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Your unboxing videos are starting to come through and we are in LOVE! If you’ve shared a video or post to social already then thank you – you’re a star ⭐️. Haven’t had chance yet? No problem, there’s still plenty of time to get involved in this fabulous Lenor project.

Participants handing out their Lenor in-wash Scent Booster money off coupons

Want the perfect excuse to make plans with pals?

By now you should have had chance to put your Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters to the test? What do you think? Are you loving the freshness and fragrance? If so, then it’s time to get sociable in real life! Gather your favourite freshness lovers and share out your coupons. At the savvy circle, we’re all about honest, genuine recommendations to pals. Here are a few ideas (or excuses 😉) for ways to share:

  1. The coffee shop date ☕

    Seriously, who doesn’t love coffee and cake with pals? Invite a couple of your nearest and dearest for coffee and as you sip your drink mention this project with Lenor. Say what you think and if your pals are eager to try for themselves share out your coupons.

  2. The hostess with the mostest

    Consider this your sign to invite all your pals around for a garden party soiree. They bring a bottle, you provide the nibbles and the Lenor in-wash Scent Booster coupons! Chat to pals about hosting and summer guests and mention that Lenor in-wash Scent boosters keep laundry fresh and fragrant for up to 12 weeks in storage.✨

  3. Movie night with the fam 🎬

    When was the last time you had a sleepover? Too long probably! Why not have a movie night with family? Dish out the gorgeously fresh blankets to snuggle under while watching films and munching on popcorn and tell the grownups how you get your bedding and blankets to smell so good. Do they want to try Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters for themselves? This is the perfect time to share your coupons.

Share your sociable snaps to social media 📸

What’s better than a date with friends and family? A date that has the pictures to prove it 😊 Every time you meet with pals and share out your coupons, be sure to snap a selfie or three for your social channels.

With every social share use: #ad, #LenorFreshBoost, #savvycircle, and tag @supersavvymeofficial and @joyofclean.

And be sure to upload your screenshots and URLs with us so we don’t miss them.👇🏼

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Vote now!

Who have you shared your coupons with so far?

My friends – they’re obsessed

126 Votes, 40%

My family – they’re all getting in on the act

177 Votes, 56%

I haven’t shared any yet but I’ll do so asap

15 Votes, 5%

Have fun getting social. We can’t wait to hear how it goes.💛

@all: Who will you share your Lenor in-wash Scent Booster coupons first and where?


Lisaxxxx • 22 days ago

I shared them with my neighbours who were most grateful

mparry1988 • 22 days ago

I’ve shared mine with work mates while my partner shared some at her mums/girly night

Greekgleam • 22 days ago

I have shared them with my friends , they have all been so happy and grateful. One said she had never treid them so was going to very soon . I have some left which I want to give to my sister's. Thank you

Greekgleam • 22 days ago

I absolutely love e all the in - was scent boosters they all smell amazing. Thank you so much. It was lovely to give out the coupons

Mrs_Misselbrook • 22 days ago

I've given some to my parents and my in-laws to try and they are loving them! So thankful for the vouchers too, I've shared with family and friends already. Love going shopping with my mum and spotting all the different scents.

Caroline7419 • 22 days ago

Shared on Instagram and Facebook. Given the coupons away and loving this product. The make my laundry smell amazing

Labradormum • 22 days ago

Took the money off vouchers to work and everyone commented on how nice they smelled 😂 all gone in 5 mins and didn’t save one for myself 🙈

Findha14 • 22 days ago

Shared the voucher with family and they will try

Sophie3108 • 22 days ago

My friends and family loved the fact they were included in this campaign! They all went straight out and bought the lenor scent boosters and are now obsessed with them! They love the freshness that they leave your clothes smelling! Thankyou 😊

Mumofboyz • 22 days ago

My friends love this, saved them some money on something they already love

Anitax • 21 days ago

Friends and family loving coupons amazing happy n in Tesco's you get yellow ones for 25p with £2 coupons loving it 💛 ❤️ 💖

Liudmila1 • 21 days ago

I shared with my neighbours who were grateful🙂

Jdm27 • 21 days ago

I've shared them with family so far

discountdora • 21 days ago

I read one savvy circle member did small pouches for her family and friends and decided to do the same as we didn’t get any samples to hand out with the coupons. They went down well in fact one friend said she was going to put a pouch in her car as an air freshener they smell so good, waiting for an update on how they feel about the laundry after use, me I’m buzzing.

AlwaysBizzyIzzy • 21 days ago

Met up with my siblings and their families and took the scent boosters with me. Everyone loved their scent and very happily took vouchers!

Sharoo2020 • 21 days ago

Have have shared my lenor in wash scent boosters with friends and family and neighbours

Sal73 • 21 days ago

I've shared the vouchers with my work colleagues. It was lovely to share them and feel the love doing so especially as they smell amazing!

Nannycool • 21 days ago

Been busy today sharing coupons with neighbours and friends! Also been conducting a scent booster smell test and in the lead as favourite at the moment is -- Citrus and White Verbena by a slim margin. Tomorrow the quest continues with family members. Wish me luck! Note to self " Remember to keep a coupon back for me!"

Louie • 21 days ago

I shared coupons with friends at work, they were quite excited, to use them.
They always ask me what product I'm testing from #savvycircle, and are waiting for coupons or samples they love it as much as ne .

Arinaaa • 21 days ago

My family members are so intolenor scent boosters I actually shared some to some other friends

Hatboy • 21 days ago

I've shared my coupons with friends, family and my neighbours

Keeleyohara • 21 days ago

Fantastic that you are doing this I shared my vouchers and they love it too. Now my brother has no reason to smell stinky 😂😂😂😂😅😂😂😂😂

cs31 • 21 days ago

Family my Mam lives close by and is always first to get to try any products I get, after me of course lol!

scottishlad • 21 days ago

Gave my coupons out last night at a barbecue with friends and family!

Iwona • 21 days ago

I've shared some at work, they loving it 💖

MrsC • 21 days ago

Lovely catch up with my girls and the boosters made a good topic! Will let you know what they say....I love them spring awakening...let's see what they say xx

HHBBNN • 21 days ago

I have now done 2 washes using the lenor and the smell when you take clothes from machine is absolutely fantastic and still lingers after drying.

Alison1 • 20 days ago

I shared them with family friends and neighbours they all love the smell they leave your washing even after 4/5 days .

Vaduben • 20 days ago

Done quite few washes and all scent boosters are just gorgeous difficult to pick best, in fact they are all best, have shared most of my coupons with family and friends, they have all tried scent boosters and thanked me for sharing these coupons with them, they commented saying the smell just lingers beautifully and will definitely be using this product in future.

madflower • 20 days ago

I've given the coupons out to friends who really appreciated them. One has made little bags to hold some of the beads in and she has hung them in her wardrobe to enhance the scent of her clothes. I did advise her to make sure that her children couldn't get at them.

Mazda55 • 20 days ago

Shared some more with the neighbours and all were very happy

Nikster22B • 20 days ago

My family couldn’t wait to get their vouchers from me to try the Lenor Scent Boosts because of how much I’d been raving about them and the freshness 🧡💙💜

matyldasheppard • 20 days ago

I shared mine with family and they are all excited to try the different scents 😀

dillypitt • 20 days ago

Already shared some of the vouchers with family and friends. They can’t wait to use these and try them out.

Circledchlo • 20 days ago

I can’t decide on my favourite!! The smell is still lingering in my home, I must keep the box and store my smalls in there because they are going to smell beautiful. It’s so nice to walk down the street and smell your washing days after it’s been put through the machine. Just a shame it’s raining and I can’t hang them out in the garden to dry

Bras • 20 days ago

Loving using the scent boosters, clothes smell great, just can’t decide which is my favourite yet!
Gave coupons to family, for them to try out scent boosters, too :)

monicalaura • 20 days ago

I’ve shared my coupons with my family. They were beyond grateful as a couple of them already use lenor scent boosters. The ones who don’t use them said they would go to the shops, pick one up and use the voucher! The scent boosters are so good, I’ve convinced so many people!!

ToeTapper • 20 days ago

Family just redeemed their coupon and they are enjoying the beautiful scents flowing through their house. They are very grateful of the coupon, thank you!

Looby1811 • 20 days ago

I have given some to my sister to enjoy the scents as much as I do

AdeleM • 20 days ago

Shared with family who already use but delighted with voucher to try new scents

eisha • 20 days ago

Beautiful packaging like a gift box and smell is amazing

eisha • 20 days ago

I love these and smell is amazing.i can smell from my clothes

Supersals • 20 days ago

My friends and neighbours absolutely loved having a smell of the LenorFreshBoost. None of them could make their minds to which they were going to buy. I said live a little and buy all three and with the coupons you can do. Go Lenor Supersavvy.

Kamila1977 • 20 days ago

I have shared coupons with my Sister. She is excited to try it.

Keljane • 20 days ago

I shared my coupons with friends and neighbours the packaging is bold stands out and makes my washing smell amazing never used before and no can't go without amazing product

luanda • 20 days ago

I shared all my coupons with my friends and family on bank holiday weekend. They are very grateful of the coupon, thank you!

Kmh1894 • 20 days ago

These scent boosters smell divine. They even fragrance the cupboard! I have given out my vouchers to some friends and some family.

bec4everuk1 • 20 days ago

Shared some with the family for them to get in on the action.

Beautyblade • 20 days ago

These boosters are doubling up acting like air fresheners when not used. Going to use in next wash. Started to hand out my coupons

caranwx • 19 days ago

So far I've shared them with my family and they love them just as much as I do

Crazycatmum466 • 19 days ago

Am just living this project so are my friends and family I’ve given out so many little bags of scent boosters as well as the vouchers just waiting on them sending me their selfies now 😁

KT15Kath • 19 days ago

Great smell on my towels and it makes the bathroom smell nice too. Bedding is just lovely too

HHBBNN • 19 days ago

Having tried the scent booster about 3 times now you can't help but noticing the smell as soo as you open the was machine. I can't decide which one I prefer as they all smell great.

kimmi • 19 days ago

I shared my coupons with my friends and they are in love with the gorgeous scents of Lenor unstoppables ❤️x

Kez84 • 19 days ago

My friends are going crazy especially with the money off coupons 🙂

Anitax • 19 days ago

Ive had the pleasure of handing out 2 more coupons he very happy to receive them 😀

KayDee12 • 19 days ago

I have already shared the money off coupons with my family & work. Also kept a couple for me!

Teapot73 • 19 days ago

I have shared with my son my mother inlaw and my neighbours

TParty • 19 days ago

Shared the coupons with my mum and mother in law ✨

lindsayann11 • 19 days ago

I have shared with my friends who were super grateful.

piggin • 19 days ago

I have shared mine with friends and family who does not like a discount !!

Roopster • 19 days ago

Shared some of my coupons with my sister in law and she is so excited about trying the Lenor scent boosters.

lynchoak • 18 days ago

Shared with daughters-in-law, and friends who were thrilled to have a coupon to experience gorgeous smelling washing.

Muttifiles • 18 days ago

I love the scents my house smells lush
I share the coupons with my family and friends

haze113 • 18 days ago

I have shared mine with my close friends and work colleagues. I love this product its amazing. I never thought they would smell so good.

stvgreen • 18 days ago

Two of my friends have gone out and bought these using the money off vouchers in the pack. You can defo tell too as they now smell lovely!

Andrea14 • 18 days ago

I have shared these with my mam she can not stop smelling them when she comes to my house she says they smell amazing so I was happy to share my coupons with her so she can have the pleasure of enjoying them too

line • 18 days ago

All my friends that I have shared vouchers with have been out already and bought them . We are all in contact saying how great our washing smells .

chrisroe • 18 days ago

Had a knit and natter group meeting recently and shared most of my coupons. Great response from friends.

Woosler • 17 days ago

I have shared my vouchers with family and friend. However I have to say I’m disappointed in the scent. I love a strong smell and really love outdoorables but find the scent much less strong with these boosters. I’ve experimented with the amount I’ve added and will continue to use and try putting more in. I was really looking forward to using so I’m a bit miffed with the lack of smell 😔

Guezguez • 17 days ago

Absolutely love those scent boosters!! My friends are loving the coupons and are addicted to it already! Wonderful

dillypitt • 17 days ago

All vouchers have now been shared!
Family and friends were excited by these and can’t wait to purchase there scent boosters.

ChelleBell13 • 17 days ago

I’ve shared my coupons with my neighbours and colleagues. They’re all very grateful!

Savvysmarter • 17 days ago

My mum & sister were very pleased to receive coupons. I also reached out to friends and supplied coupons to my work bff 😄 the scent boosters smell amaaaaaaazing.

jaxlarkabout • 17 days ago

I've shared my vouchers with some friends who were delighted with them.

Dobby20 • 17 days ago

My family and friends have been loving this

Narinder • 17 days ago

love it so fresh

Hlb1408 • 17 days ago

Shared them with my friends and work colleagues. Everyone loves the Lenor scent boosters

Sity82 • 16 days ago

Handed the coupon to my friends and work colleagues they are loving it and have already purchased the lenor booster...#Happy

Amanda912 • 16 days ago

I’ve finally passed on my coupons mainly to family members but a few to my neighbours who we help out as well.
A few surprise (but happy) looks but all loved the smells.

izazag • 16 days ago

I shared some of my coupons already with family members and some work colleagues.People are happy because wigh coupon they can have it just for a 1Ł.Amazing product,good brand and prices.

valeriageorgallidou • 16 days ago

Absolutely amazing fragrances! My laundry smells divine not only after a wash but also a couple weeks later after being in my closet 😍 Couldn’t be happier with the lenor in-wash scent boosters! I wish I found out about them earlier!

valeriageorgallidou • 16 days ago

I shared my coupons with my family and they were grateful. They love the products and were so excited 😍

bobabby • 16 days ago

Sorry guys but had bad kidney stones so been laid up getting through it now so will be up and running next week.

Disneylou • 16 days ago

Shared my vouchers with my mum, mother-in-law and my cousins and bestie gal friends! Ann very excited to buy and use them !!!!!

CameronCA • 12 days ago

I have shared my coupons with my friends, they love the Lenor scent boosters and they will be using them from now on 😊

discountdora • 12 days ago

One of the girls used her coupon to try out a cherry blossom and rose water fragrance and she’s raving about it, I have asked her to bring me a sample.

Kateb86 • 11 days ago

I shared mine with friends and elderly neighbours. Everyone was very grateful. And all love the different fragrances

B19clr • 11 days ago

I shared mine with friends and neighbours. Who all commented how lovely the smell was. I also shared with others in my local community centre. Everyone was very happy to go and try them out with theyr discount.

Mrs.E.Markham • 11 days ago

My friends have loved getting vouchers so they can try them too

KrazyKLL • 11 days ago

I shared them with my neighbours and friends

Ievapetr • 11 days ago

I shared with my mum, work colleagues and friends, they all so happy to be part of this project and get some discount.

Gemz1984 • 11 days ago

Ahhhhh I had a phone call from my director at work asking how I was chosen and he wants to try them...... gave him some vouchers to buy some! He's gone out and bought 5 different ones!

Starynight1997 • 11 days ago

I shared them with my co-workers and they all went within a day! They were all super pleased!

Suzanne1985 • 10 days ago

Family/ friends/work colleagues just redeemed their coupon and they are enjoying the beautiful scents around their house. Thank you for choosing me

Alicja1987 • 6 days ago

Great scents, my friends was happy with coupons! :)

tillyandmo • 5 days ago

I shared with family and friends and they love the smell of the booster.

Rhodes51 • 1 day ago

Shared coupons with 2 friends on breakfast/ coffee chat

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