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Starter kits are landing on doormats up and down the country and we couldn’t be more excited to get started! Has yours arrived yet (don’t worry if not, it can take up to a week until yours is with you)?

Participants with their Lenor in-wash Scent Booster starter kits

Summer is officially the most sociable season. BBQs, garden parties and dinners with pals that happily meander along until 2am. If you’re anticipating guests (or you want to be ready for last-minute sleepovers 😉), then you can trust Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters to keep you guest ready. With up to 12-weeks* of just-washed freshness, your bedding and towels will smell as fresh as the day you washed them.

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  3. Reveal the products and discuss the look and feel of the packaging.
  4. Open your Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters and discuss your thoughts on the divine fragrances.
  5. Important: Keep the beads in their original packaging and always showcase them in their original box.
  6. Focus on the products and always show them together.

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*non-stop freshness for up to 12 weeks in storage


Rhodes51 • 23 days ago

OMG even box smells so amazing I loving the purple one

Nannycool • 23 days ago

Well the parcel has arrived and the delivery man handed over the box and said " Don't know what this is luv, but it ain't af made my van smell nice!"
Let the magic begin xx

Kat4Ade • 23 days ago

Before opening the box you could smell fresh linen and immediately I wanted to put washing on to test these beads out

ToeTapper • 23 days ago

Looks so easy to use these beads! Such nicely designed packaging too! Been thinking how to reuse them since scent is so beautifully redolent.

Andrea.Burns99 • 23 days ago

Opened my box to a whoosh of aromas….think Exotic Blooms and Moonlight Lily will be my go to staple 💜

Teapot73 • 23 days ago

As the delivery lady handed me the parcel, you could actually smell the product before the box was even opened, ant it smelt amazing

MrRob • 23 days ago

Received the box today and the smell that came off from it, woohoo amazing :)
Can't wait to start testing it in the washing machine!

Roadangel • 23 days ago

Oh my… if only I had smell’o’vision, these are divine… can’t wait to share 🌸

Buzzard • 23 days ago

I still haven't received my box, I've been in touch with Evri daily and today they tell me my box has gone missing
I'm so upset
I've been sending you messages through the contact box in my savvy circle and I've also been sending sarii updates but no one has got back to me
Does this mean I'm off the team 😢 or are you going to send me out a new box
I feel like I'm being completely ignored and it's not nice
Jayne/buzz queenofclean2222

ViSt • 23 days ago

That smell is absolutely amazing!

Moghal84 • 23 days ago

What a surprise parcel that was. I hadn't realised I was selected but thought this box smells nice wonder what it is to only be excited to see the scent boosters which I have been wanting to try for so long.

Blackwood • 22 days ago

Wow these smell amazing through the box, kitchen smells amazing before I even used some, am trying each in rotation and lining up voucher recipients for bank holiday coffee

AnnieMo • 22 days ago

Smell is undeniably amazing. Did anyone else still have some residue left in the machine though?

MF2 • 22 days ago

I just put pyjamas on that I washed last week with the spring awakening scent boosters (and the spring awakening softner to match). They still smell SO STRONG like they've just been washed! Me likey. 😍

UnicornsRule2024 • 22 days ago

These are now going to be part of my washing routine my guinea pigs bedding has never smelt any fresher till I started using these boosters. They’re also great for me because I have sensitive skin issues and I haven’t had any issues using these boosters. The blue one is my favourite spring awakening. I already bought another one before that runs out. I love it! Thank you so much for this opportunity and I love that you’ve thought about the environment and using cardboard so it’s easy to recycle and be reused for something else. Boosters are the way forward if you want freshness that lasts.

FabandFun • 22 days ago

The scent from these is incredible - excited to try them and see how long the smell lasts!

Vickyrance • 22 days ago

Wow when you open the box what a great smell!! I can’t wait to test them all, but first it will be the exotic bloom.

PLDdic • 22 days ago

so surprised! Didn't expect all three fragrances. Can't wait to try them all.

PLDdic • 22 days ago

Well here we go decisions decisions.. Which to choose. Well the least flowery one is just right for my husband's smelly socks. I'll save the rest for me!!!!

Lisajl • 22 days ago

Initial thoughts are the smell.i t was lovely even permeated through to the delivery box

JSR2723 • 21 days ago

Done two washes and the smell is as strong pre and post washing! I had the washing on the line outside last week and it smelt amazing in the garden. Really enjoying the orange ones but looking forward to trying the purple next

Hatboy • 21 days ago

Received my box and given out the coupons already to friends and family.

I always love Spring freshness so I'm going to try out the Citrus and White Verbena (whatever that is!) first

Daisyalice96 • 21 days ago

The smell is divine, I could smell it through the box and knew what it was as soon as it was delivered! I don’t have a favourite smell out of the three as they all smell just as good! My clothes are smelling amazing and the scent lasts for ages! I will definitely be buying more from the shops.

LuLu43 • 21 days ago

I have been using the yellow one and it smells amazing!

cs31 • 21 days ago

Love the scent just from the box before I even opened any of the products.

Rhodes51 • 21 days ago

Found box of products bit flimsy on lid after few users . Keep in very dry place .

Rhodes51 • 21 days ago

Rain bad today head have my Lenor for SUMMER SMELLS indoors

Genty75 • 20 days ago

My house smells absolutely amazing as I'm having to dry my clothes indoors today.

Mich040774 • 20 days ago

The storage cupboard where my Scent Boosters are being kept smells divine.

ToeTapper • 20 days ago

Just taken the top off the purple one and literally blown away by the amazing fragrances 😁

SNASHALLJ • 20 days ago

Box smelt amazing when it arrived. Used the purple one when washing my towels and they smell divine!

Sophie0202 • 20 days ago

Omg what a lovely scent and that’s before even unpacking. I am sooo looking forward to try these.

luanda • 20 days ago

Smells so amazing - I am even keeping the scent box!

MrsLaurenP • 20 days ago

I am so impressed with these scent boosters by Lenor! My washing smells absolutely amazing such a strong fresh smell! I have already handed coupons out to my family and friends and they are also very excited to try them out for themselves! Thank you so much for letting me test these beauties!

bec4everuk1 • 19 days ago

Just shared my unboxing video x

Rhodes51 • 19 days ago

Bedding still fresh after 2 days smells tropical like abroad love the scents 😎🏖

Rhodes51 • 19 days ago

Posted a coupon to friend who away on bank holiday .

Rhodes51 • 19 days ago

Friend used coupon took away to holiday home and case of clothes smell of lenor when arrived . Used on her clothes in Spain 🏖✈️

Rhodes51 • 19 days ago

Only problem I had was the delivery company you use put box on door step good job family was near by . And lucky was not raining.
Company not even knock on door last time give parcel wrong house also .

Lizard34 • 19 days ago

For the first time in ages... I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO DOING THE WASHING!! 😍🙌

I can't wait to use these lovely smelling beads and make my clothes smell gorgeous. First up, the towels! 😍

mitzy5 • 19 days ago

i have used the purple one and my washing smells lovely. I will try adding a few more beads next time for a stronger fragrance.

teddy70 • 18 days ago

Well so far the yellow pot is our favourite, in fact we’ve just brought another one on our shopping trip today 😀
After completing a wash the blue fragrance is quite nice, the purple box is the last one to use and not a popular fragrance. So let’s see what happens.

LOOPYGIRL28 • 18 days ago

Smells absolutely amazing and that's when there still in box can't wait to use them in my washer

Maritz999 • 18 days ago

My neighbour took the delivery in for me and she was intrigued by the lovely aroma coming from the box.

dscott434 • 18 days ago

What can I say, the smell is just amazing, however, I was so surprised that once the clothes were washed the smell was still there, I was very doubtful of this having tried other products, what I found brilliant is when I hung my washing out to dry, the aroma could be Smelt all over my garden. Clothes keep the scent, I've actually not thrown the empty container away I've put it in the lounge and the smell is amazing even over the dogs smell.

margaret123456 • 18 days ago

Handed out a few of my coupons today to a couple of coffee ☕ friends. It's great that I can share the love and these fabulous fragrances.

margaret123456 • 18 days ago

This is such a fragrance boosting box and it is so long lasting even before the box is opened you know the campaign is going through be amazing. Thank You Lenor,I love scent boosters.

maureen • 18 days ago

Was kept up to date since I received my email informing me I was in until I received it. Packaging was excellent. Ohhhh the smell when I finally managed to open the box was amazing.

MommyBear4 • 17 days ago

I could smell it all before I did my unboxing video. The smell was glorious!!

Margaret12 • 16 days ago

Had another great Thursday coffee afternoon it was great for Lenor Boosters as well the feedback was very good about them the only negative was the packaging of the Boosters but on the positive side feedback was good 👍👍👍👍

Craig205 • 16 days ago

Excited to be picked to product test lenor scent boosters, I've received my delivery and when I opened the boxed was surprised to see 3 different ones as I was only expecting 1, the smell is lovely when you take the lid off. Time to get some washing on

valeriageorgallidou • 16 days ago

Super duper excited to try this scent boosters! First of all, I didn’t even know scent boosters were a thing before I came across these Lenor ones! They smell amazing even before opening, I can’t wait to try them!

valeriageorgallidou • 16 days ago

Have received my lenor boosters, was pleasantly surprised to find out there were three in the box and you could smell the divine fragrances before I even opened the box! So excited for them 🙈
The packaging is slick and easy to hold, I love the bright colours as well to match the scents! I also love how the lid doubles as a dosage meter, super helpful and handy 😍

izazag • 16 days ago

Thank you for #LenorFreshBoost.I am so happy that I can try it.Smell is beautiful and very strong.

TBird4965 • 15 days ago

Thank you to SuperSavvy, savvy circle for giving me the opportunity to test these Lenor in-wash scent boosters for free. Added the boosters for washing clothes, towels and bedding - the resulting smell was absolutely amazing. Thoroughly recommend giving these a try !

Suzie2024 • 15 days ago

I could smell the Lenor products before I even opened the box! Love them all. The Products were packaged really well and well presented.

Mela2003 • 15 days ago

These are amazing. My towels and bedding smell fabulous weeks after they've been washed. I like the fact that they are in recyclable cardboard packaging too. Thank you Lenor. I can't wait to share the coupons with friends and family.

MrsB77 • 14 days ago

I have to say, I’m VERY impressed with the scents & the long lasting freshness. My personal preference was the yellow tub, the Citrus & White Verbena scent. I shared all 3 tubs with my mum for her to try too. We will definitely be purchasing these to use.

vicbata • 14 days ago

Wow, triple products. It smells lovely, I can´t pick which one would be my favourite.

Candy41 • 14 days ago

Can’t get over how amazing these lenor in wash scent boosters smell.

Magda_82 • 14 days ago

I was over the moon when I received an email saying I was selected to test it. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for delivery. I've tried contacting Savvy via email and Instagram, but haven't received any response 😔. The Evri tracking shows it was delivered, but it wasn’t. I checked with my neighbors and reviewed my home cameras—nothing arrived 😢. This is my first time in this situation, and I’m not sure what to do now.

KatieAllen • 14 days ago

Smells unreal, used on my bedding and made the whole bedroom smell nice. Very very impressed!

dj11 • 12 days ago

I've been so impressed with everything about the lenor scent boosters. The packaging has a great design with every bit of it being able to be recycled. The way that the lid is used as a dose and then fits back on to the carton is great. The different designs used for the different scents are colourful, eye-catching and appealing. In fact they are so good that I don't want to hide them away in a cupboard !!
My biggest dillema was deciding which of the scents I would try first. I opted for spring awakening. The colourful beads are unique and very easy to dose out and use by just putting them in the drum of the washing machine before you put your laundry in. I opted for the least scent on my first wash. I was worried that the scent would be overwhelming and overpowering.
I found that this worked out really well. Once my clothes were dry they had a really comforting, calming and warm scent. Even over a week later when I put clothes on that had been in the wash they still had the lovely scent on them and it made me smile when I put them on.
I've since used the exotic bloom and moonlight lily scent and this has been equally impressive. I've spoken to several friends about the scent boosters and they are very eager to give them a try with the help of the discount vouchers I've passed on to them.

Rhodes51 • 11 days ago

Took Lenor on mini break smels lovely on pool towels . Holiday fresh 😎 . Used in machine on holidays . Take where ever go

Hev73 • 11 days ago

Absolutely in love with these scent boosters. Washing smells great for ages. Cannot wait to buy more and unable do a wash without them now xx

Rhodes51 • 11 days ago

Still loving scents . Even family smelling Lenor . Summer in a box . Fresh clothes and fantastic bedding

Rhodes51 • 11 days ago

Give coupons out friend

Mela2003 • 11 days ago

I've also put some scent boosters in a little bag and placed them in my car. Now every time I get in, it smells lovely.

Gembel19 • 10 days ago

All 3 smell so nice! Iv even kept the box as it smells lovley!

Kerryann1989 • 10 days ago

My friends appreciated the coupons and cannot wait to try them

SavvyDenden • 10 days ago

Absolutely loving these scent boosters!! Great for washing my smelly teens school uniform 😅

bejeweled • 10 days ago

I've given coupons to my 3 family members who have never used the scent boosters, and when I asked them if they had used used them yet they said that they will buy them on a regular basis now as the smell on their laundry was amazing, so I'm happy to have given them the coupons.

Pinks100 • 3 days ago

I was so pleased to have been chosen and eagerly awaited my parcel, I could smell the scents before I even opened the box.
Loved the packaging and was amazed to see 3 scents.
I have tried the Spring Awakening and Exotic Bloom before so was excited to try the Citrus and White Verbena for the first time.
I have given coupons to my friends and family and they are looking forward to trying them.
I don't think I could do my washing without them now.
The smell is fabulous and the scent lasts so long xxx

purvang • 2 days ago

The whole package smelled so nice.. Also, loved the packaging, the design and the eco friendly material that has been used.

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