Unbox your way to freshness* 📦

A #LenorFreshBoost is especially welcome this time of year. With afternoon picnics, BBQs and garden parties leading to unexpected (but much appreciated 😊) overnight visitors, you’ll always be guest-ready with Lenor. Offering up to 12-weeks* of just-washed freshness, your bedding and towels will smell as fresh as the day you washed them. Aaahh!

Participant's picture of their Lenor package they received

It’s official, the first starter kits have begun landing on doormats up and down the country and we couldn’t be more excited to get going. Have you received yours yet? If not, then check your member’s area now for your tracking details.

Let’s make #LenorFreshBoost go viral! 🔥

Part of the reason we selected you to join the team is because we know you’re great at social sharing – why not kick start this project with an unboxing video? Never done one before? No probs, here’s a little how-to:👇🏼

  1. Set up your camera and check that the angle captures your face and hands with room for your Lenor products to shine
  2. Show off the packaging of your starter kit and share your reaction as you open the box
  3. Uncover the products and discuss the look and feel of the packaging
  4. Open up your Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters and discuss your thoughts on the divine fragrances
  5. Focus on the products and always show them together
  6. Important: Keep the beads in their original packaging and always showcase them in their original box

Don’t forget to use: #ad, #LenorFreshBoost, #savvycircle and tag @supersavvymeofficial and @joyofclean on every post

Already shared to social?

Wow, you’re good 😊 If you’ve already shared an unboxing video or any other Lenor in-wash Scent Booster content to your social channels, share screenshots, pics and URLs with us today.👇🏼

I’m ready to share my URL I’m ready to share my photos

@all: What are your first impressions?

*non-stop freshness for up to 12 weeks in storage


mycosyhomeandmore • 1 month ago

Mine haven't arrived yet but I'm already enjoying spotting all of the fab posts and stories popping up all over Insta 😍 Can't wait for mine to come...

MrsSGxo • 1 month ago

Mine hasn’t arrived yet but I can’t wait!!

Craftyjulie • 1 month ago

It hasn’t reached me yet but I’m already a huge fan of the scent beads so I can’t wait to get washing! Already getting lots of inspiration from the first wave a gorgeous content all over my socials

Sharyboo • 1 month ago

#Lenorfreshboost #savvycircle
What a gorgeous suprise!! The scents have filled my room befe I've even opened them!! Smells like I imagine fields and fields of flowers!!

Aurora01 • 1 month ago

Mine has just arrived and it's so pretty 😍 thank you so much

georgex • 1 month ago

I love the box!!!!

Jules95 • 1 month ago

Ohhh the box is INSANE! So so pretty x

cornishhincher • 1 month ago

I must admit...before even opening the box it smells insane! The presentation is amazing also, I cannot believe it :) testing the citrus one today x

MrsEthels • 1 month ago

These smell amazing! I just love seeing all the posts so far xx

Mummyto_2 • 29 days ago

These have been beautiful to use 🌸

Mariya86 • 28 days ago

I am so drilled to be part of this testing trial. My house smells like spring flowers.

Mariya86 • 28 days ago

I like the box they came with. It was so nicely decorated. I kept the flowers so I can use them in my shots

Trabel • 6 days ago

I am so happy to have been chosen to be on the Lenor tester team. My parcel has just been delivered. The Delivery driver commented how lovely the box smelt..
The box they came in is so beautifully designed and decorated, I will definitely be reusing that to put some of my crafty bits in. As I lifted the lid on the box aromatic fragrances of the lenor in wash boosters filled the air.. I cannot wait to try them..

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