Lenor Dryer Sheets

Open the door to a new drying experience…

During a classic British winter, only a few household gadgets are as useful as the tumble dryer. The luxury of being able to dry our washing quickly and easily can’t be overlooked, but tumble dryers can have an annoying habit of drawing the freshness out of our washing.

Lenor Dryer Sheets to the rescue!

Lenor Dryer Sheets are designed to lock-in the beautiful freshness of your just-washed laundry even in the heat of the dryer. And, just as Mrs Hinch, you can place them around the house to keep your cushions, drawers and sports bag fresh. What’s more, they will also help reduce static and creasing and will make clothes feel softer.

We need your help unveiling Lenor Dryer Sheets to the nation

We’re looking for 10,000 brand ambassadors to test out the product and help us spread the word about this must-have product for #SheetLoadsOfFreshness!

Here’s what you’ll do if you make the team:

  • Try out Lenor Dryer Sheets
  • Share your thoughts and pics on social media so your followers are in the know
  • Hand out money-off coupons
  • Leave online reviews

If you get selected, you will receive:

  • 2x full-size products (Spring Awakening and Sparkling Bloom) for yourself to try
  • 10x money-off coupons to share with your friends and colleagues
  • A leaflet to give you all the info you need on the product

Apply to the project

The team will be selected on the 19th of April! Thank you for your patience guys.

@all: Have you always wondered what the secret was to long lasting freshness even from the tumble dryer?


ottoisme888 • 2 months ago

i found the drying sheets do smell amazing but once you use them in the dryer the cloths do not come out smelling nice as the sheet on its own. It seems the fragrance is lost in the dryer.

rachaelhobart • 2 months ago

I really love the smell of these laundry sheets. I find that it leaves my clothes smelling nice but bit too overpowering and my towels are super fluffy. I'm so glad to be a part of this project and to share my love of Lenor dryer sheets with friends and family!

Liak • 2 months ago

Brilliant idea to be able to give out money off coupons it’s one thing chatting about what you like or don’t but it gives others a chance to become involved. I really liked the sheets both where nicely scented ( I do have a favourite though) and it’s great to be able to feel the reduction in static - overall I would recommend both !

Varunim2017 • 2 months ago

I have used both spring awakening and sparkling bloom dryer sheets. Both have equally have lovely scent. Spring awakening is ideal for bedding and male clothes when drying in tumble dryer. Scent is lovely, creases removed and making ironing easy.
Sparking bloom dryer sheets were used when I was drying the pillow cases, towels, kids clothes and ladies clothes etc. the lovely floral scent lingers on for days after using it. Highly recommend these dryer sheets.

Rosieb • 2 months ago

You can even just put the dryer sheets in the bottom of a wardrobe and they freshen up the wardrobe contents

ashleighj • 2 months ago

wow! i love these so much! never thought a thin little sheet could be so powerful, i literally hug the laundry and smell it when it comes out the drier, if it's still warm the smell transfers onto your clothes too!

sparkledcitrine • 2 months ago

these smell amazing!!! i wont dry without them now!!

wenone31 • 2 months ago


Dspda • 2 months ago

I think once you open the box, the smell is absolutely lush! I have multiple uses for this. I didn't actually notice much of a smell from the tumble dried clothes. I do use this to put in vases with artificial flowers and the smell is nice for a couple of days but doesn't last. I also put in suitcases when not in use and my clothes drawers to freshen them up. Great thought but I don't think the smell lasts long enough for me.

sheyy • 2 months ago

These sheets smells so lovely! My laundry comes out really fluffy, soft and smelling like a tropical island! Can't ask for much more!

ce2347 • 2 months ago

If you are loosing the scent in the dryer on certain loads I’ve found if you add them half way through the dry cycle this helps! I found this happens with a big load or a load full of towels. A better spin cycle helps too as the load will be dryer from the get go. X

Mellypollock • 2 months ago

I received the both what a smell when I opened them amazing!! , first I put them in with the washing I didn't notice any difference in my washing. Static didn't decrease, no smell difference, already soft because I use loads of fabric conditioner. I really thought these were a waste of time.
Tried using on radiator didn't notice any smell in my living room from them. 3 family members tried these and they all agreed with me they didn't see the point in them with not doing what they are supposed to do.

Rachael.Elizabethx • 2 months ago

I loved trying out the lenor dryer sheets makes my clothes smelling fresh

Cheluchi • 2 months ago

One of the best products I've ever used!

4evafriends • 2 months ago

I've found these dryer sheets to be fab and have left my clothes smelling nice. Will definitely be buying some more.

Bessieboo1 • 1 month ago

I love the lenor sheets I don't just use for laundry I put them in the bin for freshness and hang in my wardrobe to keep clothes fresh too

Acebegum • 1 month ago

I loved using the dryer sheets and enjoyed the amazing fragrances from them, so much better then the tumble dryer heat smell, speciallywhen we have to use the tumbledryerfor every single wash we do. My clothes came out soft and the nice smell transfers on to the clothes and my family and friends were happy for the coupons and definitely getting more different new fragrance to try out. Also been using it in my cupboard, wardrobes, in Bedding, inside pillowcases & in my swim wears (bags), also for my nephews football kits/bags. It smells amazing and so fresh just love it. Definitely recommend it.

Rainzxx • 1 month ago

They make the room smell lush without opening thr box! Popped them in with a wet load wasnt so impressed the smell didnt last aslong, however on a damp load or dry load that just needs a fresh up the work fab! I pop them in draws around the house to keep the clothes fresh

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