Lenor Dryer Sheets

Open the door to a new drying experience…

During a classic British winter, only a few household gadgets are as useful as the tumble dryer. The luxury of being able to dry our washing quickly and easily can’t be overlooked, but tumble dryers can have an annoying habit of drawing the freshness out of our washing.

Lenor Dryer Sheets to the rescue!

Lenor Dryer Sheets are designed to lock-in the beautiful freshness of your just-washed laundry even in the heat of the dryer. And, just as Mrs Hinch, you can place them around the house to keep your cushions, drawers and sports bag fresh. What’s more, they will also help reduce static and creasing and will make clothes feel softer.

We need your help unveiling Lenor Dryer Sheets to the nation

We’re looking for 10,000 brand ambassadors to test out the product and help us spread the word about this must-have product for #SheetLoadsOfFreshness!

Here’s what you’ll do if you make the team:

  • Try out Lenor Dryer Sheets
  • Share your thoughts and pics on social media so your followers are in the know
  • Hand out money-off coupons
  • Leave online reviews

If you get selected, you will receive:

  • 2x full-size products (Spring Awakening and Sparkling Bloom) for yourself to try
  • 10x money-off coupons to share with your friends and colleagues
  • A leaflet to give you all the info you need on the product

Apply to the project

The team will be selected on the 19th of April! Thank you for your patience guys.

@all: Have you always wondered what the secret was to long lasting freshness even from the tumble dryer?


neilkitten • 20 days ago

I got accepted yaa. My pack arrived and wow wow the sheets smell amazing!!

Misdamina • 19 days ago

Arrived safe and sound Thank you - Will be trying them shortly

Wkdmeow • 19 days ago

Wow! The aroma is amazing from the moment you open the box. I am so lucky to receive this. Thank you! Xx

saraann • 19 days ago

Smells gorgeous before you even open the box! Can't wait to use these!

Ltruffles • 19 days ago

The smell of these tumble dryer hits you even before opening the box, can't wait to try!

Sarah3776 • 19 days ago

Smell lush with out even opening the box ,looking forward to trying the sparkling bloom and yellow poppy ones as its a fragrance I've never come across before

chloegrace09 • 19 days ago

My pack arrived . I have to say I was quite surprised the smell was very strong ..I'm going tobtry it with some towels to start with as I dont want to smell that strong all day

LittleMissP • 19 days ago

Yay! They arrived, before I even opened the box I could smell the freshness. Thank you!

Loulou1983 • 19 days ago

Smells amazing so lucky to be on board

Hezrich • 19 days ago

These are a game changer! Love love love! Already bought more lol.

Kotryna13244 • 19 days ago

Smells amazing!!

Ayrshirechick75 • 19 days ago

Arrived yesterday, so fresh aroma, im loving them already, defo Lenor sheets for me from now onwards 😊

Lauradee79 • 19 days ago

Mine arrived Friday and I'm off work doing a washing all day tomorrow, can't wait! You could smell them before you even opened the box! Thanks for letting me take part :)

PetyaV • 19 days ago

I received my pack yesterday and started using them straightaway.Excellent smell that lasts for hours.

Benniecat • 19 days ago

Received mine and reviewed. But seems to be error on supersavvy. I have uploaded link and photos hopefully they have loaded on.
Brilliant smells amazing and clothes are so soft. Thank you

Dinnerlady234 • 19 days ago

My pack arrived yesterday! They smell amazing Thankyou 💖

JustineC • 19 days ago

Omg these smell absolutely gorgeous 😍 As soon as I opened the box it was like WOW 😲 Been really lucky the last few days but cannot wait to try these bad boys out 🤗
It's official, I'm in love with Lenor Dryer Sheets 😅 Thank you for choosing me 💖

NikeMaria • 19 days ago

I'm so happy I got selected for this! They smell so lovely! 😍 Thank you Supersavvyme and Lenor!

Kath38 • 19 days ago

Lenor tumble dryer sheets are amazing they smell incredible, my favourite is sparkling bloom and yellow poppy 💛

northstar • 18 days ago

My whole home smells wonderful thank you for this treat

Carmen_bermudo • 18 days ago

These are a game changer! I’m in love!! And it has more uses not just for the dryer

Shorty1914 • 18 days ago

Smells amazing 🤩 thank you SuperSavvyme

xhinch_home90x • 18 days ago

These Smell Amazing I Could Smell Before I Even Opened The Box. Thwnkyou Supersavvy For Choosing Me To abe Apart Of This Mission Dead Excited To Start Washing Items & Putting In My Tumble Dryer xxx

Christyg • 18 days ago

Dried my washing this morning and used the “sparkling bloom” sheet, The smell on opening the box was amazing, The washing felt soft after drying and definitely less creases which is good, I didn’t notice too strong a smell on the actual dried washing. I would recommend these just for the lack of creases left so less ironing.

Caz5865 • 18 days ago

I simply put a sheet on top of the wet clothes, closed the dryer, waited until it finished and opened the door to fresh, crease free clothes. Fantastic the whole room smells amazing.

TwilightMoon74 • 18 days ago

Received mine yesterday! Smells absolutely stunning! Can't wait to try them out! Thankyou Supersavvyme and Lenor for this amazing opportunity!! ✨

kezzaluvsdavex • 18 days ago

got mine on Saturday and wow as soon as i opened the box the smell was amazing ty supersavveyme and lenor forb the chance to try xx

TDot • 18 days ago

INCREDIBLE smells from the box, and my clothes! The smell actually lasts! Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these sheets!

tommie456 • 18 days ago

I couldn't believe the fragrance when I opened the box and have handed a coupon to a friend already as she's very jealous that I got picked!

Isitjustmeme1 • 18 days ago

used these for the first time today. wow they smell so good!! Filled my home with freshness 🥰

MrsH1985 • 18 days ago

Fantastic product! Was completely amazed on how well it worked even for a large load. Clothes and home smelt amazing! Love them!

Anitax • 18 days ago

I've used 3 so far amazing smell love them thank you love super savvy

Natc887 • 17 days ago

A gloomy day today so I’ve stripped the beds and the tumble dryer will in full swing using the spring awakening sheets 😍

clare349 • 17 days ago

Box arrived and I could smell the sheets throughout the house despite not even opening the box, can’t wait to use 🤩

Steph56 • 17 days ago

My tumble drier sheets have arrived and as soon as I opened the box the wonderful scent hit me. They smell absolutely gorgeous so fresh and uplifting. Really happy to have been selected and looking forward to using them.

katiebell70 • 17 days ago

Wow when i received them i opened it up and the burst of freshness that came out was amazing. They ate fantastic i have them in my draws in my towel bail and where my bedding is.when they go in the tumble dryer the smell is fantastic i can smell it all threw the house. I love these very much

Westwell76 • 17 days ago

They smell amazing and so does my washing

lindaduff • 17 days ago

They smell absolutely lush, and that's before I even open the box. Love these dryer sheets, my washing smells delightful and so does my kitchen

Thompzo • 17 days ago

Thank you again for picking me to be part of another project, wow i am loving these lenor tumble dryer sheets even before opening the box they smelt amazing. These have really given me a boost to get all my washing & drying done.

LouLou1988 • 17 days ago

So excited to be selected for my first project, 😊 the box arrived and WOW is all I can say the sent was absolutely amazing!!!! I used them the same day on the other half dressing gown which tends to give him a static shock and amazingly all gone!! I only used one in the dryer load as he has picky skin and I could definitely still smell the gorgeous scent I’ve currently got them in the shoe cupboard to freshen that up.

Kemp9019 • 17 days ago

Packaging smells amazing

NIKKIKENNEDY • 17 days ago

As soon as I opened my kit I could smell the fragrance absolutely beautiful 😍

Hannah52 • 17 days ago

Ahh arrived safe and they smell amazing, I could smell them through the box they were that strong 😍

kim • 17 days ago

Wonderful fresh clean smells and tips of using in draws, wardrobes etc leaving everywhere with a beautiful fragrance.

AlwaysBeZef • 17 days ago

Accepted for this project love it these lenor dryer sheets smell amazing 👏 😍

Patisen13 • 17 days ago

Well…. I applied for it, because my dryer kind of makes my clothes not smelling like anything. I can’t smell conditioner at all. I really thought the sheets will work the trick, but unfortunately that didn’t. My washing still doesn’t smell like anything. They are good for drawers though.

MrsAliG • 17 days ago

Thank you again for picking me to be part of this project. Package arrived safely and smells gorgeous. Arrived just in time for me to tackle the mounds of washing. Although the sheets smell strong in the box they don’t make the clothes smell too strong or overbearing and they are definitely softer and clothes that normally give off static shocks don’t appear to be doing it so feeling positive about continuing to use these going forward. Now to spread the word……

Chelle3 • 16 days ago

All I can say so far is OMG....the smell before I've even opened the boxes are amazing. If they smell this good in there box just think how my clothes will smell! I can't wait to try these & find other brilliant uses for them too 😁

Lisatrip • 16 days ago

Oh wow got my Lenor tumble dryer sheets.
OMG the fragrance from these sheets is amazing.
My clothes smell great and the scent from the sheets lasts all day.
I've even used mine to layer my drawers so my clothes always smell fresh.

nutclo92oops • 16 days ago

Incredible fantastic thank you

534432302713 • 16 days ago

My parcel arrived ! I opened the box they smell amazing. I have left the box open in my kitchen it smells fabulous.

Kat9877 • 16 days ago

Mine arrived on the weekend, they smell absolutely amazing can’t wait to try them.

adnil2 • 16 days ago

Love these got my packs through and used them already they smell amazing and my washing is so soft and snuggly.you could pop a sheet in your clothing drawer for an extra burst of smell

Angiemay • 16 days ago

Mine lovely fragrant parcel has arrived. The laundry cupboard smells beautiful. Will be using the lenor tumble dryer sheets this weekend.
Have put a free in suitcase ready fir our holiday, they make clothes smell summer

Chondz1 • 16 days ago

Yaaay!! Mine arrived, and as soon as I opened the box, the fragrance was Amazing!! Really pretty packaging too,,, I tried the sparkling bloom and yellow poppy first,,,Really beautiful scent

Bigmum2809 • 15 days ago

#SheetLoadsOfFreshness wow I could smell the gorgeous fragrance before I even opened the box. They smell amazing

aayesha86 • 15 days ago

Received and uploaded on social media

Suevernon • 14 days ago

Kids bought the box up to me in my bedroom. When I opened the box it smelt so gorgeous I’m afraid I kept it in my bedroom for two days as it made my bedroom smell fabulous. Off we go to the testing…….

sheerpink • 13 days ago

they smell amazing i give some to my friends who was really impressed i also give them a coupon towards a box,really impressed

Chrismingle01 • 13 days ago

Love that we received two scents to try as I would have normally stayed with one scent. These smell amazing and really help reduce static on your clothes

Krise • 11 days ago

The fabric softener sheets are realy amazing. Even though it was sunny outside I couldn't resist putting one load through the dryer just to get that wonderful fragrance and they have so many otherp uses. They smell delicious, work brilliantly in the dryer and are great as emergency air freshners. Placed In a draw with clothes ensures they remain super fragrant and for the ladies out there if wearing skirts or dresses that cling to your tights (we have all been there) then just rub one of the sheets on to your tights and hey press no more clinging clothing.

Cheryl1 • 11 days ago

Such a lovely smell, made clothes so nice. Will be trying out some other tips!

Marm • 11 days ago

Amazing fragrance. They make the clothes and the rest of the house smell great :)

Marm • 11 days ago

What's the secret to long-lasting freshness? These sheets - obviously lol

JoHarry • 11 days ago

The smell when I opened the box was unreal, both scents are beautiful. So looking forward to using these in my dryer, washing will be smelling amazing.

Jessiiem8 • 11 days ago

Wow! Can smell them before I opened the box !

hnn107 • 10 days ago

Hi I still haven't received mine yet, any idea?

Jamierow86 • 10 days ago

Received these and wow the smell is amazing. I've got them dotted all over my house hidden and had loads of comments on how nice they are

Lee1908 • 10 days ago

I opened the box and startered to use it as an air freshener as well. The smell that comes off them is just lovely reminds me of the summer so much. Such a strong fresh clean smell. Amazing

krystyna.beatricecosmeticsxo • 10 days ago

Love the smell unfortunately I can't use them as I have had a serious allergic reaction to them

shepherd2606 • 10 days ago

My pack arrived! Really happy with how beautiful the packaging was and how nicely the smell from the box when opened. After unpacking I really enjoyed reading the brochure and seeing how else you could use the dryer sheets, I had no idea it could make the whole house smell so amazing! However, my favourite way to use them is in the dryer I guess the warmth really brings the scent to life, amazing product would definitely recommend!!

Horsemadmum • 10 days ago

Beautiful scents , even before opening the box .
I have used them in the dryer but also my personal #Hack is to: Insert one inside of clothing (Shirt, Skirt, bed linen , Towels) when I’m ironing the item. The steam then releases such a beautiful scent and also keeps the items smelling beautiful longer due to the steam xxx

S_H_1010 • 10 days ago

I was actually amazed how strong and long lasting the sheets were in fragrance. Before i when opened the box I could smell the strong fragrance. I used these in the tumble dryer as well as alternatives suggested by others. I usually get a musty after smell of the dryer. The sheets proved me wrong omg the smell was ao strong you can smell the fragrance in the wardrobes. I'll definitely be using these again. I put them in the car , between my washed towels and sheets.

debbieg • 10 days ago

I still haven’t received mine 😢

Vika • 10 days ago

I still haven't received mine 😓😔😞☹️😢

Swmayes • 10 days ago

Hi guys, I still haven't received my pack should I be worried?????

janezer • 10 days ago

No pack received can't find tracking on dashboard

lisa83 • 9 days ago

Ive just received my package woo hoo i can not wait to use them , you open the box and the smell is amazing , i just carnt wait to use them ive put a load of washing in now so i can use them today lol

B2201 • 9 days ago

Amazing product and amazing smell. Leaves clothes feeling and smelling fresh.

Kim04 • 9 days ago

Absolutely love the smell of the pink Lenor dryer sheets😀 I have used them in my tumble dryer, cushion covers, behind the radiators, in my hoover, in my partners smelly boots 😂, in my draws with all my clothes. You can use them wherever you like. The smell is long lasting which is amazing 🤩 Thank you

Cheyanneanne • 8 days ago

Thank you for letting me try Lenor tumble sheets oh my what can I say as soon as you open the box the smell is amazing have used them in my dryer and the clothes smell amazing have dotted one or two around the home and boy the smell is do amazing my friends have said oh what's that lovely smell oh it's Lenor pink tumble sheets here have some coupons and you can get yours,Thank you again for letting me try these

yazzid • 7 days ago

Got accepted, received the box and oh boy what a smell. As soon as I opened the box the delightful scent hit me. I've used them once and the fragrance is next level, and the room i have my dryer in smelled amazing too

V4mpiregirl • 7 days ago

So happy to be accepted. Box arrived and when I opened ut, wow the scent hit me right away. Gorgeous. Couldnt wait to get started using these. They haven't disappointed either. My washing smells amazing. I have even popped a sheet in with my towels and bedding to keep the cupboards smelling fresh. I'm completely converted. Thanks again x

Mellypollock • 6 days ago

Thank you for letting me try these, package arrive last week, wow the smell was amazing opening the box beautiful.

I really don't have anything else positive to say on these tho. I had a mountain of washing to do as I work 12 hour shifts so hadn't done any in a few days. I have added the sheets to dryer I couldn't tell any difference especially in scent. I really don't see the point in these. Smell amazing but don't help my washing.

Have given out the vouchers to family, my mother inlaw has bought some she has also commented the same she doesn't see any difference in scents which is a shame.

Sandra71 • 5 days ago

Gave out vouchers to family and friends who definitely appreciated them, best dryer sheets ever. Smells amazing. ❤.

Raeanne • 5 days ago

Thankyou for letting me be apart of the lenor team, they smell amazing and love the fact you can use them for other things and pop them around the house and even in the car. 🌸

Finnywinny • 4 days ago

Wow, thankyou so much for allowing me to part of the free Lenor tumbler dryer sheets , both smell absolutely amazing, I’ve kept the sparkling bloom upstairs to use in drawers, keeps clothes smelling fresher for longer, it’s nice to take clothes out the tumble that have no static in them too, amazing product 💜

hnn107 • 4 days ago

Hello I still haven't received my pack yet... :(( what should I do??

mrlancashire • 4 days ago

got the pack and even the box smelled amazing cant wait to get to grips and try.

Mdraper • 4 days ago

Wow very happy that I was chosen for this project
Am very happy the sheets has freshened up the washing very well I’ve even put a sheet in airing cupboard to keep my towels smelling fresh

zaklina • 4 days ago

Everyone love it. It's so easy to use them. My mother in law just can't stop complement them.

katiebell70 • 2 days ago

These dryer sheets are excellent, my friends are going crazy for them. Their working great in my tumble dryer and are making the clothes in my drawers smell excellent.

AidanMilo88 • 2 days ago

Just gone out and bought more. These are amazing.

Pamelae91 • 2 days ago

I can't believe I have actually ran out of the sheets :( I have now been out and bought some more using a voucher aswell. I have a big family and I loved how amazing these made our clothes smell. Thank you for letting me be a part of this team

Hollyminx • 2 days ago

I am so grateful for the opportunity to test both fragrances in my dryer and all around the home. After handing out the coupons to my friends, family, neighbours and colleagues there has been nothing but praise and great feedback. We all agree that our clothes, bedding and towels smell amazing, are softer and less static. For those items that can’t go in the dryer I suggested putting a sheet in wardrobes and drawers which also makes the house smell beautiful. My taped blinds/skirting boards are cleaner than ever when using a sheet to wipe them over, removing dust and again leaving the fragrance.

Lozzakayy • 2 days ago

I received mine with no thanks to the delivery driver throwing them over the fence! When it was raining! Soggy package

Taimur • 1 day ago

What an amazing way of getting someone excited for the laundry. I couldn't wait for a second after i received the package and put lenor sheet in the washing machine. No doubt they smell lovely and so fresh.

Andilou1878 • 4 hours ago

The scent from the box alone was just amazing! I have used mine to freshen some suitcases for my daughters holiday, used in cushion covers, doing my laundry of course and used for dry dusting x

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