Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry Wave 2

Your chance to bust the dust with Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry

Thousands of savvy circlers tried and tested the Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry already and their verdict: It’s simply the BEST! So we thought we’d bring to you yet another chance to jump on the bandwagon and #DustItOff with Flash yourself.

If you are an experienced Instagram user and looking for a solution to keep on top of daily dirt, then we are looking for you! In this Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry project, our goal will be to share exciting and creative posts and stories on Instagram, to show the nation that cleaning can be quick, easy and fun!

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Join the #FlashFamily and become an Ambassador for Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry

There’s nothing like the feeling of a freshly deep-cleaned home but, let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time to clean in every nook and cranny on a daily basis… or do we?

The new Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry is new to the UK and here to make cleaning a breeze. Sweep it, and rid your home of dust and allergens in a Flash.

As part of a team of 1,000 savvy circlers, you will:

🧹 Test the new Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry

📸 Share 2 posts on Instagram about our #DustItOff experiences

🏆 Battle to win 3 month worth Flash refill supplies – you heard that right!

Our Starter Kit in this Project contains:

  • 1x Flash Dust Magnet starter kit
  • 1x Flash Speed Mop starter kit
  • 1x Flash Dust Magnet refill pack
  • 1x Flash Speed Mop refill pack
  • Flash cards to help you spread the news online

Interested in taking part?

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@all: What are you looking forward to the most in this project?


Juda • 9 days ago

Looking forward to having a dust and dirt free home with the help of Flash. Hope I'm lucky enough to be selected.

KerryPerry • 9 days ago

@all: I am looking forward to spring cleaning my home after renovating it for the last two years so with Flashes help i can achieve a dust free clean home easy peasy lemon squeezey

DeniDi • 9 days ago

Fingers crossed to be selected for this amazing project! 🥰😍

Serenajane • 9 days ago

Would love to try this ♥

Monika42 • 9 days ago

I would love to try amazing project ❤️

BajanChick101 • 9 days ago

I'd love to test these products and put them through their paces. I'm having to dust and mop constantly so these would be ideal! 🤞🏼❤

Janey79 • 9 days ago

I love trying new products. My house gets very dusty especially during harvest time.

Lolzaa97 • 9 days ago

I love trying new products and this would be a life saver especially with 3 cats in the household

Zara_1998 • 9 days ago

I hope I am lucky enough to get chosen for this amazing campaign. I have severe dust allergy and pets and these products would be a game changer for me and my cleaning.

Tib25 • 9 days ago

Looking forward to this project. Fingers crossed x

Sheny • 9 days ago

OMG!! 😍😍 I absolutely need this in my life. I've actually been trying to buy this and I can't get hold of it for love or money. On a serious note, I have really bad dust allergies so I think this could be a real game changer for me and make a massive difference to my overall wellbeing and life in general.
I'm super excited for this challenge! 💪

Hayleypooh • 9 days ago

I’ve applied I would really love to be part of this project

Lindseymcm • 9 days ago

I have applied hope lucky enough to be able to test this product out

bec4everuk1 • 9 days ago

Have applied this would help me keep on top of my housework hope I'm one of the lucky ones 🤞🤞

Buddha • 9 days ago

Lovely would love to try both of therse

hampshire2012 • 9 days ago

I didn't get picked last time I hope I get picked this time 🙏

Junie • 9 days ago

I don't do Instagram 🙃

Maus • 9 days ago

Really hoping to be selected to try this product. Love a nice clean fresh smelling home with a product that’s easy to use and works well 🥰

Samona • 9 days ago

Would love to be chosen for this project I love a nice clean home and I'm always looking for new things to help do this I love nice scented products to 🤞🤞

Queenabi • 9 days ago

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 Hoping I get chosen! I’ve spent weeks deliberating over buying a new mop after my mop bucket broke 🙈 and would love to try this out & share it with everyone 😍 Sparkling floors await ✨

BeautifullyBalanced • 9 days ago

Would love to see how we get on with these in our soon to be country cottage home we're currently renovating.

BBrooks10 • 9 days ago

I would love to give this a try. I have applied for many testers/free samples but have been unsuccessful, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! 🤞

abby10 • 8 days ago

Would love to be accepted for this project to try, have applied recently.

Ania1989 • 8 days ago

I would love to try this Fingers cross this time I will make

purplepainkiller • 8 days ago

Hopefully I’ll be chosen!!! I’m loving how easy to use this seems, I’m disabled and house work is challenging!

Sonson19 • 8 days ago

I need this I have a dog a cat and a teenager not sure which one is worse lol please help

Leesa • 8 days ago

Hope I get picked

Pervinder • 8 days ago

Looking forward to this one! 🧽 🧹

Caz238 • 8 days ago

I can’t wait to see if I am one of the chosen ones to try this incredible package of Flash products. I love cleaning ( you don’t hear that often) but I honestly do.
Good luck everyone. 🤞

Danielle-marie • 8 days ago

My daughter his 8 her name his Savannah-marie and the other day she said to me she wanted to learn to help me round the house and I throw this would be the perfect thing to get her started , it's not really hard and it's not really easy either. And it's something we can do together , then I'm gonna let her help me gather the clothes , sort them out and to the washing put aload in the drum and then put washing powder or tablet in then comfort condition and then softener then vansher I'm really excited to do this with my daughter and I'm so happy she can and asked me. I love her with all my heart today I've got to go and get her an ironing board and a iron ( plastic toy set )

neels115 • 8 days ago

Sounds like an exciting project to be on, I hope I get selected! Good luck to all!!!

Liza-M-B82 • 7 days ago

Good luck every one hopefully I will be part of this team fingers crossed

cathwarbur • 7 days ago

I would love to try them out. Here's to a dust free and clean house!

MrsWinters • 7 days ago

Would love to be picked for this project ✨ 🧹

hazeld15 • 6 days ago

I applied last time but wasn't chosen, so hopefully I will this time, fingers crossed. I could really do with these in my life.

pigginperfect • 6 days ago

I would love to get chosen for this fantastic project please.

Lizzyjaye80 • 6 days ago

Looking forward to trying this ( sick of my kitchen and all that dust in rooms looking a right pig sty ) and home needs some loving also the amount of tvs / electronic gadgets and ornaments and picture frames gathering up dust - my home needs help also the floors need to be dirt proof from the children ……

JustineC • 5 days ago

I would love to be picked for this with 3 messy children it would make cleaning a breeze

ZohaSiid01 • 4 days ago

Fingers crossed this time round, applied and hope to test this fabulous product

apn1179 • 4 days ago

I have two dogs, so I have dog hair and mud to clear up I love labour saving cleaning products so bring it on!

Foxy.1979 • 3 days ago

I wasn’t selected first time round! Fingers crossed for this wave 🤞. Good luck everyone 🍀

Chelsie014 • 3 days ago

I really hope to get selected on this project I can't wait to try the dust magnet and speed mop dry, with a dog and 4 children I'm sure these 2 products will come in handy for the multiple quick daily cleans I have to do just to keep on top of the dust and dog hairs, good luck everyone 🤞🤞

MummyBtothree • 3 days ago

Would love to be chosen to test these. Fingers 🤞🍀

Pixie73 • 3 days ago

Second time lucky 🍀🤞🍀

nas131 • 3 days ago

Just joined this project, good luck everyone 🤞

Embat92 • 3 days ago

I hope im lucky enough to picked for this project. Having just renovated my first home a builder husband and 3 messy children id love to try this product on my wooden floors. Good luck everyone!

Chloehumes1999 • 3 days ago

I hope I am lucky enough to try this as my little one does love making a mess and cleaning up with these with his help would make life so much easier especially on my wooden floors

Good luck 🤞🏻

tamas • 3 days ago

ha-ha, I am hoping to have more free time

Kirstiea87 • 3 days ago

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 on being accepted, this would literally make my housework a lot easier! Two children who love mess, and a man child. My work is never done :)

MrsJackson14 • 2 days ago

I applied for this before but didn't make the team so I'm hoping I do this time. Dust allergies and pets this would be great to try and keep those pesky dust particles at bay

Margaret12 • 1 day ago

Would really love to be chosen for this project I find it really difficult to keep on top of the dust I do it on a daily basis but it never really looks any better so using this hopefully will solve my dusty problem fingers crossed

asu78 • 1 day ago

Hope i get selected this time round - Thank you

asu_101 • 1 day ago

I suffer from dust allergy - hope i get selected, so i can have a dust free home

sweety • 1 day ago

I have lower back pain, hopefully this Flash Speedmop will make my life easier🥰🤞🏻❤😍❤️

nova200 • 1 day ago

I am super excited to join this FLASH project - Can't wait to get started 😍

simo692 • 1 day ago

Have applied, I am interested in testing Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry please

abofai • 1 day ago

WOW exciting project, hope i get picked this time, fingers crossed🤞🏻

Lollypop23 • 1 day ago

Ohhhh I hope I get chosen to be part of this project. It suits to me so well! Fingers crossed

Leesa • 1 day ago


Fezab • 1 day ago

I hope i am lucky enough to picked for this Flash Speed Mop project...I love cleaning :)

sim3945 • 23 hours ago

Exciting project...Love using FLASH products❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wintermama2020 • 23 hours ago

Love flash products! I'm so hoping I get picked

Supersavvybeth • 23 hours ago

Such an amazing project, fits my family perfectly good luck everybody 🤞🏼🍀

Zaeah • 17 hours ago

Hoping to be chosen 🥺❤️

Katie974 • 17 hours ago

Good luck everyone ☺️

Jaxie20 • 10 hours ago

🤞🏽I’m chosen and good luck to everyone. Hope to be chosen as these will save me so much time with my cleaning routine

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