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New Lenor – results from 5,000 testers


5,000 savvy circlers tested New Lenor for 8 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team:

What is your general impression of New Lenor?
Would recommend New Lenor to a friend.
New Lenor with its deep-down softness formula helps keep your clothes looking newer for longer vs. washing with detergent alone. Do you agree this is the case?


Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

I loved this product. Used the Spring Awakening sample I was given and left all my clothes smelling and feeling great for ages. Even after a day’s wear, the fresh clean smell was still noticeable each time I moved.

savvy circler wallagej

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

Lenor is one of the best products out there today as it makes your clothes smell and feel so soft it’s unbelievable. Plus there is a lot of them to choose from to suit your own desire.

savvy circler sara171

Ambassador comment

A Lenor convert. I have really enjoyed taking part in this project and now am a convert to New Lenor. Family and friends all agree with me about the fragrance and softness.

savvy circler Chrisshogg7

Ambassador comment

Loved it. I loved being part of this project, so many of my friends and family/colleagues have enjoyed the samples and have carried on buying Lenor as a result.

savvy circler Flutterbyes

Ambassador comment

Soft and fresh. I usually use Lenor and other softener products but to be honest this one has been the best one. Loved the smell and my clothes always felt soft and fresh.

savvy circler Gingerjinga