board, the more you can receive.

You should get your project handbook via post today, so you can get up to date with everything the IPL has to offer. But here's what you can do in the meantime!

Step 1: Invite your friends over.

Pick up the phone, find some snacks, and get the kettle on. Because if there’s one surefire way to get the mood right, it’s with a cup of tea. And while that’s boiling, get your IPL ready and wait for everyone to arrive!

Who should you invite? Well, anyone who’s interested in:

  • Effortless hair reduction in the comfort of their home 🏡
  • Effective full body hair removal (even on pubic areas) 🙈
  • Visible results in 3 weeks*, and lasting for up to a year
  • Dermatologically accredited as skin-safe by the Skin Health Alliance
  • Big long-term savings compared to regular salon visits 💰
  • Up to 44% off the Braun IPL Silk-Expert Pro 5 OR EVEN up to 55% off the newest Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 IPL! 🤑

*When following the treatment schedule. Individual results may vary.

Step 2: Get the party started.

Once everyone’s settled in, get chatting! Find out about everyone’s hair removal methods, and let them know about the Braun IPL. Let them all know just how much easier it’s made your life, and how much better you’re feeling!

Step 3: Bring out the big guns.

Time to show everyone what the IPL can do! Once you’ve shaved the area, show off the different settings and answer any questions they may have. Have some disposable razors handy so your guests can try it out themselves!

❗ Just a couple of important points: make sure to check in advance whether everyone’s skin and hair are suitable for the IPL. ❗

Who can use IPL?

Anyone who is:

  • 18 years old and older
  • Not pregnant
  • No visible skin disease (e.g. eczema, neurodermatitis), skin lesions, sunburns, or irritation
  • Suitable based on the skin & hair colour chart

Do not use the IPL on moles, scars and tattoos, and only use it on clean, pre-shaved, hairless areas.

Skin & hair colour chart

And lastly, don’t forget to write your unique 5% discount code into the leaflets we’re sending in the post. Your friends can use them with existing promotions, for up to 50% off total on between now and 13th March. And for every time your code is used, you’ll get Amazon Gift Cards*! £40 each for the first 5 uses, for a total of £200. Both of your codes will also be valid for up to 10 times total – so that’s 20 friends you could help out!

Now, let’s get to work! 💪

@all: Who will you be showing your Braun IPL to first?

*Full terms and conditions can be found here.


komqas • 1 month ago

I will be showing it to my cousins who are visiting me this weekend. Also going to show it to my friends at the high tea at my home next Friday :)

Lynne45 • 1 month ago

My good friend is having a baby shower on Sunday. As it's a PJ's and beauty pamper then I've asked to demo my braun IPL on me and anyone else who wants a try! Something different and hopefully raise awareness. Few new mums who don't have time to leave baby to get waxed 💕

Yasminb79 • 1 month ago

I will be show to my friends and cousin visiting me this week and next week will have tea and snacks

ExcellentR • 1 month ago

I will be showing this to friends coming over next weekend and have a little demo too. Looking forward tot hat.

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