Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry

Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry

The new Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry – your must against dust

We all know how hard it is to clean and stay on top of the daily dirt, dust and hair that trickles through the house throughout the day – and no matter how much you try to keep on top of dusting or how often you clean, it reappears within hours. Until now!

The new Flash Dust Magnet & Speed Mop Dry are the perfect products for quick, easy and fun removal of daily dust. Sweep it, dust it and rid your home of dust, hair and allergens in a Flash.

A new and easy way to stay on top of daily dirty, dust and hair

  • Flash-Speed-mop

    The Flash Speed Mop Dry Pads trap & lock dirt, dust and hair on any hard floor surface in your home.

  • Flash Dust Magnet

    The Flash Dust Magnet (also available in XL to reach all that hidden dust) traps and locks dust, hair and allergens from dust-mites, but also cats and dogs from surfaces!

It’s time for those long, backbreaking cleaning sessions to become speedy, efficient and even whisper it fun. Want to know more?

As members of the Flash team, we will:

  1. Put the new Flash range to the test
  2. Take to social and let our friends and followers know that they can #DustItOff and get spotless surfaces in no time with Flash
  3. Chat to friends and family about our favourite new cleaning product
  4. Leave online reviews
  5. Give our feedback directly to the Flash team

Our Starter Kit in this Project contains:

  • 1x Flash Dust Magnet
  • 1x Flash Speed Mop starter kit OR dry pads
  • 1x Flash Dust Magnet refill pack
  • Flash cards to help you spread the news online
  • 8x discount coupons for friends so they can experience how quick, easy and fun cleaning can be with Flash

Interested in taking part?

Application update

Applications for this project are now closed. Teams will be announced on Monday, 21 February so stay tuned!

@all: Tell us in the comment section why you would like to take part in this project!


sim3945 • 2 years ago

I have applied for this wonderful Flash project, I need all the help i can get to clean my dusty hard floors x Thank you x

Shiryl1991 • 2 years ago

Would be a brilliant addition to my cleaning with 2 baby's this would make my cleaning easier to do.

kallieannmaile • 2 years ago

fingers crossed, anything to speed up the household chores is very welcome!

Silver7 • 2 years ago

I would love to be a part of this project. I have got a few floor surfaces I can try the Flash Speedmop on. It would be a perfect tool. Looking forward to see have spotless and dust free house. Fingers crossed.

Brownie27 • 2 years ago

Would love to take part in this. I have more titled floor than carpet plus black furniture in the living room - both show all the specks of dust

Emmajo • 2 years ago

I would love to be part of this as I suffer from allergies so anything to keep my house dust free will be perfect

MsAmberUk • 2 years ago

Fingers crossed, I get a chance to be part of this project. I actually don't own a mop, weird I know' I go on my hands and knees LOLOLOLOL......
Would be perfect.....

Mrsh_ • 2 years ago

Wow if these can sort my forever mucky floors out I will love them forever. Would love the opportunity to sample these and fingers crossed they are just what I need in my life to solve my battle with my floors 🤣

Anamakram43 • 2 years ago

Wow what wonderful opportunity to try this magic mop

sumaya • 2 years ago

Missed it last time, would love to be selected to try this flash products, addictted to mopping and dusting, and always ready for your lovely projects specially to take some lovely pictures and write reviews. Bring it on.😊 Savycircle#♥️

Inna1 • 2 years ago

Sounds great and I’d be round the house in a flash with one of those.
I need this. . . .fast.
[Would love to test it]

Weezes • 2 years ago

Oh I could do with a cleaning revolution we’ve just moved and I cannot keep up with the new routine. Too many different floor types and surfaces.

Black.Glitter.House • 2 years ago

My allergies are really bad so this would be perfect for me 😃
Plus I have different types of floors 🤞

Meljel • 2 years ago

I would love to win this dust magnet duster 2 out of 3 of my children have hay-fever so trying to keep on top of the dusting is a nightmare this would be a massive help and my floors I am constantly using a mop to try and keep my floors clean my 3 children have a habit of laying on the floors in our household all the time I don't know why we have furniture for lol they love laying on the floors in our home and playing on their phones and tablets but trying to keep my floors clean constantly is and has been very very hard for me so this would be superb additions for our household

suzanne1957 • 2 years ago

Applied and have everything crossed. My dog and grandchildren are dust magnets. They carry dust and leave it in my home. Would be amazing to try this and cut down on dusting time.

DELMOS • 2 years ago

Hubby who forgets how to wipe his feet plus son's dog is aregular visitor, if these can tackle the job I'll be converted!

Aniemouse • 2 years ago

I'd love to try these. I have long covid and suffer terribly with fatigue. Anything that can help me keep my house clean, and do it quicker than traditional methods would be an absolute life changer for me right now!

AgaDoo12 • 2 years ago

I would love to use this mop to make my daily chores easier fingers crossed xx

Noreen20 • 2 years ago

Omg this would be amazing to try

Foxy.1979 • 2 years ago

I’m currently off work sick so this would be ideal right now for me to assist me with quick , effective and convenient cleaning tasks that would otherwise be a struggle or take longer using my current methods.

Crazylealea • 2 years ago

I have brought 3 spray mops in 2 years from Argos :( not happy with their products. Would love to try this and see if flashes durability holds up. I mop everyday as I have a disabled child who still moved about on the floor.

Moneyp2804 • 2 years ago

I am really looking forward to try these fingers crossed maybe this might be my solution to speedy clean floors!

Louadams1 • 2 years ago

Can’t wait to see if I’ve been picked for this project 😊 I can’t wait to try out the flash duster 🧹 🧼

happybear1993 • 2 years ago

With a cat and a child I wouldn't mind trying any of these to try make cleaning easier

Zarah36 • 2 years ago

Applied and have everything crossed. My dog and grandchildren are dust magnets. They carry dust and leave it in my home. Would be amazing to try this and cut down on dusting time.

Katie974 • 2 years ago

Good luck everyone 🤞🏻☺️

Silver1958 • 2 years ago

My wife always left her long hairs everywhere I like to try it

Liza-Marie82 • 2 years ago

Good luck everyone. I'm so excited to find out if I'm part of the team. I'm so looking forward to trying it out

Kathryn28 • 2 years ago

I would love to try this havnt found a good mop/floor cleaner yet.i can't seem to get on its keeps saying I under review?

hayls83 • 2 years ago

Oh goodness, how this will change our lives (dramatic I know)!! Two kids and a building site behind our house is causing dust drama beyond belief. I beg of you to include us in this trial, to hopefully eradicate the dust drama of casa Mather 🚮 🧹🧽

SavvycirclerChelle33 • 2 years ago

🤞for this , dust always makes me sneeze , even more so after I've given the rooms a polish .would love to try and see if it really does lock in that dust . Good luck everyone x

Wazzer01 • 2 years ago

Would love to be part of this project, need all the help I can get with removing dust..

Rola • 2 years ago

I need this mop as it will help me clean the floor of my house and would love to have one of these.It will remove the dusty bits from the floor which I have yo deal with everyday .

JP70 • 2 years ago

I welcome anything that will help with my flooring, I seem to be constantly mopping it! Also my black kitchen cabinets are a total dust magnet!!

Vikute65 • 2 years ago

Just perfect time for test on Moving home 👌👌👌❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

Geri97 • 2 years ago

I need this in my life, none of my rooms have carpets and it's impossible to vacuum clean everyday. I'd love to test it.

Cat1997 • 2 years ago

I would love this anything that will help with cleaning the floor will be a amazing as I’m always mopping it. I also need a duster as the house is always dusty as my interior is black and white

Zarah26 • 2 years ago


Tinkerbelll • 2 years ago

At one time my home was spotless. People said I was obsessed with cleaning. Over the last 4 years my health hasn't been good. Seems to be something every year. From a person who was fit, loads of energy to someone who is exhausted all the time.. Anything that could help is a blessing 💜

MrsAliG • 2 years ago

Less than 1 day to go. I really hope I get picked as I need help tackling a house where all floors floors are hard and coping with 2 dogs, 2 women with long hair forever malting and struggling to keep up whilst in a wheelchair. 🤞Fingers crossed I’m picked🤞🙏🤞🙏

Brownie27 • 2 years ago

Not long to go now, good luck everyone 😊

Skyrocket • 2 years ago

Sounds like my ideal cleaning parter....fingers crossed 🤞

Leesa • 2 years ago

Good luck everyone I'd love to try these x

Mac.Blank • 2 years ago

Hope to take part in this.

As disabled people dusting is a real chore, and anything to make that easier is a life saver, and dust killer!

SarahSarah • 2 years ago

Fantastic looking product

allison2 • 2 years ago

As a busy mum of 2 and also working part time I’d love to make life easier and take the pain out of cleaning my hard floors really hope I’m picked fingers crossed 🤞

Elatop • 2 years ago

It will be wonderful to make the team and be able to test this lovely mop.I always struggle with cleaning floor and get rid of the hair from it. This will definitely come really handy.

Xxlouxx • 2 years ago

Would love this struggle to clean some of our tiles it's a pain they never seem clean. We both work and his father makes messes while we're gone . So we clean from themin we get home til we're goin to bed. This might cut the time

Mrinnoscent • 2 years ago

Need the help to keep on top of our house with two dogs and a cat oh and not forgetting the messy partner who 'forgets' to wipe their feet ha

Sneezylal • 2 years ago

My kitchen floor would really benefit from this!

Zarah26 • 2 years ago

I thought this had already ended 3 days ago, it’s now gone back up and there’s another 2 days on it

Tam36 • 2 years ago

There's dust & hair everywhere! I'd love to speedily clean it away with these fun new cleaning products. Fingers crossed 😀

FionaBarclay • 2 years ago

I’d love to try this and share the experience - the dust is never ending!!!

LB-SC • 2 years ago

With 2 people in the household with (very) long hair and some major DIY work going on, dust and muck has long overstayed its welcome in this house... let's hope these products can help me show them the door!

PearlyWhite • 2 years ago

I would love to get to the higher shelves as well as our lower shed skirting boards! As we have a bannister near our stairs it’s hard to get the vacuum down there so having something to help tackle that would be amazing!

Foxy.1979 • 2 years ago

Having teenage boys and two cats all and out all day my laminate flooring and wooden blinds get so dirty so quickly, I’d love the poor to test and find something that would be easy, quick and convenient to clean behind them all 🥰

Testerhath • 2 years ago

Applied 🙏 I’m chosen x good luck everyone ❤️

Roxyshonestreviews • 2 years ago

Love the wipes for quick cleans in small rooms so I’d be interested to see how these can trap dust and not just move of around

Foxybird93 • 2 years ago

I'm envisioning myself dusting areas I didn't realise I could dust, mopping like I'm an extra in dancing on ice with the magic mop all whilst introducing myself as cinderellas long lost cousin. What a fantastic project to be part of 😍😍🥰

Cleaningmummyoffive • 2 years ago

I would love to try these, especially the dry pads for my flash mop. I have a bulldog who loves to get his hairs everywhere so this would be the perfect product to try.
I am a domestic in a hospital that uses something similar so it would be interesting to see if these work as well as the stuff we have at work.

Jaganne • 2 years ago

Flash is one of the products I use for cleaning as I love the smell and always feel that what ever I use it on is always clean and protected

Janiebutler123 • 2 years ago

I love to try one of these. It might help me with the arthritis I've got in my back.

drhkjec • 2 years ago

I would like to be chosen for this project as i think that this would help me so much in my everyday life

Julika • 2 years ago

I want to try it. Still not happy with veleda mop

Rachya • 2 years ago

I would love to try these as I have a building site opposite my house and the dust that comes in through the windows and doors when open is horrendous x

Brownie27 • 2 years ago

Oh not long now.
Wishing you all good luck 🤞

lorka • 2 years ago

These might help me like dusting more!

Terrygirl • 2 years ago

I have a few pets and one due kittens so keeping things clean is important plus with covid its even more so now clean home is a happy home.

xjessxdun • 2 years ago

❤❤ Fingers crossed 🤞

YukiCookie • 2 years ago

Dust makes my skin itchy so I always clean a lot. Would love to try these products to streamline the cleaning process and keep my home dust and dirt free!

Jasperella • 2 years ago

Fingers 🤞

Elliemay60 • 2 years ago

Would love to try this out as I seem to always be mopping dirty little paw prints in this weather

Ladycatnap1 • 2 years ago

I have just had a new wooden floor laid all downstairs and would love to see how this works as mopping seems to leave streaks. I have such a busy life and this looks like a quick and easy way of cleaning my floors.

Yasmin-Cupcake • 2 years ago

With a busy household, these look perfect for efficiency and a good thorough clean

Lockdownmom14 • 2 years ago

I'd love to try this between a 7yr old boy and a mucky doggy , I'm hoping this would be perfect for me and my home

Lotty • 2 years ago

I would love to try these x

Welshcake77 • 2 years ago

I would love to put the products to the test. I've a kitchen and bathroom floor crying out for a good spring clean.

tinalou • 2 years ago

Would love to try this, with kids a husband, and 2 cats it would be very handy, as at the moment I am on my hands and knees cleaning the floors 😂💕

Kerry250985 • 2 years ago

Would love to try this. Floors get so dusty been near the main road, would be fab not having to get on my hands and knees

spud • 2 years ago

would love to test these products ,struggling to cope with a disabled daughter, cats and a dog and my hip and back so i really cannot be down on my hands and knees no more to do the floors. My house gets really dusty with 9 cats and my daughters service dog it would be done in half the time with these great new products from flash.

Rowson • 2 years ago

Love to test to keep my floors clean with my cats Heidi rowson ❤

Rowson • 2 years ago

Love to test the new flash mop to keep my floors clean with my cats Heidi rowson ❤

iFairyx • 2 years ago

Eeeeekkkk I can't wait to find out if I've been accepted, I really hope I have. It'll give me the inspiration to clean!

Tsalach • 2 years ago

This would be great for us, we have lots of hard to reach nooks and crannies, a pet and glass light fittings that are difficult to keep clean.

Lizzim • 2 years ago

Yes please would love to try and do a review

Cheluchi • 2 years ago

Hope I get chosen 🤞🤞🤞

Lisanemilyx • 2 years ago

This would be brilliant In my household especially with 2 kids and pets.looks very easy to use and put away no more pulling a mop and bucket out and the duster looks effective.hopefully get a chance to get them both a try.🤞

misha98 • 2 years ago

anything to speed up the cleaning process with kids 🤞

Noreen20 • 2 years ago

Can’t wait I hope I get chosen this would be brilliant in my household with kids xx

NicolaandIsla • 2 years ago

These sound so good! Always on the look out for things that speed up my cleaning time, Good luck everyone 👏🏼

MrsJackson14 • 2 years ago

So sad I didn't make the team, these would have been perfect for me to try with my dust allergies. Good luck to the team members that got picked, hope you enjoy the products ❤️

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