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Flash Liquid-Gel – results from 5,000 testers


5,000 savvy circlers tested Flash Liquid-Gel for 8 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team:

What is your general impression of the Flash Liquid-Gel? - 3,330 ratings
"With its powerful and concentrated new formula, Flash Liquid-Gel is perfect for floors and worktops - making your cleaning routine as easy as A, B, C." 95.1% - 3,330 respondents

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

I have so enjoyed this, my very first project, and what a brilliant one. Flash Liquid-Gel has made my home so much easier to clean, I’ve loved spreading the word and I”ve loved reading everyones comments and tips. Thanks savvy circle, thanks everyone.

savvy circler clorantha
Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

I have been showing the effect that is has had on my floor tiles and the shine. They were so impressed that they have gone out have purchased some for themselves. I have been so impressed I have purchased even more for myself, I went on a mad cleaning spree!

savvy circler Wilowtree
Ambassador comment

The only cleaner for me. Does a wonderful job on plastic garden furniture. Comes up a dream. I also tried it on UPVC window frames and sills and they came up a treat. Flash Liquid-Gel will be the only cleaner I will ever use from now on.

savvy circler lindysue
Ambassador comment

Fresh lemony scent. The best element I enjoyed about the Flash Liquid-Gel was how fast it cleans up spills and stubborn stains. It also smells fresh and wonderfully lemony. I really enjoyed using this product around my home.

savvy circler Zeba
Ambassador comment

Love it all! My favourite thig about flash Liquid-Gel is… EVERYTHING! It’s brilliant, easy to use, removes stubborn stains, smells wonderful and is economical. What a great product, Thank you, Flash.

savvy circler petey