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92% would recommend Olay Daily Facials

5,000 savvy circlers were selected to become our #OlayAmbassadors, tried out Olay's innovative dry facial cloths and discover a 5-in-1 facial cleanse every day and shared their thoughts directly with the team behind the brand. Here are some of the results!


agree that Olay Daily Facials left no residue on their face


are convinced that with Olay Daily Facials we get a 5-in-1 cleanse every day in one simple step


agree that Olay Daily Facials offer a facial-inspired cleanse without the spa price

"Amazed at how easily the cloth removed my makeup! My face feels so clean and fresh after using these and the dry patches around my nose have improved significantly after using for a week! 10/10"

— savvy circler K3rrii3

"My face feels amazing! I love them and will definitely be getting them again. My friends have already taken the vouchers & a few of them have bought the facial cloths already."

— savvy circler LMG1305

Olay Daily Facials

Olay Daily Facials 5-in-1 Micellar Clean

  • Innovative dry cloths which activate with water at the twist of a tap – perfect for on-the-go!
  • 5 unique cleansing benefits including removing make-up, cleansing, exfoliating, toning and leaving skin moisturised.
  • They include Grapeseed Extract and work to balance the moisture of the skin.
  • Available nationally at Boots and Superdrug in 2 variants, Olay Daily Facials normal skin & Olay Daily Facials sensitive skin.

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