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After diving deep into our experiences with Oral-B Intensive Whitening, it’s time to circle back to the brand and share our thoughts in the Final Survey.

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Your confidence and content throughout this project have been truly inspiring, and we appreciate each and every smile shared! And now, onto where our journey has led us — it's your moment to shine and provide your honest feedback directly to the brand! They want to hear what you have to say — Did Oral-B Intensive Whitening leave you smiling brighter?

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@all: Did the new Oral-B Intensive Whitening live up to your expectations?


Saps • 3 months ago

Although it was a nice toothpaste, I didn't see a big difference in the whiteness of my teeth.

Lifeatno39 • 3 months ago

I wouldn't recommend it for the whitening side of things. However it does make your mouth feel fresh for upto 2 hours and that's after drinking tea.

Claire310532 • 3 months ago

I loved this toothpaste as colgate makes me sick. I would recommend this toothpaste.

jane1956 • 3 months ago

very expensive to buy no difference in my teeth very minty and fresh breath though

CharEng • 3 months ago

Very happy with this toothpaste and notice my teeth are getting are whiter less stain. I would recommend this toothpaste to my friends and family.

dududee • 3 months ago

Wow, I really was impressed by it; to be honest i was not expecting it to be like any other whitening toothpaste.

Gizzy83 • 3 months ago

Really enjoyed the project and thought the paste was great! as others have said, not instantly whitening but certainly noticed a positive difference

nikkijadex • 3 months ago

Really enjoyed this project. Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I will be continuing use of this product!

Robrave007 • 3 months ago

Fantastic product , How did i live without this !!!

Katiek82 • 3 months ago

Thank you to give me opportunity to test this great toothpaste! Recommended

SeeChelle • 3 months ago

I absolutely loved this project and saw a huge difference in the brightness of my teeth!

chloegrace09 • 3 months ago

Grest campaign. Its s pity the cost is ridiculous

Naughty_Lulu • 3 months ago

Definitely enjoyed the experience. My teeth are not 'white' but I didn't have expectations that they would be. They look and feel cleaner and have a uniform colour, with no staining which is a great result and I will continue to use the product and consider buying it again (when on offer!). It certainly has benefits.

Rostom • 3 months ago

Personally, I like the toothpaste, but I didn’t see a massive difference in whiteness

Marshie • 3 months ago

I did notice a difference with the whiteness of my teeth so did my partner as he tried it to. It made my teeth feel cleaner and definitely looked brighter.

Gbob63 • 3 months ago

Loved this. Really notices a difference. Thank you

Cleaning-with-cazza • 3 months ago

I did notice a difference in whitening and so did my husband,I was so amazed as the lasting freshness

Coopers-cazz • 3 months ago

What an amazing product, definitely does what it says on the box

savvylamb • 3 months ago

I agree with others here - I use Oral-B Pro Expert normally, and so I was expecting HUGE differences because of the differing price points, but this didn't happen.

jayoli • 3 months ago


Smataliee • 3 months ago

I personally think it tastes awful, a bit like the nasty mouthwash you get at the dentist. And hardly any noticeable difference in whiteness, overall disappointed.

missch • 3 months ago

I noticed a small difference in whitening but after several days. I definitely felt more fresh & the freshness lasted several hours which was nice. It is fresher than any other toothpaste which I have tried.

Arinaaa • 3 months ago

It was an amazing experience using this new oral b whitening toothpaste I had an awesome brand new feeling my teeth got whiter and stronger and my breath got Fresher thank you oral b

shaz78 • 3 months ago

I really liked the toothpaste . The whiteness wasnt really there for me but the toothpaste itself was very gentle and cool.

scottishlad • 3 months ago

Definitely lived upto expectations!

Rosiexx • 3 months ago

Stains are definitely less visible and overall my teeth look whiter.

Becka7 • 3 months ago

Impressed with this toothpaste, would highly recommend

CatMit • 3 months ago

I love the taste and freshness this gives my mouth and teeth 🩷 thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of the team

MKHaltonhome • 3 months ago

I really liked the freshness feeling and saw a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth

MrsFrisby • 3 months ago

Loved this toothpaste! Both my husband and I noticed an improvement in the whiteness of our teeth and how clean they felt. It also had a clean and fresh flavour.

rochbarrett • 3 months ago

Have loved testing this toothpaste. As always, Oral B is one of my favourite brands.

Sebastian • 3 months ago

Great for sensitive teeth and gums . Noticed a substantial amount of change in whiteness almost immediately. Really fresh taste

Coolgal • 3 months ago

Thanks for the opportunity! Loved being part of this - found the "Bright Brilliance" seemed to be more effective than the "Radiant White", though exactly what the difference between the two is, I'm not sure. It definitely doesn't whiten in one day, but there is a gradual improvement over time - better than others out there I would say, as it was fantastically fresh hours after brushing!

LittleBluePig • 3 months ago

Absolutely incredible!! I took before photos although I was sceptical. I didn’t however take photos of my badly stained lower teeth (I’m currently on maternity leave and am drinking a lot of tea when I finally can sit down) this was new staining and j was painfully embarrassed, although I am gutted I didn’t take one for comparison. After just one use, my teeth was definitely half a shade whiter, and the staining halved, after another week of use the staining is all but gone and my smile is permanently improved!!

ExcellentR • 3 months ago

Absolutely enjoyed trialling this, unlike the other toothpastes out there, this one didn't burn my tongue but my mouth still felt quite fresh. I recommend it..

Rebaglam • 3 months ago

I enjoyed this product left my teeth fresh and minty. Will continue to use to see if the whitening lasts

Rach5546 • 3 months ago

I teeth were definately whiter. I was surprised as I I have tried products in the past that were rubbish. Pleasantly surprised

cathwarbur • 3 months ago

Oh yes ,it did lived up to it's promise. I am so surprised it took so little time to remove practically all the stains off my teeth. I am so gratefull that I was chosen to be part of the trial.

Mehnoornaseer2 • 3 months ago

Amamzing toothpaste

ChelleBell13 • 3 months ago

I have absolutely seen a difference in the whiteness of my teeth and my mouth feels fresh after every use. Thank you supersavvyme and oral-b for the chance to be a part of this awesome project!

FreetobeBeck • 3 months ago

Loved the fresh, clean feeling but didn’t whiten as much as it said it would.

FunkyChic • 3 months ago

I agree with the majority here, whilst it didn't any have super whitening effect on my teeth it was a really pleasant toothpaste to use and I loved the taste of it reminds me of bubblegum!

Teapot73 • 3 months ago

I like how the toothpaste made my teeth feel clean all day and my teeth do look a little bit whiter and it has a pleasant zingy flavour

Rakel93 • 3 months ago

Good product, will buy again if on deal. Another great project, thank you Super savvy circle :)

madrasa • 3 months ago

Yes and more!

Mumofboyz • 3 months ago

I found the blue had a better whitening effect than the purple

Terminatrix • 3 months ago

A really nice toothpaste. Can see a difference.

sassyele • 3 months ago

I noticed a difference after the first use! It didn't leave my teeth brilliant white, but did get rid of some of the staining giving me a whiter smile. With continued use, it prevented further staining, and pretty much removed all previous stains. I love how this tastes, and it leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh. Definitely one I will continue to use.

GG85 • 3 months ago

Been unwell with flu last 12 days and finally was able to try it last night and this morning, been bed bound last 12 days, lovely to try the tooth paste and my family and friends have heard all about it already and I’ve sent vouchers as I’m better now thank you ss

GG85 • 3 months ago

Love the taste freshness and whiteness after first use

BeckyBooBird • 3 months ago

I definitely saw and felt a difference after my first use! I Love the texture, taste, feel and had instant results!

Laurajustmyhome • 3 months ago

Loved it x

chloesarahww • 3 months ago

I liked the freshness and cleanliness of the toothpaste however the whitening wasn’t as good as I thought it would be

May12 • 3 months ago

It was lovely to be on this journey with you all!

holhome • 3 months ago

I enjoyed participating in this project. Thank you very much for considering getting me involved. It was good fun as always and I loved the toothpaste that did indeed make a difference on my teeth, helping me regain my confidence in smiling again

Mle12787 • 3 months ago

I was very impressed by the clean, fresh feeling and how long it lasted after brushing. I did notice and improvement in the whiteness of my teeth but not after 1 day, I'd say it took at least a week before I noticed a difference on that score

Testerhath • 3 months ago

Really enjoyed this project

Mumofboyz • 3 months ago

I’d recommend this for cleaning power rather than whitening power

Izzie123 • 3 months ago

I have really enjoyed this project.The products were both amazing

Anty • 3 months ago

Loved this project

Hsohail • 3 months ago

Thanks ♥️ so much for making me part of this project.

wizzyjo • 3 months ago

I definitely felt my teeth were whiter after use. I'm really glad to have tried it.

floozie20 • 3 months ago

I've completed my final survey. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a great project.

xhinch_home90x • 3 months ago

I have loved this Mission and enjoyed trying both toothpastes I will be sticking with them as my teeth are definitely whiter after one day of brushing. Thankyou for giving me this chance @supersavvymeofficial & @oral_buk

Shal3192 • 3 months ago

I would not say my teeth looked whiter in 1 day. But definitely after using it day and night for a week, my teeth looked brighter. Absolutely loving the long lasting clean feeling from it. Will recommend to my friends and family.

Dziosefina • 3 months ago

It was a beautiful project. I just accidentally did not press submit in my final survey. I hope it's ok

luanda • 3 months ago

Thanks for this fantastic project. I think, I have found my new favourite toothpaste: Oral-B Radiant White

Gillbru • 3 months ago

I love this, I seen instant results and was happily surprised. My friends even commented and I passed on the details so they can try it too!

Lucymialucia • 3 months ago


Flory03 • 3 months ago

I love it but otherwise i want to see it's lasting more than now.

Flory03 • 3 months ago

I love this toothpaste and i recommand

Monika95 • 3 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity to test this toothpaste. They are amazing, definitely will continue to use them.

Taza • 3 months ago

Brilliant stuff will continue to use

Hannah52 • 3 months ago

Thank you for letting me try this toothpaste

AmTheBest • 3 months ago

I will definitely recommend this toothpaste.

Debssays • 3 months ago

The toothpaste tasted really fresh but did not make a difference to the whiteness of my teeth as my present whitening brand does. Too expensive for most of my followers so I think it projects to a small audience of people.

Keylouise • 3 months ago

I would recommend

Blogsyd • 3 months ago

I Saw A difference and also my mouth felt cleaner

SassyshopperNadia1111 • 3 months ago

Iv loved using the toothpaste and being part of the Oral-B team again.
My teeth look visibly whiter and any staining I had has definitely reduced. 💙

Mrsjones • 3 months ago

Its a nice tasting toothpaste, cleans well, whitens quick and works v good alongside oral b electric toothbruses. I just find it too expensive so this puts me off continuing to buy it.

mcc_20 • 2 months ago

Didn’t see a difference in colour but it was a pleasant toothpaste

Catttt • 2 months ago

I have really enjoyed participating in this project and thanks to Oral-B, my teeth are definitely whiter than before! Thank you SuperSavvyMe team for allowing me to be a part of this project- I look forward to seeing you guys in the next one!

Izabela000 • 2 months ago


Gianina • 2 months ago

Really enjoyed and appreciate the opportunity of participating to this project. It has a very pleasant taste and leave the teeth fresh and clean! Thank you again, looking forward of testing more products and sharing with other on social media!

Angelaries • 2 months ago

Thankyou for giving me opportunity to be part of this amazing project. The toothpaste taste is very nice. My mouth feels fresh and clean.

Mallinst • 2 months ago

Thank you for letting me sample the toothpaste which is so nice to use and leaves my teeth sparkling white

Saurabhh • 2 months ago

a must have product in your household.

Saurabhh • 2 months ago

a must have product in your household. I can easily recommend this to m friends and family.

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