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You've been rocking the brighter smile journey, snapping pics, and dazzling us with your posts, and now that you've given the Oral-B Intensive Whitening a good whirl, it's time to let your thoughts shine with an online review! Here are some tips to help you pen down that top-notch review.

Leaving your online review

These snaps are just WOW! Kudos team!

If you've been having a great experience with Oral-B Intensive Whitening, don't keep it to yourself! As an Oral-B ambassador, you have a golden opportunity to guide others in finding their new go-to teeth-whitening toothpaste!

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Review Oral-B Intensive Whitening Radiant White

Review Oral-B Intensive Whitening Bright Brilliance

What to include in your review?

Hopefully, you've jotted down a few notes during the test, capturing anecdotes and information for your review. Anything from detailed notes to quick observations is perfect!

Here are a few pointers to assist you in crafting a standout review:

  1. Keep it Personal: We all have our unique stories, so make your review a reflection of your experience in your own words.
  2. Freshness Test: Did the Oral-B Intensive Whitening bring a fresher sensation providing you with a long lasting clean and fresh feeling?
  3. Changes: Did you notice any positive effects or changes in the colour of your teeth?

Review both!

You've tried both Radiant White and Bright Brilliance, spill the beans separately. Your take guides others on their journey to a brighter whiter smile!

Review Oral-B Intensive Whitening Radiant White

Review Oral-B Intensive Whitening Bright Brilliance

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If you’ve already done the hard part and shared your thoughts and photos to your social channels then remember to send us your URLs and screenshots so we can make sure we don't miss it! And remember. we're still on the lookout for our Top 15 so keep those posts coming!


We can't wait to read your reviews!

@all: Did the new Oral-B Intensive Whitening perform as well as you expected? Tell us in the comments!


Maxi2828 • 3 months ago

Never received this so can’t comment 😥

Karenrustamova4 • 3 months ago

Day 5 of using #TheOralBWhite toothpaste that was kindly given to me from #savvycircle team, and my teeth are getting whiter by the day, I can certainly see a difference in the reduction of stains in my teeth which are becoming a healthy looking white now. My gums are also improving and I feel like I want to brush my teeth more than normal because of the performance and the flavour. My mouth has never felt more fresh. Think I might have found a winner after all these years of trying numerous toothpastes.

Anty • 3 months ago

Done my reviews! So happy with how this toothpaste has made my teeth look whiter

Hayley20xo • 3 months ago

Done one of my reviews. Will do the other in a few days as haven’t tried both toothpastes yet x

shaz78 • 3 months ago

Completed both my reviews !!!

shaz78 • 3 months ago

I'm so impressed by how gentle the toothpaste is on my teeth. They look so clean and fresh

valeriageorgallidou • 3 months ago

Completed my review, uploaded some photos and loves these toothpastes!

holhome • 3 months ago

I love both Oral-B Pro 3D whitening toothpastes; they changed my teeth to a radiant and brilliant white overnight

holhome • 3 months ago

Some friends and family bought the toothpaste from Boots with the discount and are also extremely happy with the fast result getting white teeth over night

holhome • 3 months ago

Posted reviews for each tooth paste on Boots and submitted here with links and screenshots

Dm19811 • 3 months ago

Have only done one review so far. Enjoying seeing my teeth become a little whiter. Will post more once I’ve tried the other

Madkitten • 3 months ago

Still going good 👍 so happy with out come on how it as worked well

jayoli • 3 months ago

Took more than a day but they are definitely working!

Teapot73 • 3 months ago

I was quite impressed with it it cleaned my teeth really well and they did look brighter

Teapot73 • 3 months ago

I have posted my reviews

Muvmama • 3 months ago

This instantly made a difference with the color of my teeth. I am really impressed at how well it cleaned the teeth, the toothpaste has no awful smell or taste. Bigger smiles!!!

Bruceybonus • 3 months ago

I didnt feel like it was one day for an improvement as it took longer and there was a small improvement and I tried both and they are both great for sensitive teeth and taste great but werent very whitening for me personally

madrasa • 3 months ago

I think it does help whiten your teeth quicker than other toothpastes in a gentle way compared to whitening strips

Claaireeey • 3 months ago

All done 👍🏼

scottishlad • 3 months ago

Reviews Done!

ruthr79m • 3 months ago

still waiting for mine which post did it come with please ie yodel royal mail evri

Rowson • 3 months ago

Love give it tray this toothpaste Heidi rowson ❤

holhome • 3 months ago

All reviews and posts on social media done and published here

holhome • 3 months ago

My friends, work colleagues, neighbours and relatives who have managed to buy the toothpastes from Boots are very happy with their results.

Rakel93 • 3 months ago

Another great campaign, it did not disappointed!
All shared on socials and reviews done :)
What is next? :)

Dziosefina • 3 months ago

I love both toothpastes because of the quality . The results i saw after 1 time. The best

naville • 3 months ago

I left my reviews and got the email confirmation but can't find them on the website to screenshot and submit.

Queenann21 • 3 months ago

I can definitely see a change been using the radiant one for the past week. I’m so happy with the results, especially as I have a lot of events coming up this month. This is really made my teeth shine

marleyandme1604 • 3 months ago

I have recommended this tooth paste to everyone. finally a tooth paste that actually work. I noticed a massive difference within 1 week. my teeth look whiter, my mouth feels cleaner. this is my go to toothpaste from now on

MamaCleanQueen • 3 months ago

I love this product, my teeth have definitely become much more whiter since using it Its a Great Toothpaste which for me really works at whitening teeth an removing stains. This product didn't leave me with sensitive teeth like some whitening toothpastes can.i t makes my teeth feel really clean and squeaky,

xhinch_home90x • 3 months ago

I am so happy with the results I have got from the tooth pastes and.also my husband has got great results too after just one day is just mad I'm really happy and will continue to use these products as they work and so happy my gums are clean and my mouth is so fresh and for longer.i highly recommend these xx

Fun268 • 3 months ago

I wouldn’t say my teeth got whiter from day one, but perseverance is the key to my teeth getting whiter. Perseverance and Oral B.

A trip to the hygienist is c.£70 - this is cheaper and less painful!

Ralu89 • 3 months ago

I absolutely love this toothpaste! It has such a nice minty taste and I've seen noticeable improvements from the first day using this one. My teeth looks whiter and healthier. I love it!

xxnimmyxx • 3 months ago

Reviews left. Brilliant results and loved using both toothpastes

nimmyox • 3 months ago

Loved both toothpastes! 5/5!

danny1988 • 3 months ago

Brilliant results after a few days

Alexandra832 • 3 months ago

Yes it definitely did! So impressed. Had whiter teeth after just a couple uses!

FunkyChic • 3 months ago

Submitted my reviews on supersavvyme and can honestly say this toothpaste has been a game changer for both myself and the hubby we are loving it and will certainly be purchasing it once our free tubes have ran out thank you!

ChelleBell13 • 3 months ago

Both reviews are done! ✅✅

Nicolajane20 • 3 months ago

These toothpastes were awesome! Such good results! Xx

Saurabhh • 2 months ago

a must have product in your household. I can easily recommend this to m friends and family.

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