Lenor Outdoorable

Bring the freshness of the outdoors in with NEW Lenor Outdoorable

If you love the heavenly freshness of laundry dried outside, then this project is for you.

Nothing beats the freshness of line-dried laundry. But, in the UK & Ireland we don’t get the luxury of sunny skies all that often… don’t worry, we’ve got you! With new Lenor Outdoorable, you’ll be getting line-dried freshness 365 days a year – wherever you dry. ☀️

Lenor Outdoorable is a unique new range of fabric conditioners, which will revolutionise the freshness of your laundry. With SolarDryTM technology, we have found a way to replicate the inimitable fragrance that sunlight produces when it hits wet fabrics.

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We’re on a mission – help us spread the news! 💬

As a Lenor ambassador, you’ll be helping us to introduce Outdoorable to the nation and ensure it becomes the talk of the town. You’ll be sharing pics & reviews on your social channels and chatting to your pals. Sounds good?

Here’s what you’ll do if you make it into the team: 💙

  • Be one of the first to try out Lenor Outdoorable (Spring Awakening)
  • Share your thoughts and pictures on social media
  • Hand out samples and coupons in a Covid-secure way
  • Leave online reviews

And here’s what you’ll get for taking part: 🎁

  • A full-size product
  • Money off coupons to share with pals
  • Samples to share in a Covid-safe way with those closest to you

Want to become part of the Team? Apply now!

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Project status

Applications are now closed for this project. Check out what's been said so far on the Blog.

@all: Why would you like to participate?


Bonnie21 • 2 years ago

Love the smell of washing dried outdoors hope I get picked for this one x

Dziosefina • 2 years ago

I would like try it

Lyra59 • 2 years ago

Can't wait to see if I'm selected. Looks incedable.

alliejb • 2 years ago

Would be great to be picked. Love trying new products

Fakhra • 2 years ago

Love to try this product love the smell of laundry products

Ryba1401 • 2 years ago

Would like to try it. Can't wait to see if I'm selected.

Clairewolves • 2 years ago

I can smell this through the screen and it’s making me drool! Hope to take part in this project 🌼☀️🌸

Samona • 2 years ago

I love the smell of any Lenor products fingers crossed

margaret123456 • 2 years ago

Would love to try this product out, always in the look-out for something to make my clothes/furnishing smell super amazing. Fingers crossed I get choose to try 🤞😁

tash74 • 2 years ago

Fingers crossed I get chosen for this, it's the perfect combination of outdoor dried laundry & the beautiful fragrance from Lenor

Aurora01 • 2 years ago

I have fingers and toes crossed for this one 😍 would really love to be on the laundry dream team project ❤

Klaudia • 2 years ago

I really want to try this.

xxkimmy11xx • 2 years ago

Hopefully I get chosen for this project x It looks like an amazing product

Leanne.Walker • 2 years ago

I absolutely love the smell and feel of clothes and bed linen being dried out on the line and to have that experience in a bottle would be great!

jessersxox • 2 years ago

Hope I get picked for this!

Bexterb • 2 years ago

Fingers crossed!

Lestca • 2 years ago

Love this brand and I would like to try the new product!

neels115 • 2 years ago

Fingers crossed I get chosen to be part of this project!

Whitenance • 2 years ago

Really hoping I get to try this. The weather is so awful for drying outside and I’d live to see if it lives up to its name!

Savvy-Nicky • 2 years ago

I absolutely love Lenor - cant beat the fragrance. I hope Im chosen ☺🌻

Meljel • 2 years ago

I would love to try this product especially with my 3 children!:)

Megano • 2 years ago

Would love to try, interesting concept fresh as outdoors indoor! Wow what a game change 🤞🤞

Trell40 • 2 years ago

Really hoping I get chosen for this one I wash slot of clothes with the size of my family so could be the game changer I need 🤞x

MummyBtothree • 2 years ago

Wonder when the lucky testers will be notified? 🤔

Sassymazzy • 2 years ago

Hoping we get notified either way soon. Would love to test!

Dawn_p • 2 years ago

Hope I'm a lucky tester. Sits eagerly waiting in anticipation.

Isaac.violet.mummy • 2 years ago

Keeping my fingers really tighly crossed. I'd love yo try this x

Beautyblade • 2 years ago

Applied a few weeks back but still not heard anything. Would like to expand my reviews to include household products and not just health and beauty.

SarahLouise27 • 2 years ago

Oh my I love this. To try this product as I love lenor. I have washing tablets fabric conditioner and unstoppable I wouldn't use anything else

Snowy20 • 2 years ago

I can't wait to be pick for some test as I just love lenor

AmTheBest • 2 years ago

Waiting in anticipation!! 🧐

Zara_1998 • 2 years ago

I would love to try this. I love the smell of lenor. I hope I get chosen!!

Latouche • 2 years ago

I would love to try this. I love the smell of all lenor.
I really hope I get chosen.

MummyBtothree • 2 years ago

Has anybody heard about this yet?

Bev1961 • 2 years ago

Is this project still ongoing as I can’t wait to smell the new Lenor

Isaac.violet.mummy • 2 years ago

Do we find out either way please? I'd love to be a part of this project x

Johncon • 2 years ago

I love the smell from Lenor and the freshness of clothes dried outdoors .Fingers crossed I get picked.

strong • 2 years ago

I would love to try this. Love the smell of outdoor drying.

Woowa • 2 years ago

Yay I got picked for this 1 it smells so amazing

Rekz23 • 2 years ago

Woohoo it’s arrived!!!!! Thanks you team can’t wait to spread the experience

Aimee87 • 2 years ago

Just received my box and I'm so pleased I was chosen to promote this product. Iv got to say iv done my first load of washing using the fabric conditioner and my home smells amazing. 😊

AmberSeesRed • 2 years ago

Box just showed up unannounced. Looking forward to seeing the new product in action. 👍 👚👕👖🩳

neels115 • 2 years ago

I'm in!!! wow so excited!!

Sassymazzy • 2 years ago

So pleased! My parcel arrived today and I just can't wait to try!!!!!

shellc2004 • 2 years ago

Mine still says under review 🤔

AmTheBest • 2 years ago

Same here...still says "under review".

tabrahams6 • 2 years ago

So happy mine arrived today 😍

Sloneczko3004 • 2 years ago

Wow just received the parcel can't wait to try it :)

Kirsty15032 • 2 years ago

Just recieved my parcel. What a nice surprise 😊

Henry123dog • 2 years ago

Just received .. excited to get started

Oanamaria7 • 2 years ago

I have received my parcel and I tested right a way. I can believe how nice is smell, I love it so much . I can t wait to test the others one at the moment i have the spring awakening . Thank you.

Kezzah1987 • 2 years ago

Received mine this morning. The smell is amazing, I have the spring awakening 1 and I can't wait to try the rest

mania • 2 years ago

am anxiously waiting

Clairewolves • 2 years ago

Received my pack today! Cannot wait to try this! It smells divine 😍😍😍😍😍

Kcson12 • 2 years ago

Just arrived this morning, can’t wait to try it and give the samples to friends and family to try too.

Firstlove • 2 years ago

Unfortunately there to big, I'm very tiny.

Manswick • 2 years ago

These look amazing 🤞🤞

Bexterb • 2 years ago

Mine arrived this morning, didn't even know I had been chosen. It smells amazing, the bottle was leaking so got a whiff soon as I opened the box. Can't wait to try on tomorrow's washing!

Mel1982 • 2 years ago

Mine arrived this morning looking forward to sharing my samples and my money off coupons with family and friends. I didn’t realise I was in as my account says under review still am excited to try this tho xx

lorycraciun • 2 years ago

OMG , Just got this today , was so surprised as I did not even knew that I got selected - Thank you

Storm01 • 2 years ago

Just got this delivered today. Lovely surprise. Can't wait to try it and share with my family and neighbours. Thankyou for selecting me x

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