Fixodent Professional

Fixodent Professional

Fixodent’s Best Ever Denture Adhesive

Be the first to try the new Fixodent Professional, share your experiences, and help others find their favourite denture adhesive, so they can live life with more bite.

You can still join our latest project and become one of the lucky people to test this incredible product while stocks last!

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Fixodent Professional

Whether you are new to dentures, have worn them for years, or know someone who struggles with them, you will want to know about the greatest denture adhesive out there. Fixodent is launching Fixodent Professional, their best ever denture adhesive and now you have the chance to be one of the first ones to try it! Dentures and denture adhesives can be uncomfortable topics to discuss, but they are nothing to be embarrassed about. There are thought to be 15 million full or partial denture wearers in the UK, so if you are suffering from this problem, you are not alone!

Be the first to try the new Fixodent Professional

You might be missing one tooth or many; having gaps in your teeth can affect the quality of your life. You may find biting into food, chewing, or even speaking difficult tasks to complete every day. Developed with dentists, Fixodent Professional is designed to help everyone enjoy these basic tasks again, and with confidence!

Fixodent's Best Ever Denture Adhesive

Your starter kit

A lucky team of 4,000 savvy circlers will be selected to join us and will receive the following project kit:

  • 1 full-size pack of Fixodent Professional denture adhesive cream
  • A discount code that you can share with others who also wear full or partial dentures
  • 5 sample-size tubes of Fixodent Professional that you can give away to your friends and family to try

In this savvy circle project you will:

  • Test the new Fixodent Professional denture adhesive cream, and free your life from denture worries to make more room for the things you love.
  • Post your experiences on social media via selfies, snaps, and videos with #UltimateDentureAdhesive, #FixodentProfessional, #savvycircle, and #ad, and don’t forget to tag @supersavvymeofficial
  • Share your samples, leaflets, and coupons with friends and family who are also denture wearers
  • Send your opinions to the Fixodent team via an online survey
  • Review Fixodent Professional on SuperSavvyMe

Apply now!

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MoMurphy • 3 years ago

I would like this for my mother to try out as she finds it difficult to find a good adhesive.

traceylove2001 • 3 years ago

I would love this for myself to try. It hasn't been long, but I know a good adhesive makes all the difference.

asu78 • 3 years ago

yes please would love to test and review

Ariella • 3 years ago

@asu78, Good luck to you!! 🍀🍀

asu_101 • 3 years ago

would love to try this Fixodent denture cream please,

sweety • 3 years ago

I am looking to replace my current denture adhesive cream, Thanks

nova200 • 3 years ago

Have applied...interested in this project,

Lozzyboo • 3 years ago

I have applied and would love to be considered!

tara123 • 3 years ago

my bridge with 4 teeth fell out and i havent been able to see a dentist so i would be delighted to
try this and see how good it is

ashleighj • 3 years ago

both m and my partner would love to try this

simo692 • 3 years ago

would love to try Fixodent denture adhesive cream, my current brand is useless

Ariella • 3 years ago

@simo692, hopefully, Fixodent Professional will be your new favourite!

sim3945 • 3 years ago

I am still trying to find a good Denture adhesive cream

drhkjec • 3 years ago

I would love to try this product out keeping my fingers crossed that I qualify

Lollypop23 • 3 years ago

Would love to test this product polygrip doesn’t do a good enough job!

abofai • 3 years ago

I am interested in testing Fixodent denture cream please, Heard good things about it

Fezab • 3 years ago

I would love to try Fixodent denture adhesive cream, hopefully give me more confidence and reassurance when i wear my partial dentures

Ariella • 3 years ago

@Fezabo, we are keeping our fingers crossed!! 🤞

SuperGirl • 3 years ago

Would love to try it.

Drylaw • 3 years ago

im excited i might get a chance to try this

wolvesboy • 3 years ago

Applied for my mother in law, she’s not one for tech too much but I’ll do my best to share what she experiences if she’s lucky enough to be selected

Nicco • 3 years ago

Would give to family to try out, heard good reviews

kassi • 3 years ago


Deepi5890 • 3 years ago

I would love to try
Thanks for giving me chance

Lizzyjaye80 • 3 years ago

Would love to try and test and recommend this to friends and family.

sook • 3 years ago

Would love to try this new fixative creme, used fixodent for years but this product sounds even better and with a stronger hold, sounds very good and I prefer to try before I buy

hazeld15 • 3 years ago

I haven't found one that works properly yet so fingers crossed.

testanna • 3 years ago

There is currently not much good denture adhesives out there... The paper one's are not too bad but you have to trim and cut them, a hassle people can do without!
Yet to try a cream one so would be very interested in the results. Also have a partner with a new partial so he could also be my test subject 😁

madflower • 3 years ago

I'm not applying for this as I don't wear dentures. I'll be keeping an eye out though to see what people thought of it as it is probably only a matter of time before I'll need dentures and it will be useful to have fore-knowledge of helpful products.

miey • 3 years ago

Would love to try this and be part of the project, the current adhesive is very poor quality!

Liza-M-B82 • 3 years ago

Looking forward to trying and testing this out and giving honest feedback

patricia56 • 3 years ago

am waiting in anticipation, there must be an adhesive out there that will meet my needs and last all day, would love to try this xx

Erikakaka • 3 years ago

I'm looking forward to trying a new adhesive as I don't like what I currently use

Donna43 • 3 years ago

Recieved mine today really looking forward to trying this as ive been struggling to find a good adhesive

PRD1963 • 3 years ago

I actually had no idea that I had been accepted for this campaign. Aren't we usually informed?

Not too worried because I am delighted to have been chosen and am looking forward to trying Fixodent Professional to see how it compares with other brands and other Fixodent formulations. Nothing, so far, has prevented my denture becoming loose at completely the wrong, for example, I met with my sister for the first time since lockdown and as we sat on a bench eating our sandwiches out fell my denture!

If I'm impressed, I shall say so and likewise if Fixodent Professional lets me down I shall be equally as honest.

VSWY • 3 years ago

Just received my kit cant wait to get trying this tomorrow.. 😁 thank you so much for selecting me what a lovely surprise 😁

Hunibuni • 3 years ago

Iv never really tried before but I'm pleased with this but I have struggled to give to others to try as not many people who I no were dentures and some are to shy to talk about them, but I would definitely recommend 😊

Mimzy74 • 3 years ago

Definitely recommend this to my friends and family who also wear dentures. Only problem was by evening i had to reapply as the seal started letting food in 😞 8/10

Piski • 3 years ago

Hoping I can get to test this product out , it’s actually for my hubby as so far I’m lucky enough not to need dentures , but not too sure I won’t need them soon , at least if hubby gets to try the Fixodent he can give the best feedback he will be totally upfront if he likes or dislikes, definitely give an honest opinion

Shaunyjay • 3 years ago

As my other half wears full dentures which rub and irritate him, I'm hoping this will fix all that.

Dziosefina • 3 years ago

I liked so much so i buy few items already :)

morey • 3 years ago

have tried it this last week and for once it seems that have a denture adhesive that does what it says on the tin. Have given my extra samples to friends and waiting to see what their feedback is

Famguy • 3 years ago

Lots of positive feedbacks, my brother already purchased more fixodent professional, and others say given them more confidence to bite into a simple apple without the dentures falling out. Thank you Supersavvyme

mandy64 • 3 years ago

I would love to be choosen x

Jim0712 • 3 years ago

I have tried all different types off denture paste Fixodent professional is definitely the best it stays in all day

Mariusjane • 3 years ago

Would love to try this new product and to come in this team

Ariella • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Mariusjane, good luck! 🍀

Dawn_p • 3 years ago

Sits in anticipation that postman brings this to my letterbox, Need to find something that actually works. Fingers crossed.

Alunwynnejames • 3 years ago

As I have aged, my partial denture has become looser and looser. I have tried various fixatives, including Fixadent, to no avail. I want to try this new version before I spend any more money on 'solutions' that do not work.

Joolee71 • 3 years ago

Being a young female and having to wear full dentures hold and appearance is my priority to me 😁so I'm so excited to try fixodent professional to make my smile 💯 without the worry of my teeth falling out

Sheldon1991 • 3 years ago

I've been using this since I got it and it's the best one I've tried by far will continue to use this one all the time thanks for the opportunity.

Manswick • 3 years ago

I'm curre toy using polygrip and can't stand the taste so fingers crossed 🤞🤞

AKL1948 • 3 years ago

Final Feedback below
Although it is easy to use and dispense/apply to my dentures I do not find that that the adhesive lasts for a long time and require an awful lot of it to hold my dentures inside my mouth .several times I have had to reapply during the day

Webee2 • 3 years ago

My husband thinks this is at least 20% better than the last Fixodent he used before, and will definitely be using it in future. Far better adhesion and longer lasting adhesion and comfort.

Dixieone • 3 years ago

This is a great product for the 1st time in 4 years I managed to eat with my bottom dentures in
Shared with friends and results are making a big difference to many of them

Lizzyjaye80 • 3 years ago

This is one product of denture paste / gel I definitely recommend love it holds my partial dentures all day till bed time

Michaelss • 3 years ago

Have enjoyed using this adhesive, found it to have a great hold also

Michaelss • 3 years ago


mania • 3 years ago

i am willing to try a new product

madcart • 3 years ago

Overall a very good product does what it says! Good fiture and easier to est the thing swe love

ChitC • 3 years ago

my father has dentures, so this would be probably something he would try

den86ise • 3 years ago

i reazlly hope i get choosen ive get a partial, and i cant seem to find the best adhesive i need long lasting as no one knows i have my denture, but also due for a new one as haveto have another tooth out so would love to try this with it

Dawn_p • 3 years ago

Have partial dentures and fingers crossed I get picked for this one.

Manoram • 3 years ago

has anybody got this yet?

jacklroberts • 3 years ago

Has anyone received it yet, the project ended on May 23rd according to the listing on the dashboard but my application is still under review?

mrfunk • 3 years ago

Great stuff sticks well for the whole day

Karthik421 • 3 years ago

Eagerly waiting for the opportunity to try the product.

dianeo • 3 years ago

Hope I get to try this and my four good friends are also hoping that I get to try it. Unfortunately they are not internet savvy so any help i can give my best friends by letting them try the samples will be greatly appreciated

AMBATI104 • 3 years ago

Eager to try the product.

mania • 3 years ago

i am so excited to be given this opportunity to be on this campaign

Hiiiiiii • 3 years ago

I've been trying this product for the last few weeks and it is quick and easy to use, giving me confidence that my surfaces are clean and protected day in, day out.

hazeld15 • 3 years ago

It would be interesting to see if this really works. I have trouble eating certain foods without my teeth moving about my mouth so it would be good to keep them in place and be able to eat properly.

Tjfellows • 3 years ago

Wow just received my box can’t wait to get my partner to try this out 👏

Snowy20 • 3 years ago

I applied for this test for fixodent adhesive cream I have nothing but problems with my false teeth for years so hoping it will work will let you know in a couple of days

Welcome1972 • 2 years ago

Hoping this works after having problems with my dentures since I got them. Heres hoping.

Sysia • 2 years ago

Eagerly waiting for the opportunity to try the product. :)

Snowy20 • 2 years ago

I have been wearing my false teeth more comfortable now I wear them all the time with fixodent can not thank you enough for letting me try it I can eat what I want even a apple without have to take my teeth to clean them just eat and go as they say

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