Let's finish this project in style, with a dazzling smile!

Thank you all so much for your exceptional efforts, cracking content and ravishing reviews! We are pleased to announce that this project is looking to be another great success, and it's all thanks to you!

Collage of Oral-B Intensive Whitening tubes with Oral-B electric toothbrushes and savvy circlers

Thanks for these fab snaps team!

We're almost home and dry and it's been a superb run with the NEW Oral-B Intensive Whitening! But before we say goodbye, let's make sure to tie up any loose ends and add some extra shine and sparkle to our project.

A quick rundown

  1. Posting: If you haven't shared your first impressions photo or video yet, don't worry! It's not too late to join in. Check out our previous blog posts for guidance and get your posts out there. Remember to use the hashtags #TheOralBWhite, #savvycircle, #ad, and tag @supersavvymeofficial and @oralb_uk in every post.

  2. Reporting: After sharing your posts, be sure to report your activity back to us using our Online Reporting Tools. This helps us track your contributions and ensures you're in the run to win 1 of 15x Oral-B iO electric toothbrushes.

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  3. Reviewing: Lastly, don't forget to leave your online review of the Oral-B Intensive Whitening on SuperSavvyMe. Your firsthand experience with the product is invaluable to others searching for honest reviews.

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All up-to-date?

If you've completed everything on the list, consider yourself an Oral-B super ambassador! Congratulations on a job well done! 🥳

@all: What has been your favorite part of the Oral-B Intensive Whitening project?


juliejessup • 3 months ago

Been great trying out a new product. Made my mouth feel lovely and refreshed

jane1956 • 3 months ago

enjoyed testing very fresh, has lasted over 3 weeks longer than usual toothpaste

Sweetpeas1961 • 3 months ago

This toothpaste has removed stains that even my hygienist couldn’t shift so I am super grateful for the opportunity to try it … thank you

Biggles67 • 3 months ago

Lovely sensation whilst cleaning. Teeth haven't felt like this in a very long time

TwinMaker84 • 3 months ago

Great product shared it with all my family and friends they loved it too.

TwinMaker84 • 3 months ago

Instant Whiteness

MKHaltonhome • 3 months ago

I’ve loved the long lasting freshness that’s come from the toothpaste. It’s a bonus that it tastes lovely too

RoxanaMistreanu • 3 months ago

Amazing products!

Winter2021 • 3 months ago

have loved seeing my teeth gradually getting whiter and I feel more confident when I smike

Winter2021 • 3 months ago

Really enjoyed taking part, sharing my photos on Facebook and Instagram and talking to my friends about Oral-B and showing them what a nice smile I have. Glad there is still 50% off at Boots

DDmytro • 3 months ago

My teeth became white within few days! Loved the products

Winter2021 • 3 months ago

have loved seeing my teeth gradually getting whiter and I feel more confident when I smile

Sianeelr • 3 months ago

Will definitely purchase this product, left my mouth feeling fresh and really do agree that my teeth looked whiter after just one use! Fantastic!

Erodopska • 3 months ago

I’m feeling so happy I had chance to try the toothpaste ! My teeth are like polished and definitely I have big difference in the shade!

SophieJaney • 3 months ago

Loved trying out these whitening toothpastes! Can already see the difference:) thanks

simone111 • 3 months ago

The opportunity to try a great brand that I trust and get whiter teeth in the process!!

chloegrace09 • 3 months ago

Nice toothpaste . I can see a slight change in our teeth but I just cannot justify the price

shaz78 • 3 months ago

Really enjoyed this project and loved seeing everyone pics.

Teapot73 • 3 months ago

I have loved being part of the Oral-B trial as it has given me the chance to try this amazing toothpaste, I have also enjoyed sharing my pictures on instagram and telling my family and friends about the toothpaste. It’s definitely a product that I will repurchase

xhinch_home90x • 3 months ago

Aww wow you've used my flat lay picture 📸 honestly that's made my day I'm over the moon with the results from the toothpastes I really am going to carry on with these as I love the taste how well they clean and you see results after one day I'm very happy and glad I've had this opportunity to try before hand thankyou @supersavvymeofficial & @oralb_uk xx

AmbiR • 3 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity! Absolutely loved the results and how fresh it left my mouth feeling all day!

whenindevon • 3 months ago

Absolutely enjoyed this project! Thank you so much!

dududee • 3 months ago

So glad I got on this project. Thank you again. It really does what it says on the pack.

Coolgal • 3 months ago

All tasks complete, URLs and pictures uploaded, reviews done - fab project. Thank you for the opportunity!

xxnimmyxx • 3 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity. Loved being part of the project. These are now my new favourite toothpastes.

nimmyox • 3 months ago

Loved being part of this awesome project! Thank you.

Mallinst • 3 months ago

It seemed to initially make my mouth sore but I have persevered and I do like the toothpaste now and my teeth do look whiter

SUZY156 • 3 months ago

Thank you for inviting me to try this whitening toothpaste, I love it. I can honestly say its the best I have tried. Also I will keep on using this now I have found a product that works, and it tastes good too.

ChelleBell13 • 3 months ago

I’ve loved seeing my teeth get whiter and whiter everytime I use this fantastic Oral-B toothpaste. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this project! 🤩

Jie • 3 months ago

I am a couple of week in now and really starting to see a difference In the colour of my teeth , the toothpaste not only works brilliant but has such an amazing taste to it and leaves your teeth feeling so clean and fresh and think it's makes your teeth feel cleaner for longer 😀 I would highly recommend it to anyone

Saradot • 3 months ago

Lovely! Thank you so much

Katiek82 • 3 months ago

Great project, the toothpaste are good! Recommended them

scottishlad • 3 months ago

Great toothpaste - will definitely use again!

danny1988 • 3 months ago

Amazing results

holhome • 3 months ago

I have done all the activities and have enjoyed using these two toothpastes a lot. I am going to buy more when they are back in stock. Thank you for this opportunity

Kezbit8 • 3 months ago

Really didn't like the taste of these, so disappointed, not sure why I didn't like them, had a strange tang I can't quite describe. Maybe I just had bad ones 🤷🏼‍♀️
I usually really like oral B toothpastes

May12 • 3 months ago

I've really enjoyed this project. Oral-B are always a trusted and go to brand so you can't really go wrong! White smile 😃

Alexandra832 • 3 months ago

I’ve loved getting whiter teeth!

FunkyChic • 3 months ago

My favourite part has been able to test not only one but two different tubes of toothpaste and seeing how good both of them have actually worked! I must say I have been very impressed with both and will be purchasing them once my free tubes have ran out so thanks again guys for letting me be a part of the project!

carz1985 • 3 months ago

Can't believe how well these work. Definitely my new favourite toothpaste

MKHaltonhome • 3 months ago

I’ve really enjoyed testing both toothpastes and seeing everyone’s posts

Ten • 3 months ago

Enjoyed being part of oral B project again and keeping my teeth clean

Rakel93 • 3 months ago

Thank you for another great project :)

madrasa • 3 months ago

Being able to let others know of this wonder product!

Yassy1991 • 2 months ago

Unfortunately didn’t work for me 💔💔

mcc_20 • 2 months ago

Love the photos!!

Saurabhh • 2 months ago

a must have product in your household. I can easily recommend this to m friends and family.

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