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We're giving a special shoutout to savvy circler Mariya86, who shows us how to nail that perfect product shot at home! That's definitely a pro way to create a seamless background and just the right lighting!

Product photography setup: Oral-B tubes kept on a white sheet and light source from a side

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@all: Are you seeing the difference in your teeth after using the new Oral-B Intensive Whitening? Tell us in the comments below.


PowerMum28 • 3 months ago

I’m obsessed with a new Oral B toothpaste for sure now 🫣I had a chance to use for a good two weeks so I’m really happy with the results! Bring it to me more 😈

Yummymummy884 • 3 months ago

The new oral B toothpaste are definitely worth buying, my family love the flavour and the fresh feeling that your left with, I'd highly recommend :)

Judycheek • 3 months ago

Wow this is the best only used a few days and I’m noticing the difference!! My daughters off to purchase these !! Thank you

jmagill • 3 months ago

The new oral B toothpastes are definitely worth buying, my family love the flavour and the fresh feeling that your left with, I'd highly recommend :)
so much so that my teenage daughter had taken the second tube away to Uni!

Behind39 • 3 months ago

Yay! Thank you kindly.. for choosing my pic 🩷

greglee • 3 months ago

Has a great long lasting after taste leaves your mouth feeling fresh for ages.

Bodobetty • 3 months ago

Such a good toothpaste

scottishlad • 3 months ago

So far been great experience for me!

Mariya86 • 3 months ago

Oops I didn't expect I'll manage to grab your attention. 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

Waszak • 3 months ago

Brilliant toothpaste definitely going to buy more once run out!

dududee • 3 months ago

I've being quite impressed. I didn't expect anything to do more than my current whitening toothpaste and whitening brush head

Lulubell85 • 3 months ago

Am loving the toothpaste is brilliant as I started on this weekend and results are amazing. I can only use ORAL B as I have algeric reaction to other brands

MissRee • 3 months ago

Honestly the worst tasting toothpaste and has made absolutely no difference for me unfortunately :(

Izzie123 • 3 months ago

These are now on my shopping list

Bexi30 • 3 months ago

Removed some surface stains but not on the very first use as stated and it tastes awful.

Tootyone6 • 3 months ago

I'm afraid this tasted ugh.. and made no difference ..another whitening gimmick I think.. I thought I noticed a difference after first day use, though.. it stayed same after over one week use.

mcc_20 • 3 months ago

Great photos team!

PURPLEARTIST44 • 3 months ago

Whilst both of the toothpastes do a good cleaning job , taste great, and stay fresh unfortunately neither of them made any impact on the whiteness of my teeth - perhaps it’s my age ! So I was disappointed with both

Anty • 3 months ago

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oral B white! Its the best toothpaste I've ever used!!

MrsFrisby • 3 months ago

Absolutely loving the new Oral B toothpaste!! Both myself and my husband have been trialing it and we can not believe the difference it has made, not just to the whiteness of our teeth, but also how clean they feel...all day!!!

Dziosefina • 3 months ago

My favourite brand and favourite product. I can't believe how gently whitening my sensitive teeth

mumz • 3 months ago

This is my favourite my teeth look so much brighter than before .I would definitely recommend this thank you for giving me the opportunity to test 😊

Treacs88 • 3 months ago

Absolutely made up I was chosen as these are amazing even after just one use it really does what it says and by far the best whitening toothpastes I've used so far. Will definitely continue to use these...hats off to Oral B!!!

jayoli • 3 months ago

shine bright like a diamond

chloegrace09 • 3 months ago

As much as we can see a slight difference. Its to early to tell really I couldn't possibly justify the £20 it costs

xjessxdun • 3 months ago

I did like the instant effects bur can't really see how it will be on the long run. I would still absolutely recommend for a quick Whitening.

Madkitten • 3 months ago

Just went up town and thought I would look in boots why there and its on sale £10 so I got one, so happy supersavvy let me try it because so happy with it 😊 😁

Zula • 3 months ago

I love it, did magic to my teeth. My new to go toothpaste! 🥰❤️

Gabibbe • 3 months ago

Love it, makes my teeth feel fresh and clean as well as brighter! thanks for sharing!

Totty • 3 months ago

I've Thoroughly Enjoyed This Test And Review. I Really, Really Haven't Had A Toothpaste That Has Kept My Breath Fresh All Day. Now Brushing My Teeth Is Enjoyable, When You Know It's Giving You Confidence,Which I Definitely Agree That It Makes Your Teeth Whiter In 24 Hours.

Queenann21 • 3 months ago

I was so excited to be chosen for these products, like I literally snatched the box out of the postman hand LOL

Laurajustmyhome • 3 months ago

Absolutely over the moon with both these tooth pastes , there amazing .

kbrar • 3 months ago

Love the toothpaste, only a few days after using and I could notice a difference!

MegGreen • 3 months ago

The toothpastes work well but the taste is just strange. Wouldn't by this is want a fresh mint taste.

allyh1968 • 3 months ago

Really happy with the results, fresh breath all day! Flavour took a while to get used to but fine with it now. Will continue to buy once used up.

B2201 • 3 months ago

Definitely worth the buy!! I would recommended, changes are seen instantly

Cazza890 • 3 months ago

I'm afraid this didnt do anything to whiten my teeth, the toothpaste was to watery.

alyxgreenwood • 3 months ago

I’ve been using these for a week now and they’re so good! I’ve already seen a huge improvement in the whiteness of my teeth, more than I’ve ever seen from other whitening pastes!

Bethww • 3 months ago

Wonderful toothpaste! Absolutely does the job.

holhome • 3 months ago

I love these two toothpastes; my teeth are amazingly white! These toothpastes have changed my smile and gave me confidence to show my teeth !

MamaCleanQueen • 3 months ago

I love this product, my teeth have definitely become much more whiter since using it Its a Great Toothpaste which for me really works at whitening teeth an removing stains. This product didn't leave me with sensitive teeth like some whitening toothpastes can.i t makes my teeth feel really clean and squeaky,

LetticeMea • 3 months ago

Love the two toothpastes too much! Will keep using them once the trial is over... have really enjoyed being part of this project, thanks SSM!

xhinch_home90x • 3 months ago

I'm obsessed with brushing my teeth with the new OralB toothpaste my teeth are shining look pearly white and my gums and mouth is so fresh and smooth feel fresher for longer too. I will be using this toothpaste from now on it really is that good🙌🏻💙

Teapot73 • 3 months ago

I love this Oral-B toothpaste my mouth feels fresh and my teeth feel lovely and clean all day

xxnimmyxx • 3 months ago

Love Oral-B tooth whiting paste. Brilliant results from day one.

nimmyox • 3 months ago

Absolutely love these! Amazing toothpastes

Els21 • 3 months ago

Love using the oral b toothpaste I certainly seen a difference in how white my teeth are now compared to before. x

ChelleBell13 • 3 months ago

I’m absolutely loving this toothpaste. My teeth are whiter and feel so fresh. You’ve got me sold! 🪥🦷😁

danny1988 • 3 months ago

Love both of these. Great results so far.

Alexandra832 • 3 months ago

I saw a difference in the whiteness of my teeth after just a couple uses.

KarenKK • 3 months ago

amazing product. The packaging is cute too! Would buy again

madrasa • 3 months ago

I'm seeing a difference after use

Saurabhh • 2 months ago

a must have product in your household. I can easily recommend this to m friends and family.

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