Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science

Introducing Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science – our best just got better

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of Oral-B Pro Expert. Yes, the toothpaste developed with dentists, offering whole mouth protection has been in our bathrooms for a decade! Marking this milestone, Oral-B are excited to announce that their best… just got better!

Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science – Stop Issues Before They Start

Professionally designed, clinically proven… Stop issues before they start with Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science. Providing 24-hour prevention* and whole mouth protection.

Here’s how it works, it…

😁 Prevents – Forms a protective shield against bacteria & adhesion to teeth & gums
👄 Strengthens – Actively strengthens by remineralizing enamel
🦷 Cleans – Provides a clean feeling for the whole mouth
🌟 Includes whole mouth protection: Cavities, tartar, gums, whitening*, plaque, breath, sensitivity, enamel
🌍 Has a fully recyclable carton & tube**

Do you want to be in with a chance to try out this new product for free?

❗ You must be a member of both SuperSavvyMe and the savvy circle to apply for our projects. ❗

  1. Register to SuperSavvyMe: Click here to register.
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  3. Apply for the project.

As members of the team, you will:

  • Put Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science (the newest innovation from the experts at Oral-B) to the test
  • Take to social and let your friends know that the clinically proven and professionally designed Oral-B Pro Expert just got an Advanced Science upgrade and now the best is even better
  • Chat to friends and family about the best ways to keep our mouths healthy
  • Leave online reviews

Our Starter Kit in this Project contains:

  • 2 x Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science toothpaste
  • 10 x Oral-B Pro Expert discount leaflets to share
  • 1 x Welcome letter

The applications for this project are now closed and the team has been selected.

@all: How important is your oral health to you?

*Helps prevent plaque effects for 24 hours when used twice a day
**Please recycle me. For more info please check with your local recycling facility


Zarah26 • 1 month ago

I would love the chance to try out a new toothpaste that could help make my teeth not only healthier but stronger. Would absolutely love the chance to test this out and share with friends and family

Sel19578 • 1 month ago

Finger crossed I get chosen for this. Anything that can help make my teeth stronger and healthier would be great. I have a terrible cross bite which is ruining my teeth. I will love to share my experiences and vouchers with family, friends and colleagues

pennwood • 1 month ago

My dentist gave me a sample of the old Pro Expert years ago, but this new Expert Advanced Science Oral B does so much more to keep teeth in optimum condition. I would love to be able to promote it to friends and family while testing it for myself too.

Naguia • 1 month ago

It's very good

Naguia • 1 month ago

I love it

Oreo123 • 1 month ago

I would love to test and review this toothpaste it sounds like a brilliant product.

LankyLarry • 1 month ago

With not being able to see my dentist for nearly 2 years & I have got to wait a few more weeks to get to see my dentist, I'm very interested on how this toothpaste could help with my teeth.

TheBarchickStory • 1 month ago

I love that it comes in a recyclable package! It is very important to me as I am actively trying to reduce the waste I am producing. I got to that age when I have to pay more attention to my oral health. I smoked for about 15 years until a year ago, but I drink lots of. coffee, so I put my teeth through a lot. The minimum I can do is to buy excellent products to take care of my oral health

Ashka • 1 month ago

Would absolutely love the chance to test this out and share with friends and family

pigginperfect • 1 month ago

I would love to get chosen please first impressions are great.

Rashda247 • 1 month ago

I would love the chance to be chosen. My teeth are put through a lot everyday. I would like to help my teeth to become strong, healthier and to prevent them from decay and plaques. I love oral b brands they always do an amazing job.

Meljel • 1 month ago

Would absolutely love to try this new Oral B PRO EXPERT ADVANCED SCIENCE! YES PLEASE!! Anything to keep my mouth healthier good luck everyone 🤞🤞🤞

Taff12011971 • 1 month ago

I'm keeping everything crossed for this project, I truly hope I get selected. I absolutely love trying new oral health products. This product looks amazing. I can't wait to try it and share my feedback.

Maddy1685 • 1 month ago

Fingers crossed I'm part of this team

asu78 • 1 month ago

YES PLEASE i would love the chance to test this new Oral-B Pro Expert Advanced Science toothpaste and share with my friends and family and on social media.🦷🤞👄😁

simo692 • 1 month ago

Amazing Oral-B product, Can't wait to get started Thank You

asu_101 • 1 month ago

I have sensitive and stained teeth due to drinking lots of coffee, Therefore i am interested in testing this toothpaste to see if it makes any difference..!

sweety • 1 month ago

I would like test and review this new Oral-B toothpaste and see what all the fuss is about🦷🪥😊🤞

Sonalben • 1 month ago

I have sensitive teeth and been trying different toothpaste. I would like to try Oral-b and hope it works on sensitive teeth

hampshire2012 • 1 month ago

As always another amazing project 🙌

nova200 • 1 month ago

I have sensitive teeth, I am interested in testing this new ORAL-B toothpaste to see if it helps, Thanks so much xx

sim3945 • 1 month ago

I have applied for this fantastic project🤞

abofai • 1 month ago

I would love to be chosen to test this new ORAL-B Toothpaste, I have tried a few and not had good results, fingers crossed I get picked and finally find a product that I love and will continue to buy and encourage my friends to purchase as well.

Fezab • 1 month ago

I would love to test and review this Oral-B toothpaste, i have been neglecting my oral health, hope this toothpaste helps with my sensitivity and plaque build up

Yvonne82 • 1 month ago

Oooh this sounds like just what I need!

christina18 • 1 month ago

This toothpaste sounds too good to be true, it sounds amazing! I Would love to be picked!

christina18 • 1 month ago

Would love to be selected. I visit the dentist every 3 months for a deep scale and polish which is costing me a fortune!! I feel this toothpaste could help.

crazycazz • 1 month ago

i have terrible teeth due to medication and steroids so i would love to try this toothpaste out anything that can help is well worth it

Dziosefina • 29 days ago

I have bad teeth of arthritis and medication...i would like to try this toothpaste and would help me to smile more if now

Maristan • 26 days ago

Applied and filled in the long application, but at the end it said I had been unsuccessful as it had already closed.

Moneyp2804 • 25 days ago

Super surprised that I got onto the campaign for this and even started to use it with my oral-b electric toothbrush... so far so good... but its still early days but 1st impressions its umm OK I don't hate it!

Lijanute1 • 25 days ago

Amazing Oral-B product, Can't wait to get started Thank You

patlada • 25 days ago

I can't wait to to receive this product

Chino786 • 25 days ago

Received my product can’t wait to start testing thank you so much

Shabir_786 • 25 days ago

I would love to be chosen for this campaign. I have bad teeth with lots of plaques, tartare and sensitive teeth. I have lots of surface stains, I have tried many different toothpastes and nothing has worked. I really like to try this toothpaste and give reviews.

Kbrown • 23 days ago

I would love to be chosen for this campaign oral health is very important and I’m always keen to try new things

Louise88 • 23 days ago

Absolutely love this product

MummyMonsta • 22 days ago

I can’t believe I missed this one 😞. I started applying for it before I lost all of my info and then didn’t have the time to start again. I really wanted to try this one out, as I’m obsessed with my teeth. I’m so over zealous that I’ve brushed a amount of my enamel away, which has caused so many issues and pregnancy certainly really didn’t help. Now I’m all about preventative measures to try and get my confidence back. I would just love teeth that I would be proud of again!

Mandie86 • 22 days ago

Received my toothpaste yesterday, im super excited to try it out.

Patid1980 • 22 days ago

I'm happy, I became part of the project. Thank you supersevmy

Ggaawwaa • 22 days ago

Brilliant product. Use this product for almost a week. I am very satisfied.

Woodsy • 21 days ago

I love toothpaste especially oral b and would love to test and review this one

Leef5544 • 21 days ago

Never tried oral b so I would love to try it.

joveay • 21 days ago

Want to try a suit for us

Telme4577 • 21 days ago

Need to sort my mouth out

Laimucka • 21 days ago


Ivydale • 21 days ago

I would definitely like the opportunity to text this toothpaste product.

I have sensitive teeth and select products that help.

JayPatel2405 • 21 days ago

I want wither teeth so I want to use oral B.

Dziosefina • 20 days ago

My best brand of toothpastes - Oral B... I love tooth brush too...

NicholaDunphy85 • 20 days ago

Awesome toothpaste been using a few days now

sumaya • 20 days ago

Wasn't lucky to be chosen for this project.
Never mind, next time.
I'm sure the oral B product must be amazing.

Deedenise • 19 days ago

I would love to try this Tooth as i have usually always used Colgate in the past until a couple of months ago when my friend told me to try Oral B, 3D White Luxe & i can really see a difference, my teeth feel much cleaner & it`s so fresh to!

georgex • 19 days ago

Amazing new toothpaste!

Zaru786 • 19 days ago

I submitted and apply but not heard anything yet. Hope good news ..

Rcase69 • 19 days ago

Used for the first time and noticed a difference straight away …

Anniefisher • 19 days ago

Have been using for a few days think I can see a slight difference already

danny1988 • 19 days ago

I received my toothpaste a few days ago. I can't wait to see the results.

LaggersLondon • 18 days ago

Just been accepted to trial this. Very happy!

Robbs33 • 18 days ago

Looking forward to see how this toothpaste works

sherrycoles • 18 days ago

Can't wait for my test pack to arrive. Happy days. x

shaz78 • 18 days ago

Yippppeeeee , just got email i got through!!!!! Cannot wait for my parcel to arrive now .

Kerrryyyyyyyyyyyyy • 18 days ago

I can’t wait to receive my toothpaste and start to test and review the product.

Fakhra • 18 days ago

Sounds amazing can't wait to try my starter kit of the Oral B expert toothpaste

Traceyjes • 18 days ago

Had email to say I have been chosen , can’t wait to try it and dazzle everyone with my bright smile

Katie172 • 18 days ago

Just been accepted for this trial and I'm buzzing with excitement. Looking forward to it's arrival x

VTopTester • 18 days ago

So excited to be part of this! Feel lucky the opportunity to test, review and share! Just waiting on my parcel so I can get going! Thank you supersavvyme!

Beautyblade • 18 days ago

Ive just had a mail that ive made the team. But I never applied to this particular project🙃

Ice71 • 18 days ago

Excited, can't wait to try this. Big smiles for me 😁😁

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