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Master your Beard & Stubble with King C. Gillette 🧔

Your facial hair deserves more. Whether you’ve been cultivating your beard for months or you just spent an hour styling your stubble, your facial hair needs care. But, which products do you choose to get a luxury grooming experience from the comfort of your own home or on the go? It’s not easy to find the right products to suit your style. Until now…

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Introducing King C. Gillette – The pinnacle of over a century’s worth of innovation and expertise

Modern masculinity is all about choice. Whether you opt for a full and bushy beard, a chin strip goatee or just about any style in between, the King C. Gillette range can help you sharpen up your style and provide the ultimate at-home-grooming experience.

Comprising of beard oils and balms, facial wash, shave gel and more, the King C. Gillette range gives you the tools to care for and style your facial hair. What are you waiting for? It’s time to become a #MasterOfStyle.

As members of this team, we will...:

  1. Try out this innovative new product range.
  2. Share our experiences with friends and followers online.
  3. Pass on leaflets to friends so they can try King C. Gillette for themselves.
  4. Leave a review on SuperSavvyMe and help other men find the grooming and skincare products they deserve.

What you’ll get:

For you:

  • 1x King C. Gillette Style Master trimmer to style and shape your facial hair
  • 1x King C. Gillette Face & Stubble Moisturiser to care for your skin & stubble
  • A project handbook to guide you through our journey

To share:

  • 15x product leaflets


Applications for this project are now closed.

@all: Does your facial hair need a little tender loving care?


Penny2019 • 1 month ago

Just applied for this for my other half, he has struggled finding a good beard trimmer

Pixie73 • 1 month ago

Applied for my OH 🍀🤞🍀

Zara_1998 • 1 month ago

I hope to be chosen for this campaign as I applied for this campaign for my dad would like a to style his beard a lot.

Winter2021 • 1 month ago

Husband will love this, he is iching to have something to review

Lisanemilyx • 1 month ago

Just applied for my partner hopefully we will get a chance to test I think he would really love it and be happy to test.fingerd crossed

pigginperfect • 1 month ago

I have just applied for my husband, he will enjoy trying this exciting product out.

Cazzarelli • 1 month ago

Just applied for this for my grandson who lives with me as he's not very good at styling his beard and i know he would love trying this product out.

averagebeauty • 1 month ago

Fingers crossed. Applied for my other half as he never had beard trimmer. He uses hair clippers 🙈 It would be nice to get him proper product :)

viktorialouise • 1 month ago

Excited for this one. Fingers crossed.

Guffbag • 1 month ago

Just applied for myself (and why not!). Love rocking my beard and would really like to participate in this campaign. Always on the lookout for new beard products and with products from Gillette, the brand leader, I would be made up if successful.

PritiM • 1 month ago

Applied for my brother. Can’t wait to hear back, he is really excited

Kellyjo • 1 month ago

This looks great for OH so he can save money on barbers trip! 🙂👍🏼

EmmaAli • 1 month ago

Hoping to get selected for this project as I’m the one who trim my other half’s beard 😅 and it’s been a nightmare switching between trimmers to find a good one without any success. Fingers crossed 🤞

MrsB28 • 1 month ago

Just applied for my husband, actually so excited for this one! Here’s hoping he’s selected! Thanks so much for the opportunity! 🤩

Julia-t • 1 month ago

Just applied my sons who both have beards - they usually have their barber tame them when they go to see him for their regular trims eve wry 6-8 weeks ( both have the same barber whos absolutely fantastic and works his magic every time they go to him ) but hopefully with this, they would be able to master the art of quality grooming sessions at home themselves on a daily basis - here’s hoping!

Dawn44 • 1 month ago

Just applied for my OH. Keen to try something new

Bix • 1 month ago

Just applied for my husband who will find this soo useful!

adoyleo • 1 month ago

I would love to be apart of this campaign for myself so fingers crossed good luck everyone

BuddyOne • 1 month ago

I have just applied for my 17 year old son to trial ther King C. Gillette Style Master.

John42 • 1 month ago

i have just applied for my self to trial

MrsJackson14 • 1 month ago

Applied for my partner, he always complains about shaving and how irritable it gets etc so 🤞🏻. Good Luck everyone 🙂

Phuss • 1 month ago

After previously being chosen in the past for a King C Gillette trimmer, I had to apply for this as my reviews and feedback received an amazing outcome. To receive the Style Master would be a great journey with having many years of reviewing different trimmers and shavers. An opportunity like think I can not just skip pass. I hope I am chosen once again😊. You guys are doing an amazing job with the projects and I hope for more interesting ones like this.

asu78 • 1 month ago


asu_101 • 1 month ago

My partner is a hairy monkey🙈 This Gillette Style Master Trimmer is just what he needs

sweety • 1 month ago

I'm super excited for this amazing project :)

nova200 • 1 month ago

Have applied for this fantastic Gillette project🤞😊♥️🌷💖👍🥰❤

simo692 • 1 month ago

My current beard trimmer is broken - I wish i get selected for this project, perfect timing xx

abofai • 1 month ago

My current beard trimmer is rubbish, i get skin rash and skin irritation, I would love to try this new stylish King C. Gillette Beard trimmer and moisturiser please🤞🏻

Leesa • 1 month ago

Applied for my nephew

Fezab • 1 month ago

Hoping to get selected for this super duper King C. Gillette project please! Thanks so much

Wintermama2020 • 1 month ago

Applied for OH, he loves Gillette but is also trying to maintain his beard ❣️

sim3945 • 1 month ago

would love to try these Gillette products, am still trying to find a trimmer that gets sharp edge look without having irritating skin

Alishaa • 1 month ago

Hoping to get selected for this King C. Gillette project! Thanks so much !

Alishaaa • 1 month ago


Karolinai • 1 month ago


Zaeah • 1 month ago

i have just applied for my self to trial

Zarah36 • 1 month ago

Good lucky everyone ☺️

Zarah29 • 1 month ago


samira28 • 1 month ago

Ah this project has came at the perfect time for my husband and would be a perfect gift/product, as he has really unruly and corse hair he is spending so much time and effort into maintaining and looking after his small beard .

If selected this would really benefit him and we are excited to be part of this new journey 🤗

Rowson • 1 month ago

Love to try for my hubby Heidi rowson ❤

shepherd2606 • 1 month ago

I have applied for this for my hubby and fingers crossed, he struggles to find a fantastic razor and has recently been talking about trying a cut throat razor as disposables just don’t seem to be working for him, he loves looking after his skin sometimes I think more than he and is conscious that over shaving makes your skin grey, I hope he gets in and loves it as he really needs something great

cornishhincher • 1 month ago

I'm applying on behalf of my OH, that beard needs to be gone! And i don't want him just using the dodgy razor upstairs haha!

Cristina93 • 1 month ago

Just applied for my hubby and I hope he’ll get a lucky chance to try it because it’s seem awesome product and until now he has not find the right products for his facial hair. Maybe this is THE ONE for him 🥰

Missyb83 • 1 month ago

This is one project I would really love to take part in. I'd give this my son who lives at home , he would massively benefit from this as a beard lover and somwone who takes absolute pride in himself

shaz78 • 1 month ago

Applied for mu OH and also my son who now has a small beard. Hope they get to test as they are on the lookout for a trimmer at the moment.

Judz • 1 month ago

Applied for my OH 🤞🤞 fingers crossed.

Ksnowson • 1 month ago

Applied for my husband 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

Baden01 • 1 month ago

Applying for my husband l, he has difficulty shaving everyday as he has very sensitive skin

fiesty2018 • 1 month ago

appled for my partner

sumaya • 1 month ago

Applied for my hubby bunny.
Hope to get some luck .

ebonybeth • 1 month ago

I’ve applied for my son, fingers crossed

MrsB28 • 1 month ago

Eeekkkk excited for the results! My husband would be over the moon! 🙏🏼

Doz79 • 1 month ago

I have applied for this for my other half . Hope I get picked for this hubby needs a new bears trimmer

SophieJaney • 1 month ago

Yes my partner does & would love this!!! Looking forward to hearing back!.

Athome_in150 • 1 month ago

Fingers crossed we get this one to try! Hubs Viking beard needs a trim

Hotpink • 1 month ago

My husband defo needs this in his life it’s time for the Stone Age beard to be trimmed lol 😂

Zarah26 • 1 month ago


Daisydoo. • 1 month ago

I applied for this project yesterday for my son who would be super excited if he gets picked 🤞goodluck everyone. X

Leesa • 1 month ago

Hopefully we know later if been picked so far no news

Rashda247 • 1 month ago

I applied for this campaign for my husband, I hope he gets chosen to try this

Hayleypooh • 1 month ago

I applied for my other half too fingers crossed x

ferahfezas • 1 month ago

Exciting, fingers crossed.

Shaan • 1 month ago

I'd love to be accepted for this for my hubby. He suffers from a skin disorder and has tried numerous products and brands. It would be so good if it helped even slightly. He deserves a treat for putting up with me x

Dan1984 • 1 month ago

My beard is super long now, think it’s also turning grey in anticipation haha
Good luck guys 🤞🏻🙌🏻

Erikakaka • 1 month ago

I'm hoping I get picked for this so my 20 year old son can try it 😊

Zarah26 • 1 month ago

Anyone heard anything about when we should know who’s been picked ?x

Paigesainty93 • 1 month ago

My dad is hoping to try this product we have our fingers crossed for him!! X

Slattery92 • 30 days ago

Hoping to test this out! It would be my first project to be part of and it suits me so well. Good luck everyone 🤞

chloegrace09 • 29 days ago

Excited to find out if we have been chosen

Leesa • 29 days ago

Hope I make the team.

Riahna • 28 days ago

I’ve just applied for my partner, he likes to try out new products, he has sensitive skin so I’am hoping to get picked so he can try it out. Good luck to everyone.

Kksgy • 28 days ago

Love to try this 🥰

Monika42 • 28 days ago

I applied for my sons likes experience with beard

Elatop • 28 days ago

I applied in behalf of my husband, he is super excited to see if he made the team ! Fingers crossed and good luck everyone

Tinaw • 27 days ago

I applied for this for my partner, he loves his beard and likes to style it many different ways, this would be a game changer for him for sure.... Fingers crossed

Ricky86 • 27 days ago

I have applied for this I hope I’m chosen I love trying new products and giving reviews so other people can know wat to expect when they buy the product

Rosesangel • 27 days ago

I didn't make the team this time. A bit gutted really

doncaster123 • 27 days ago

Can’t wait to try the Gillette king c razor system

sumaya • 27 days ago

Oh well, next time.😪
Good lucky to everyone who's been selected.

LucettaB • 27 days ago

Oh my God!!!!! 🍾🍾🍾🍾 Can't believe we have been selected 💃💃my husband is over the moon and it makes me so happy to see him excited!
Thank you!

Rheeston83 • 27 days ago

My husband is absolutely over the moon that we have been selected to join this campaign, thank you so much

MrsB28 • 27 days ago

So happy to have been chosen for this one! My husband is absolutely buzzing and can’t wait for him to start using this! Thank you so much 😊

xxnimmyxx • 27 days ago

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try this. 🥳

Sarfaraj • 26 days ago

I just received email yesterday u been selected for this project so happy so excited we wait for delivery now....

pedro200933 • 26 days ago

happy to receive my invitation to this campaign

Keith01 • 21 days ago

I can't wait to try this product

jacklroberts • 21 days ago

Just received mine today, thank you very very much

scottishlad • 20 days ago

I do struggle to find the right shaver to keep on top of short stubble - often end up using 2-3 different shavers to properly trim which is such a pain. Hopefully this shaver is an improvement!

Dexter230187 • 19 days ago

Anybody not got there's? Just hoping it my royal mail here is rubbish.

ms986 • 14 days ago

Easy to use and generally better than the products I use

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