Olay Total Effects

Olay Total Effects

Welcome to our project with Olay

welcome to our project with Olay Total Effects

Experience Olay’s skincare collections with powerful formulas that combat the signs of ageing whilst looking and feeling great.

Crafted using age-defying multivitamins, the Olay collections protect and moisturise for younger-looking, more beautiful skin. To get matched with your perfect collection, apply below.

The lucky savvy circlers who make it on to the project team will receive a Starter Kit containing:

To try out ourselves:

  • 1x Olay skincare product individually matched to your skin needs
  • A savvy circle insider’s guide full of handy hints and tips

To pass on to those around you:

  • 10x Olay product samples
  • 10 x Olay money-off vouchers
  • ‘Ask your friends’ product research sheets

In this savvy circle project we will:

  • Test the brand new Olay collections
  • Spread the word with our friends, family and colleagues
  • Document our experiences online with beautifully crafted photos, thoughtful posts and impactful reviews
  • Feedback to the Olay team by sharing our opinions in two online project surveys and submitting ‘Ask your friends’ research sheets
  • Enjoy ourselves! After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?!

Applications for this project are now over
Check back in on the savvy circle soon to take part in future projects!


VikkiJane • 6 years ago

I've just had a wonderful email to say I have been successful for this project. It has really cheered me up as I am full of a cold :( I am looking forward to receiving the kit and being a part of this project! :)

Ukhan59 • 6 years ago

Yay, I’m on the team. Thank you savvy circle. Looking forward to receiving my package!!

paspatu • 6 years ago

Yay made the team- fab news on this freezing Monday morning. Can't wait to get started 💃🏽

Mikeysmammy2009 • 6 years ago

Just received my email to see I've made the team I'm so excited to try this!! Well done all x

Vikkij • 6 years ago

Eeeek! excited to try this one and see what a difference it will make to my skin. Can't wait to get something good in the post instead of bills for a change! :)

Luandemsmum • 6 years ago

Just received my email to say I've made the team. So excited to see if it makes any difference to my tired dull mum skin 😜 can't wait 👍

lozchops82 • 6 years ago

Can’t wait to be apart of this team 😀 looking forward to trying this out and seeing the effects 👍

Anivad • 6 years ago

Very excited that I have made the team!!

MarieMcc09 • 6 years ago

Just received the email, it has absolutely made my day! cant wait to get testing and sharing with my friends! So happy about this!

ashleighj • 6 years ago

brilliant! just been selected to be part of the team can't wait to receive my kit and get started :)

Hayat • 6 years ago

good news! ive just got the email annoucing that ive made it into the team! looking forward to getting the kit!

kasia0720 • 6 years ago

Yay, can't wait to try this! Excited much 😍

LEANNE165 • 6 years ago

Just recieved the email to say that I have been chosen to take part and test one of the wonderful Olay products 😊😊
I can’t wait!

lisajtd • 6 years ago

Excited to have made the team!

kungfupidge21 • 6 years ago

just had an email to say i made the team very excited to say the least xxx

teresa8317 • 6 years ago

Just recived my email . I was very surprrised and happy to see i made the team. can't wait for my product to arraive. thanks a lot!!!!

Vika • 6 years ago

Yayyyyy......I am ecstatic ....I so so wanted to be a part of this one. So excited. Can't wait for my package to arrive. Would love to see how Olay works for my skin.just wanted to say a big Hi to Fiona.
Waiting in anticipation....xx

Seramalady • 6 years ago

So looking forward to receiving my pack! Thanks for letting me take part :)

Litlau • 6 years ago

So today I had an email to say I made it!! How exciting , can’t wait to look youthful again 😊

clozmum • 6 years ago

Really pleased to receive my pack, can't wait to get started! Unfortunately there were no vouchers in my pack? any way that I can get them posted out to me ?

Sneah • 6 years ago

Yay...i made the team. Get to test out the day cream. With the weather turning cold it will hopefully give my skin a boost.

HollyLolly383 • 6 years ago

I'M IN!!! So pleased, cannot wait to take part in this fab project :)

Olgab • 6 years ago

Very excited to be part of the team! Looking forward to receive the kit! :)

Neha386 • 6 years ago

looking forward to receiving the products and being apart of this project!

Laids11 • 6 years ago

Yay, I can’t wait to receive my delivery and try the new Olay. Thanks for having me

Paro • 6 years ago

Yes, finally I have got my Olay Total Effects Kit today. Wowww,,,a bag of love and beauty. Thank you.

ruthr79m • 6 years ago

yay iv got my kit was so excited hope it works

afy9mab • 6 years ago

I received my starter kit before I'd even been told I'd been accepted on the campaign. It was a lovely surprise to get in the post!

pinkbarbie • 6 years ago

So excited to try this out, I got the box before the email, so it was a lovely surprise!

highhopes • 6 years ago

It was a lovely surprise to receive the box of goodies through the post. I've given out a couple of samples already . I've been using the face cream too but it's early days yet.
I'm really pleased to have been selected.

amen81 • 6 years ago

Just got my box today! So excited to get started myself. Managed to hand out 4 samples today whilst doing the school run! Told them I would give them the money off voucher after they try it and fill out my questionnaires! 🤗🤗

chrisma232 • 6 years ago

Thank you for picking me,I'm really pleased to be able to be a part of the trial.I've just started handing out the samples and will give some more out this weekend.So far the cream has been really good.

LuLuMc • 6 years ago

Absolutely delighted to be part of the trial. Was certainly not expecting that little box of treasure when I got home from work! Day one of the cream testing down, looking good :)

Downey • 6 years ago

My kit arrived and samples were snapped up quick by family and friends. I can not wait to start using this product. Exciting times.

san712just • 6 years ago

Hello all,
Not received my box yet.
Have all been sent??

Eagerly waiting!

Bionic_Candy • 6 years ago

Hello fellow reviewers, extremely grateful to be a part of this project,
Been using the cream for the past 2 days now and already i can see differences. amazeballs!!

Cate1985 • 6 years ago

I was so excited to be selected for this project and I have not been disappointed with the product!!!! I've been using it for 5 days now and the results have been amazing, people have really noticed a difference in my appearance and keep asking how my skin looks so smooth all of a sudden (even my fiance noticed) so it's really great to tell them about it and be able to pass on a sample. This is now my forever moisturiser, I don't think I could go back to using anything different now.

Neha386 • 6 years ago

Really enjoying using this product and being a part of the project. The moisturiser has really exceeded my expectations, I didn't think I would like it as much I do, I love the way it makes my skin look. It almost blurs out imperfections and leaves my skin looking really healthy and glowing.

MrsSneddon • 6 years ago

Thanks for letting me take part in this campaign. I am very self conscious about my skin and was delighted that I was able to try this product before I decided to purchase. It really has helped my skin and I love that it has SPF as this is something I have neglected to wear in the past. It seems to be working well for skin so far but I will keep using and see how it is in another couple of weeks. So far so good though! x

flickas • 6 years ago

I have really enjoyed using this product, as have my friends/family who I gave the samples/vouchers too! I love just how quick and easy it is to use and also how it contains an SPF.

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