Lenor Dryer Sheets

Open the door to a new drying experience…

During a classic British winter, only a few household gadgets are as useful as the tumble dryer. The luxury of being able to dry our washing quickly and easily can’t be overlooked, but tumble dryers can have an annoying habit of drawing the freshness out of our washing.

Lenor Dryer Sheets to the rescue!

Lenor Dryer Sheets are designed to lock-in the beautiful freshness of your just-washed laundry even in the heat of the dryer. And, just as Mrs Hinch, you can place them around the house to keep your cushions, drawers and sports bag fresh. What’s more, they will also help reduce static and creasing and will make clothes feel softer.

We need your help unveiling Lenor Dryer Sheets to the nation

We’re looking for 10,000 brand ambassadors to test out the product and help us spread the word about this must-have product for #SheetLoadsOfFreshness!

Want to be involved?

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Here’s what you’ll do if you make the team:

  • Try out Lenor Dryer Sheets
  • Share your thoughts and pics on social media so your followers are in the know
  • Hand out samples and money-off coupons
  • Leave online reviews

If you get selected, you will receive:

  • 2x full-size products (Spring Awakening and Sparkling Bloom) for yourself to try
  • 10x samples & 10x money-off coupons to share with your friends and colleagues
  • A leaflet to give you all the info you need on the product

Applications are open until the 21st January, so hurry up and apply now!

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@all: Have you always wondered what the secret was to long lasting freshness even from the tumble dryer?


Rowson • 2 days ago

I love Lenor fabric conditioner love to try the Lenor tumble dryer sheets Heidi rowson ❤

Isaac.violet.mummy • 1 day ago

I'd love to be picked for this project. We only dry our washing with a tumble dryer. Drying sheets would be the perfect addition to beautiful smelling soft washing x

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