Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony

Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony

Savvy Circle

Welcome to a brand new project with New Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony!

5,000 savvy circlers will get the chance to try out a fresh new fragrance from Bold.

The new scent from Bold 2in1.

We want to spread the word about Bold’s new 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony Gel, and try the product along with thousands of members of the Savvy Circle in the UK.

Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony is joining the premium scents of the Bold 2in1 Infusions collection.

It uses Perfume Micro Capsule (PMC) technology to offer long-lasting freshness – even after three weeks in your wardrobe – while the added touch of Lenor freshness provides extra softness to your clothes. The scent of Rose Blush & Peony is stored within the fabric, and can be released simply by rubbing your clothes, or even better by giving someone a nice big hug.

**The key benefits of new Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony:

  • Long-lasting fragrance thanks to the Perfume Micro Capsule technology.
  • Feel-good clothing due to the added fabric softener.
  • The cleaning power you would expect from Bold 2in1.

The Savvy Circle project with Bold 2in1.

At the beginning of our project all participating members of the Savvy Circle will receive a free starter kit containing the following:

For you to try out with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours:

  • A pack of Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony Gel
  • Project handbook with a lot of insider information
  • Market research sheets to survey friends, family and colleagues

To pass on to friends, family and colleagues:

  • Money off coupons for Bold 2in1

In this project we want to...

  • ... try out Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony together with thousands of other Savvy Circle members.
  • ... find out your opinion of the gel’s two-in-one feature in three online surveys.
  • … work together to help spread the word Bold 2in1 Rose Blush & Peony – simply by talking to friends, colleagues and family.
  • … collect lots of conversation reports and market research results: What were your experiences whilst spreading the word?

The application phase has now finished - all further info can now be found on the Bold 2in1 project blog.

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