Pampers Baby Dry 2016
Project results

Pampers Baby Dry results


1,500 savvy circlers tested Pampers Baby Dry for 4 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team

90% would recommend Pampers Baby Dry - 842 ratings
How would you rate the overall softness of Pampers Baby Dry? 4.5 Stars - 842 ratings
How would you rate the overall fit of Pampers Baby Dry? 4.3 Stars - 842 ratings

Pampers baby Dry

Pampers Baby Dry Info

Pampers Baby Dry nappies have three absorbing channels that help distribute wetness evenly and lock it away better, which means they’re less bulky in the morning. In fact they are up to 2x drier; to help keep your little one comfortable all night long.

Ambassador Opinions
Ambassador Opinions

We enjoyed being part of this project! It was great fun sharing the word -we are totally converted and would never use another nappy for overnight!

savvy circler flickas
Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

We have had a great experience with these, my daughter is precious about having a wet bottom at night, often waking us to change her. Since using these she has slept though with no leaks, and no rashes. Very pleased we got to try these out and I will definitely be buying these going forward. Happy baby and happy mummy x

savvy circler flower01
Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

I have very much enjoyed taking part in this project and telling all my friends about it and letting them try samples. They were very impressed. I myself will be buying them as they are excellent. My boy no longer leaks in the night which is a god send because it's tiring getting up every night to change him. Thank you so much for letting me take part it was a pleasure

savvy circler hampshire2012
Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

By far the best nappies I have used so far! Will definitely be switching over to these as so absorbent and far less bulky than what we have previously used

savvy circler Frack120