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Test, rate and review!

Be one of the first to test, rate and review a new product from either the Gillette SKIN range, or the King C. Gillette collection! Whether you clean shave, don’t shave or prefer to wear a ‘stache, we have a new Gillette product to test for you!

Your tasks from start to finish

  1. Fill out the application form and let us know which products you’d be happy to try
  2. Check your emails regularly to see if you’ve been selected
  3. Receive your FREE product and put it to the test
  4. Leave your rating and relay your thoughts in an honest review

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The pioneers of shaving

Gillette are no newcomers when it comes to shaving products. For over a century they’ve been a solid first choice for many and are continuing to improve their products for men all over the world looking to harness their face and body hair, and find the best comfort in skincare.

Are you curious to see what products you can choose from and test? Let’s have a look...

Nourish your skin with Gillette SKIN

If you enjoy a fresh and clean shave, then you don’t need to look any further than the Gillette SKIN range. With such a diverse array of products, it’s a great option to keep your skin looking healthy, feeling calm and itch free. Gillette SKIN products provide an ultra-sensitive shave while nourishing your skin with Shea butter and Vitamin E in the process.

Gillette SKIN

Gillette SKIN products you could try in our savvy circle project:

  • Gillette SKIN Shaving Gel to protect, cool and sooth your skin while shaving.

  • Gillette SKIN Shaving Mousse to provide an extra-cushioned barrier between your skin and razor thanks to its rich, airy foam.

  • Gillette SKIN Shaving Cream with an ultra-slick concentrated formula for an advanced glide.

  • Gillette SKIN Aftershave Balm to calm skin after shaving and help protect skin from irritation.

  • Gillette SKIN Face Wash to purify and cleanse your skin. Its soothing foam washes away dirt, oil and dead skin cells to keep skin clean and healthy.

  • Gillette SKIN Moisturiser to strengthen skin’s natural barrier. Its mildly scented formula comforts skin.

Master your style with King C. Gillette

Some of us need a little extra diversity than the regular shaving utensils and lotions. A man’s beard needs serious attention and tools to maintain. The King C. Gillette collection is there to meet your every need, and help craft your very own unique style. It’s so good, they even named it after the founder himself!


King C. Gillette products that you could try in our project:

  • King C. Gillette Face & Stubble Moisturiser to moisturize and hydrate your skin, and soften stubble.
  • King C. Gillette Stylemaster trimmer with a 360° rubber grip, for maximum precision. Designed to perfect edges and trim stubble.

Application closed.

Applications are now closed for this project. Check out our new projects on your dashboard.

@all: What style of facial hair do you wear and which product would you like to try most?


Meljel • 2 years ago

I am desperate to find the right razor/trimmer I am an mixed race lady with a whole lot of hair trust! I especially grow hair in parts you would not think I am supposed to but sadly I do I am desperate please help me I swear I was supposed to be born a boy/man!!!

Meljel • 2 years ago

Also my hair is jet black so stands out a mile I even have hair growing under and around my chin it's so depressing

shaz78 • 2 years ago

Think my hubby really needs to try this product out. He's always complaining he now never gets that clean fresh lookin shave. I'm sure his products need updating to the new gillette range. They sound amazing and I can't wait for him to try them.

Dorina • 2 years ago

Dear savvy circler shaz78, good luck for you and your husband! We hope he'll get the chance to try out one of these products 🤞

Lisanemilyx • 2 years ago

Both look exciting my partner would love to try either.cant wait to see if we have been picked.

asu78 • 2 years ago

WOW i would love to trial these amazing Gillette SKIN range, or the King C. Gillette products please, Thank you

Dorina • 2 years ago

Dear savvy circler asu78, fingers crossed for you! 🤞

Jessi • 2 years ago

I would love to try your product, a new experiment, look and feel and feel better. What more do you need. Thank you

Ashka • 2 years ago

Cant wait to see if we have been picked, I would love to try your product :)

rie01 • 2 years ago

Wow these products look amazing my partner would love to try these

Bee118 • 2 years ago

All the products sound amazing. Can't wait to see if we get picked! :)

Ldld • 2 years ago

my son would love to try these as he’s trying to find what’s right for his skin and to get that sharp edge look without having irritating skin/razor bumps

Asha1 • 2 years ago

My husband has thick coarse facial hair and finds it very difficult to get that clean shave. Here's hoping this will work wonders on him

RoyAGriffiths • 2 years ago

My position requires that I always look and feel fresh; so I am always looking for the best, cleanest shave which makes me look and feel confident. Life is all about the look.

KingofCoupons • 2 years ago

I just want to experiment with new products I’ve always know Gillette’s the best and it always will be

em212 • 2 years ago

I love trying new brands to see what they do different. Enjoy my Phillips electric shaver now but willing to be converted!

em212 • 2 years ago

I currently rock stubble so looking to keep that too!

Micky • 2 years ago

Would like it to be soft as a baby bum

Micky • 2 years ago

The item is for my husband and he always said take stubble and it would be like smooth like a baby bum

Micky • 2 years ago

He alway said wet shaving is best

asu_101 • 2 years ago

Yes please, can't wait to test on my dry, rough stubble

sweety • 2 years ago

Amazing project, Hope i get picked this time

Dorina • 2 years ago

Dear savvy circler sweety, we wish you good luck! 🍀

nova200 • 2 years ago

I have always used Gillette shaving products, They are the best for my sensitive skin

Iulya • 2 years ago

Its the best ❤

simo692 • 2 years ago

Have applied for this fantastic Gillette project🤞😊♥️🌷💖👍🥰❤

Dorina • 2 years ago

Dear savvy circler simo692, good luck! 🤞😍

sim3945 • 2 years ago

Exciting Gillette project - Thank you

abofai • 2 years ago

Yes please... Applied for this super Gillette project :)

Fezab • 2 years ago

Perfect for my stubble

Sugarplum247 • 2 years ago

This project sound like a challenge. Bring it on. Please pick me. My partner up for trying new personal hygiene care. Gillette a good brand to help.

KLight • 2 years ago

Very interesting

RyanL • 2 years ago

Love to find if this is better than the product I currently use. Let's give it a go!

Dorina • 2 years ago

Dear savvy circler RyanL, 🍀🙌

LankyLarry • 2 years ago

I would love to be part this wonderful project, it's right up my street!

Maddy1685 • 2 years ago

I would be grateful and happy you be part of or try any of the products available.

Beenu • 2 years ago

I have applied it for my husband and just want to surprise him that I can gift him so many things to make him him feel and look good, I wish my application be approved!

Brick1981 • 2 years ago

Applied and looking forward to trying this new range of kit as I currently swear by your Gillette Fusion 5 range can you do even better?

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 2 years ago

Oh no , I tired to apply with 24 hours left to apply and it just says survey ended when I click on application form ☹ would have been great for my partner to try he's always left with real sensitive skin after saving off his beard so any of these would have been great for him! Good luck to all that was able to apply 👍 xx

Mac.Blank • 2 years ago

Would love to take part in this, and compare my current trimmer against gillete (oops braun!).

Maddy1685 • 2 years ago

Can't wait to see if I'm part of this team. Looking forward to trying any if these

Meljel • 2 years ago

I would love to try this out my old razor is in the back of my cupboard it leaves me with so sore and terribly red after use

sumaya • 2 years ago

Looking forward for this project for my partner. 😊👌

Jamesnye17 • KCG Stylemaster 2 years ago

Thank you for choosing me to test this product,I look forward to using it on a regular basis

Josmall1984 • 2 years ago

Would love to try this

literka78 • 2 years ago

Yes I would love to try a new product.My husband has a hard time to shave And every now and then he is looking for new razors

sumaya • 2 years ago

Didn't make it for this project for my partner, next time maybe.
Good luck to everyone who made it through. 🤗

fatb • 2 years ago

i would like to try thi

Phuss • SKIN Moisturiser 2 years ago

Thank you for choosing me! I can’t wait to see what it is!

I have tried king c beard and face oil in the past and it gave me awesome results, very soft beard after one day that I took part in a project on TRND..I hope I get chosen for King C. Gillette Stylemaster trimmer I have never tried that and I’d love to submit the journey and feedbacks in my blogs that I submit daily.

Dorina • KCG Moisturiser 2 years ago

Dear savvy circler Phuss, we hope you enjoy testing your product! 🤗

peggy717171 • 2 years ago

Makes my skin soft as a pillow but really im as hard as steel. Wish this was the way I'd always feel

Denulka21 • 2 years ago

I would love to tru this beauty. Looking forward

Josmall1984 • 2 years ago

Would love to try

Gracey123 • 2 years ago

I would love to try this

sozzles78 • 2 years ago

This would be good to try out

hampshire2012 • 2 years ago

It says I didn't apply for the project but I did

Psychowitch • 2 years ago

Yes please

Jennifer44 • 2 years ago

Would love to try this as I already use Gillette.

Tracehunter • 2 years ago

My husband is always on the search for a clean shave and always goes back to the same he would love to try this, as would I

Kotryna13244 • 2 years ago

Wow these products look amazing my partner would love to try these

Moorfeibbed • 2 years ago

I've just the man for this
How nice it will be to be kissed by him after a good shave

Benniecat • 2 years ago

A definite for my hubby. Trying to convert him to Gillette shaving form or gel as I love the smell but he needs some convincing 🤔

Josmall1984 • 2 years ago

My husband always uses Gillette so please 🙏 we would love to sample and review

Sabrina12 • 2 years ago

Recently started using Gillette would
Love to give this product a try

Layal • 2 years ago

We always uses Gillette... we would love to sample please ...

Liza-M-B82 • 2 years ago

Don't manage to be part of the team fingers crossed for next time. All that did enjoy

Milenka • 2 years ago


Darsan • 2 years ago

I always use Gillette product it was very nice and smooth skin. Hope in feature carry on...

Nicoleclay • 2 years ago

Would love to try

Zaru786 • 2 years ago

My husband wants try new product and recommended Friends and Family, love to wait....

fatbak • 2 years ago

I hope to find something better than I use it right now.

Janine02 • 2 years ago

My son would love to try this

PhilWoolley • 2 years ago

Trying to grow a beard at the moment, having issues with dry skin and these look like the answer waiting... #patchybeard

Supersassy99 • 2 years ago

would love this for my parrtner

CharlieBegg • SKIN Aftershave 2 years ago

I've already sent you my review of this product.

Martboy • 2 years ago

I'd love to try any of these thank u MD

mihaella • 2 years ago

I will love to try any of these❤️

CharlieBegg • SKIN Aftershave 2 years ago

I've written a review for the shaving balm but, your on my case every couple of days. Why?

Lesleycb18 • 2 years ago

I would like try it if that’s ok

Lesleycb18 • 2 years ago

It would be nice if I could get one

Lesleycb18 • 2 years ago

how Do you get one free

Lesleycb18 • 2 years ago

How do you get one please

JamesE • 2 years ago

Didnt make the team this time :-(

Lesleycb18 • 2 years ago

If I was lucky to get one could you please send it to me

Lesleycb18 • 2 years ago

Will please send
Me one

briggsy • 2 years ago

i use gillette all the time

Rowson • 2 years ago

Love the skin to try aftershave for my hubby Heidi rowson ❤

sumaya • 2 years ago

Wow this looks fantastic.
Would love this to try on my Partner and take some pic.

virgius • 1 year ago

just want to try,as i never try before

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