Flash Liquid-Gel
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Flash Liquid-Gel - results from 5,000 testers

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5,000 savvy circlers tested Flash Liquid-Gel for eight weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team

97% trust that with its powerful and concentrated new formula, Flash Liquid-Gel slices through your cleaning time and can be used in every room. 2,782 ratings
What is your general impression of Flash Liquid-Gel? - 2,782 ratings

From the 29th June to the 21st August 2015, 5,000 ambassadors tested the powerful surface cleaner as part of an exclusive savvy circle project team.

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

Flash Liquid-Gel really cuts trough dirt and grime with one swipe of the cloth and leaves a wonderful shine and lemon scent. Can't wait to show off my bottle to people around me!

savvy circler 1033MICHELLE
Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinion

I had so much fun trying out Flash Liquid-Gel, it worked a treat and smells great! It's nice to find a product that can be used on all surfaces!

savvy circler Sharonvlogs
Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinion

Flash Liquid-Gel is absolutely fabulous, it's saved me so much room in my cleaning cupboard. It smells amazing and I seriously cannot get over how quickly it makes cleaning and how you can use it for everything.

savvy circler natasha1989
Ambassador opinions

I'm so happy to have tried Flash Liquid-Gel. I will definitely be using this from now on, it leaves such a lovely scent behind.

savvy circler magdaambroszkiewicz
Ambassador opinions

It's a good job I had Flash Liquid-Gel to help make the process of scrubbing the bathroom floors more enjoyable. I love the lemon fragrance!

savvy circler Snuffe3685