Are you ready for a #LenorFreshBoost? ✨

We are ready and raring to go with this fab project with Lenor Scent Boosters. Have you had an email confirming you’re on the team? Then, congrats! We’re delighted to have you here. 💛

Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters variants what participants will put to the ultimate non-stop freshness* test

You can’t beat the scent of freshly washed laundry and if you want even more of that crips freshness then you’re in the right place. Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters, are designed to work with every type of laundry load and keep your laundry fresh and fragrant for up to 12 weeks in storage. Bliss!

Your starter kit details 🎁

We’re currently packing up and shipping out the starter kits and you can expect yours to arrive from May 20th onwards (just FYI it could take up to a week). We’ll provide you with unique tracking details so you know exactly when to expect yours.

Here’s what you’ll receive…

3 variants of Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters

  • 1x Lenor Citrus and White Verbena in-wash Scent Booster
  • 1x Lenor Spring Awakening in-wash Scent Booster
  • 1x Lenor Exotic Bloom & Moonlight Lily in-wash Scent Booster
  • 10 x £2 off coupons
  • 1x Project handbook with all the details you need to share your fab content

Let’s get a head start 🚀

Ready to get started? Then let’s look at our missions.

  1. Mission #1 – Try out the Lenor non-stop freshness* 🧺

    First things first, let’s put Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters to the test and fall in love with the non-stop freshness*.

  2. Mission #2 – Get talking 📣

    Chat to your friends and family about the #LenorFreshBoost you get with your Lenor in-wash Scent Boosters and, when they’re suitably interested, share your coupons so they can save on a purchase.

  3. Mission #3 – Get social 📸

    Create content for social media using your new freshness trio. You’ll no doubt have plenty of ideas for your posts but over the coming weeks, we’ll share ideas and inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing.

    Every time you share use: #ad, #LenorFreshBoost, #savvycircle, and tag @supersavvymeofficial and @joyofclean on every post.

  4. Mission #4 – Use the uploading tools and report back 📤

    Remember for every social post you share online, you upload a URL or screengrab with us. We love to see busy and active savvy circlers and the more involved you get, the higher your chance of being selected time and again for savvy circle projects.

    Send us the URL Share your Screenshot

@all: What are you most looking forward to in this project?

*non-stop freshness for up to 12 weeks in storage


Bainesa • 24 days ago

Wow, cant wait to try all three scents, the smell coming through the box without opening is super fresh so cant wait to actually use in a wash, which one to try first? Super excited

cordelia1959 • 23 days ago

I prowled the upstairs bedroom window every day. Waiting, looking, hoping. Every day,i slumped dejectedly as no-one knocked at the door. I looked wistfully at the Savvy Circle page. Maybe they had forgotten me? Maybe my application had not been chosen? Maybe my parcel with its divine scents had attracted a bad guy? Finally I saw a van pull up, could this be it? Could it be my parcel? I was so darned excited. My dog, Prince, was too! He woofed and woofed to let me know before the delivery lady had even opened the gate. I rushed to the door, only to be beaten by my husband! He grabbed my parcel and sighed when he handed it to me. "It smells amazing" he said, slightly disgruntled. "Don't fret pet" I answered "You will get the benefit of this too! I told him what was happening and he walked away content ..... and wait ..... was that a hint of a smile on his face?

Jfaye • 23 days ago

Oh wow i have just tried the Citrus & White Verbena im in love. From opening the tube to putting it in the washing machine the smell was so fruity and flowery. Could not wait till the washing machine finished. And wow on opening the door the fragrance was slighty more intense could smell it all round the kitchen. Can't wait to try the others.

Inside_numbersix • 23 days ago

I am so ready for a #lenorfreshboost !! I am renovating my garden so the washing is currently airing indoors. I love coming home to the smell of fresh washing but these Lenor fresh boosts are next level. My home smells amazing my washing smells incredible and the smell lasts !!

Littlejellybelly • 23 days ago

Oh wow!! These scents are absolutely to die for. My house smells amazing! My favourite is 🩵 Spring Awakening then 🧡 Citrus and White Verbena followed by 💜 Exotic Bloom & Midnight Lily! Honestly it was so close though, they are all gorgeous!

jaxlarkabout • 23 days ago

I absolutely love these Lenor In-Wash Scent Boosters. My laundry smells gorgeous all the time.

Stitch • 23 days ago

Have already tried Spring Awakening and it's absolutely gorgeous. I could smell it on my freshly washed bedding all night. Can't wait to try the other fragrances.

titchthepunkess • 23 days ago

Just been pegging my washing out and the comments of the neighbours 😂 they are amazed at the smell coming off my towels, jealousy at its finest, more coupons handed out

Rhodes51 • 22 days ago

Smells like summer on washing line. Delivery parcel person even Smell fantastic scents

Rhodes51 • 22 days ago

Bedding just changed bedroom and landing smell so lovely . Box still in kichen smells like flowers in a show .

lynnparfitt • 22 days ago

I've given my neighbours and friends some vouchers after I told them how I got them and all about supersavvy and supersavvycircle. I've taken photos of me using the scent boosters and I'll let you all know what I think once the washing has finished and dried. I'm looking forward to the scent on my clothes particularly if it's anything like the scent that was coming from the box before I unpacked it.

TEllwood96 • 22 days ago

I was already a fan of the spring awakening, such a fresh scent. I have just done a wash with the exotic bloom & moonlight lily which smell like a field of flowers. The citus & white verbena smell of lemon. The beads go into the drum under the clothes. They dissolved well. Our clothes smell great after and it definitely lingers for a long time. Thank you

Buzzard • 22 days ago

Evri have lost my package, I've reported it all to you and I've not heard a word back, I'm so disappointed ☹️
Am I now off the team or are you going to send a replacement
Jayne x

lynnparfitt • 22 days ago

After trying the scent boosters for the 1st time I must say I am quite impressed. I could smell the scent all through my house. I dried my washing on the line outside and I could smell the scent boosters as soon as I walked out of my house. I'll give another update after the washing has been put away after a week to let you know if the scent is still there.

Chloemo • 22 days ago

My washing smells fantastic! The smell even lingers in the room where the washing has been kept. Love love love it

Clareyfairy81 • 21 days ago

The smells coming from my kitchen cupboard are just amazing.

Lilith • 21 days ago

I love that there are a choice of different fragrances. My sons really only like the 'fresh' smell on their laundry. But the 'exotic' is so lovely for all the bed linen and towels.

Monicazg • 21 days ago

Received and it smells lovely even without opening the box :)

c0n4h37 • 21 days ago

Received package last week. So happy with it the smell is fantastic 😄. Just wish I had more 😊

LuLu43 • 21 days ago

The scent from the box when I opened it was amazing

KKz • 20 days ago

Absolutely love these have enjoyed using my clothes smell Scent-sational 😍

Elainesworld • 20 days ago

These scent boosters smell lovely! I have tried them all and they all leave my laundry smelling amazing!

Lozst • 20 days ago

Iv tryed all three lenor scent boosters out they all smell amazing leaving my cloths smelling beautiful 😍

MolP27 • 20 days ago

I have now tried all the scent boosters, and have shared out the vouchers between family and friends. Have been really loving using the different scents and having really fresh smelling clothes when I open the wardrobe 😍

jussieb • 20 days ago

Glad I have had the opportunity to trial these. I’ve tried them all now, but I’m disappointed how much is needed to really get a good smell. It’s great that it’s in a fully recyclable container, rather than plastic, however, I do sometimes struggle to get the lid back on properly. I think if I dropped the container, the lid would shoot off, so I’m not convinced it’s the best type of container. Also, I think it would be easy for a child to open too.

Margaret12 • 20 days ago

Really enjoying reaching out and spreading the word about these Great Lenor Boosters and shared a few coupons plus taking loads of photos and posting on social media

Margaret12 • 20 days ago

I love the Lenor Boosters but I need to be honest and say I am not impressed with the packaging of Lenor once the top is off it's not easy to fit back on my friends ended up on the kitchen floor this would be so much easier in plastic tubs which could be recyclable and more user friendly I think they would sell more if they were more user friendly

oneplus • 20 days ago

Loving the Lenor Booster Scents. Found the lids difficult to put back on the tube. Spilt beads on the floor. Have given coupons to family and friends.

bec4everuk1 • 19 days ago

In love with
💜 Lenor Exotic Bloom & Moonlight Lily

Smallie • 19 days ago

Spring Awakening is my favorite!

sawade1 • 19 days ago

Absolutely loved the scent when the box arrived and couldn't wait to try them. Have to say that now that I've tried all three, with my favourite one being Spring Awakenings, I didn't find the scent of them that strong. I could smell the fragrance when I was ironing, but not really any moren than I can usually smell from laundry done using Lenor Fabric Conditioner alone.

Suzieq12325 • 19 days ago

Great products- Great Scents. Freshness lasts ages! Well impressed. I would have liked the top of the Packaging a little firmer? I have transferred the contents to a Plastic container with lid- Tupperware to keep the Fragrance. Washing is now an enjoyable time. Thank you- Happy Washing Days!

MrsMH • 19 days ago

I received this great pack from Lenor and SavvyCircle: wow! Could not wait to try it and started with the Spring Awakening scent. So lovely!

cordelia1959 • 19 days ago

OMG! I don't believe how wonderful this is. Currently using Exotic Bloom. Does it work? Oh yes it most certainly does. I am part of a Tabletop Gaming group and when I sat down at a table last week, one or two people commented on how nice I smelt! It was an absolute pleasure to be able to give them all a money off coupon. Tabletop gaming (whether I win or lose) will be a much nicer experience now

amywxm • 19 days ago

Love these, my favourite is the orange one, the smell lasts for ages, washed all my sons summer clothes and now waiting for the sun to turn up haha

Nurdin • 19 days ago

Love spring awaking and my first time using the other 2 the citrus and white verbena is a beautiful smell but for me the exotic bloom and moonlight lily needed more scent as it not strong enough but loved using each one

Kerriebarton91 • 19 days ago

Wow! Wow! Wow! I am loving these inscent boosters. My favourite has got to be Exotic Bloom & Moonlight Lily although the others are fantastic. I have has so many comments about how fresh my laundry smells. Thanks again for picking me!!

Tanya283 • 19 days ago

Wow wow wow love these products would never buy floral scents but love them although spring awakening is my fave. Great to use on bedding as the scent really does last.

Sri666 • 18 days ago

I'm slowly working my way around the house with these and when I come home the smell is amazing as soon as I walk in I can smell the scents they compliment each other a lot I have given out all the coupons and told everyone that hasbeen into my work since I got these thankyou I can't wait to get home after a long day at work x

Donnaorchard41 • 18 days ago

The box arrived and some amazing before I opened it, I’ve tread all three scents and wow do they leave your washing smelling amazing

Jode712 • 18 days ago

I’m in love! These are amazing!!!! They smell so good!!!
Been away for weekend and I’ve had family comment on how nice my clothes smell coming out of the case!
Can’t wait to keep using them

MolP27 • 18 days ago

I wish I had more vouchers to hand out! Mine have all been given out, and friends and family are loving the scents and I keep being asked if I have any more vouchers! Firm favourite seems to be Citrus and White Verbena for us, closely followed by Spring Awakening.

Deen8 • 18 days ago

One of the best amazing scent boosters i have tried. I would highly recommend this to everyone to try

Smifffy • 18 days ago

Finally started using these today as my washing machine was playing up. Used the Spring Awakening so far and absolutely love the scent. Fingers crossed the smell stays as I've just popped the washed bedding in the airing cupboard ready for the next bed change 🤞

carolbinkie • 18 days ago

Spring has sprung in my place if not outside,Lovely spring fragrances throughout my house from Lenor booster.Different flowers as I choose.

Firefox • 17 days ago

I hadn't even opened the package upon delivery and came downstairs the next morning to the amazing smells. Make the clothes smell beautiful but I also love to out them in little organza bags and dot them around the house to make the house smell divine.

caranwx • 17 days ago

I've tried all of them now and I love every single one, I can't choose a favourite!

Ievapetr • 17 days ago

The all three Lenor scent boosters smells so amazing, can not even pick which is better, I love them all! My laundry is full of scent, happy to be surounded in such a divine smell. So happy with the product, easy to use, saves also the plastic use as comes in carbord boxes. Really happy!

Baggiefan • 17 days ago

So today I’ve had feedback off my neighbour who has tried each of the boosters and she said “ I love the lenor scent boosters and my favourite is The Gold Orchid. The fragrance lasts, clothing is left feeling soft plus making the room smell nice “
My family have also enjoyed trying the boosters and been able to go buy their favourite with the help of the vouchers

Jess44 • 17 days ago

Oh my goodness this stuff is amazing. I’ve used the spring awakening and my bedding smells amazing. Even my husband commented and that’s unheard of 🤣
Looking forward to trying the others

Bp • 17 days ago

Wasn’t a believer re these what a mistake to make and how much time and lovely smelling laundry have I missed!

Dancingmermaid • 17 days ago

I have now tried all three scent booster, and it’s difficult to decide on my favourite. Everyone comments on how lovely my clothes smell. It has certainly inspired friends and family to give lenor scent boosters ago.

Stephypen • 17 days ago

I still haven't received my package, been waiting thinking it would arrive but it didnt, if i could have the tracking code would be great, so i know where the package is...thanks

Mezzo111 • 17 days ago

Where's the sunshine gone. Using the first one smells great

Marieo1992 • 16 days ago

Absolutely love these! They make clothes smell so much more fresh. Can use with fabric conditioner for that extra boost of scent or even without which is amazing! The scents are all beautiful

Yvonne82 • 15 days ago

These all smell divine - whoop whoop ;-)

Cara33 • 14 days ago

I would like to share an experiment I did after receiving Lenor products 🙂
1step-I placed the laundry beads in a mesh bag
2step-bag for the wardrobe
summary-Today is day 6 and the clothes still smell beautiful.😀

Bondgirlcaz • 14 days ago

Done the double with Spring awakening fabric conditioner and the beads and oh my goodness I can smell the fragrance all over my house it’s amazing 🤩

EllsBells11 • 14 days ago

Been using the scent boosters since I’ve received them and the scent they leave after the wash is incredible, pulling my clothes out of the wardrobe I can still smell the scent booster they are amazing!

angelan • 13 days ago

Love this project, my laundry room smells incredible

CHLOEWESTHAM • 13 days ago

Smells sooo fresh love it !!

Riskavdb • 12 days ago

Love love love the smell and cant get enough of it

Poppy007 • 12 days ago

Really enjoying this project. All my vouchers have gone and I know some have already been used
#LenorFreshBoost #savvycircle @supersavvymeoffical @joyofclean

Sapphire7 • 12 days ago

When opening the Lenor Scent boosters pack the fragrance is amazing! The choice of the three fragrances to try as part of the project has been useful and my favourite has been the purple one.

jaxlarkabout • 12 days ago

I have tried all three now and they all smell great, but Spring Awakening is my favourite. Even better when I dry my laundry inside the house smells wonderful too.

Mariablake • 11 days ago

I've used the 3 already, they smell too nice lol

Magda93 • 11 days ago

I love it! After each wash it smells throughout the house, the freshness on the clothes lasts a very long time. I do not know which is my favorite because they all smell insanely 😍.

Bainesa • 11 days ago

# Lenorbooster scent.... so far I’ve tried two of the booster scents, both are amazing in their own way, looking forward to testing the exotic bloom.. save the best for last!

Mrs-CC • 11 days ago

Love taking part in this and being able to share coupons with friends and family is a lovely added bonus! 🥰

Mrs-CC • 11 days ago

Also to add for those rainy days where I have to dry my clothes indoor the smell throughout my house is AMAZING!! 🤩

magentariot • 10 days ago

I use the Spring Awakening already, along with the matching gel capsules and Lenor Outdoorable fabric conditioner and it fills the whole house with fragrance!

Top tip: Use the matching tumble dryer sheets to give things in storage an extra freshen!

pookie8911 • 9 days ago

So excited to be on board for this project! Absolutely love these scent boosters for giving the washing a little something extra!

Pumba1983 • 5 days ago

Thank you for picking me. Really enjoyed testing them all. I love the smell of fresh washing and have been telling everyone about them. The office smells amazing as we're all using them now thanks to the vouchers I handed out

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