Pampers Baby Dry 2016
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New Pampers Baby Dry results

88 recommends new Pampers Baby Dry

1,000 savvy circlers tested new Pampers Baby Dry for 4 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

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88% would recommend new Pampers Baby Dry to a friend and family.
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From the 20th April to the 20th May 2016, 1,000 ambassadors tested new Pampers Baby Dry as part of an exclusive savvy circle project team.

New Pampers Baby Dry Info

New Pampers Baby Dry have three absorbing channels that help spread the wetness evenly and lock it away better, so they’re less bulky in the morning. In fact, they're up to 2x drier, so you’ll wonder where all the pee went!

  • Three absorbing channels to lock in wetness.
  • Less wet bulk in the morning so you’ll be saying – where did all the pee go?
  • Up to 2x drier than other nappies for great mornings.
  • Help your baby sleep through the night for optimum growth and development.

Thanks for the Pampers nappies - every mum & baby loved them. Lots of well rested mums & dry babies too. A great product!

savvy circler michelledone

Thank you for giving me and my daughter the opportunity to try out the Pampers Baby Dry product, some of my friends with younger babies than mine really loved the product and they will be using it as from now,so that is great to hear. Thanks!

savvy circler mamaput

Me and my wife have always used Pampers for our little girl but never any of the Baby Dry ones. After using these we are both really impressed how dry they keep our little girl which keeps her happy as she hates a wet nappy! So will be getting these from now on... Two of my friends have both got a little one each same age as ours and they have tried some and they are converted to these now.

savvy circler Scooty2k