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A collage of photos showing Febreze Bathroom liquid diffusers placed in various home settings

We're blown away by these stunning shots! Great job, Team!

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Here, there and everywhere

Our money-off vouchers can be shared just about anywhere, so next time you're heading out the door, slip a couple in your bag so that you're ready when you bump into someone who might benefit from them!

Here are a few other possibilities for you to meet your pals, spread the word, and hand out your goodies:

1. A weekend cuppa! ☕

Invite some close friends over for a cuppa (and make sure they get a whiff of that Febreze-fresh bathroom while they’re there).

2. On the go 🚶‍♂️

Take some coupons with you when you’re out and about. Gym? Take your coupons! Spa? Take your coupons! Cafe? You get the idea.

3. The office catch-up 💻

Share your experiences (and the vouchers) in the office. Lunchroom, watercooler, board meeting – the possibilities are endless.

And while you’re at it...

...why not snap some selfies, or film some reels? Make sure to include your coupon handovers – and of course – upload them with the regular hashtags: #ad, #FebrezeFreshFlip #savvycircle @supersavvymeofficial and @asda.

Don't forget to share it with us too!

You can report your activity back to us by using our Online Reporting Tools. Remember, the more active you are, the higher chances you have at winning! So keep sharing the goodness...

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@all: Got any local places in mind for sharing the Febreze gospel? Let us know!


Betts89 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Received and opened up already. Left 10 minutes and came back and the whole bathroom smelt lovely. Hope it lasts the 50 days!

Leechylou • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Corton fresh fabreeze bathroom . Beautiful scent filled my bathroom

Ashlee8829 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

#fabreze #savvymecircle

Still going strong I received the exotic fruit scent and truly is refreshing.
I have handed out a few money off coupons for family and friends to try out.
So far so good

tre • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Love how fresh my batbroom smells when i walk in its smells so nice. Iv already used 2 of the coupons and bought 2 more iv put 1 near the cat litter box and its wonderful. My mum visited yesterday and commented on how nice my house smelt i showed her the air freshner and she was very impressed i gave her 2 coupons and she bought 2 today.

shaz78 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I am so loving the scent ! Smells so lovely

shaz78 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Handed some coupons out to family members ..... heads up In tesco they are on offer atm.

Mazda55 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Oh wow! Every time I walk in the bathroom the smell just hits you, the smell is fabulous. It's still strong as the first day it went into my bathroom. My friends and family said they really love the smell, so I've given out 8 of the vouchers so far, and they said they are popping to Tesco's to get some for themselves. Probably will keep a couple for myself because I want to smell the other scents.

Bellablot • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

It's here Team Fruity Fresh
It's smells amazing fingers crossed it lasts 50 daya

dizzydwarf03 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Wow!! I absolutely love it, I can smell it as soon as I come through the front door smells so nice

Beata79 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

It is easy to open , later on smell spreads in all house not just in bathroom!!!!!

Mommysarah • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Blossom brease it's been almost a week and smells lovely still!!! This is a win win all round :)

Labradormum • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I’m team cotton fresh , unfortunately it’s a bit too strong for me I’ve had to take it out the bathroom as it was overpowering which I can’t believe as normally I’m struggling to find something strong enough but no problem I used one of the coupons to get the spring awakening one and that’s perfect 🤩

samanthawaddington • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Absolutely love this. My bathroom smells great. It's strong lasting smell. It's the best one I have had. I will definitely buy these.

RosieT10 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Received & flipped! It has a lovely fresh, clean smell. Its a bit strong but I dont mind that. For such a small liquid diffuser its amazing!

chubbster • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Was getting a little panicky as had received emails but hadn't received the forward a few days another email saying that there was a delay..phew...few more days and I'm over the moon as I now have it however the delivery man had just left it on my doorstep and I had not had any notification to say it was on its way. Thankfully a neighbour had spotted it and taken it inside to keep safe for me.

chubbster • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Loving the smell of this, had a visitor who also commented on the scent and asked about it, so gave her a couple of coupons.

danny1988 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I shared all the coupons with my friends and family.

Blackwood • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Took these into work, and they were snapped up by my colleagues as well as prompting a big airfreshener debate. I love this one as its safer around pets as well as keeping wet dog smell at bay, even at height in the bathroom, as it spreads thoroughly through my flat!

Clarey • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

1st time using these, I can honestly say I love it!!!! I was sent the fruity tropics, but truthfully, if I had bought this, I would have probably bought cotton fresh, but I am so glad this is the one I got sent as my house smells amazing. I was a bit saddened tho as it only seemed half full when I recieved it, not sure if this is normal or not. Apart from that I will definitely be buying more in the future and the vouchers went down a treat ❤️🩷

mrsstaylor • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Love the smell, Have had so many comments on how nice the bathroom smells. Will keep getting these :)

HHBBNN • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I opened my kit why such a big box for such a small item. I placed it in my bathroom and the smell was very strong. I had to move it to a more ventilated place as the smell was overpowering and giving me a headache. It says lasts for up to 50 days but will see. The liquid inside seems to be going down fast.

HHBBNN • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I have started sharing out my coupons and still have a few to give away.

Trewsers • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Well, pleased to say it bucked up a bit and I can still smell it! One of my visitors commented!

Lydia001 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Some great pictures everyone! Loving this project

stinkybee • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Already spoken to some friends about the product .Will also be seeing family soon and I will be giving out more coupons then.

secretlady • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Could smell the scent as soon as I opened box, love the fresh smell, bit fiddly to activate as didn't read instructions properly but once done put in bathroom and lovely scent everytime I go in

Westiesmum • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

It’s my second week of this scented bathroom and I still can’t smell anything, I’ve read other peoples comments and they all seem to like the smell, so it must be me I think. I will get another one and see how I get on with a different scent, this one is nearly all gone so I don’t think it could have been full to start with, it shouldn’t run out this quick. I’m sorry I have nothing positive to say about it but maybe another scent will do it for me

dtie • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Handed out coupons today at my knitting class, lots of interest so more fresh toilets in my friends home. One lady loves the scent of her bathroom and has been having longer soakings in her bath.

Lemoncake • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Bathroom smells lovely and fresh and I have discussed it with my fellow employees and offered out the coupons.

Cward2019 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

💐Febreze Bathroom Blossom & Breeze 💐

Thank you for choosing me to test the new Febreze Bathroom scent in Blossom and Breeze. It smells amazing and really strong in our bathroom. I love anything floral.

Really easy to use, with a new flip switch at the back instead of the push button.

Let's put it to the test and see if it lasts for 50 days.

I can't wait to hand out the coupons to friends and family, but I'll definitely be treating myself to more for when this one has finished, and I'll try one in the kitchen too.

#ad #FebrezeFreshFlip #SavvyCircle #SuperSavvyMe #ASDA @asda @SuperSavvyMeOfficial

Cazreallife • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I received the blossom and breeze. Once opened the scent fill the room. I walked in through my front door this evening and my daughter said what's that nice smell. I am actually in shock that the scent travelled out of the bathroom, up the hall to the porch. It is refreshing and reminds me of summer. Only downside for me is the fact that mines seemed half full when I opened up, maybe that is how it is supposed to be, just seems unlikely that it will last up to 50 days.

Kmills13 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I wish you could share a scent through posting on the internet so others could enjoy the joy 🤩

M3rcury78 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

It’s lovely, anyone coming to my house I asked them to go for a sniff and offer a coupon!

Kimma • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

This febreze has made more than just my bathroom smell delicious! My whole upstairs and coming down the stairs smells amazing due to this!

kaka89 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Received mine the other day. Fruity tropics 🍑🍉 smells amazing! Quickly filled my bathroom and the upstairs with the gorgeous scent

Kiki6 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Fruity Tropics smells absolutely amazing, the flip switch is also so much better then the old button press. One happy lady with a beautiful smelling bathroom!

Waterlily200 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

This febreeze smells amazing!

I can't believe how strong the smell is 2 weeks in, it's so fresh.

It's a great size and as it doesn't need to be plugged it can be used wherever it's needed. I love that it has such a strong smell but it's not overpowering at all.

I've already bought more for other rooms in the house.

Hopley984 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Handed out some vouchers to the girls from work, who are excited about trying some new scents. I am going to use one of the vouchers to try a different scent in another bathroom to see which I prefer

JulieD72 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Day 5 - just had visitors and they commented on the "lovely smell" and asked what it was! Spreading the love. They're off to asda! Xxx

Chloemillerxxx • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Lovely scent. Filled the bathroom instantly! Hoping it lasts the 50 days like advertised

madrasa • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I'll be posting through my neighbours' letterboxes with a note

Bella199002 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

It smells amazing,I handed few coupons to my friends and family 🩷🌸

Lefley15 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Over a week in bathroom and still smelling great. Also given the coupons to friends and family for them to try too.

Vinmal • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

When I received this I was a bit confused how to make it work. I'm not sure I did it right but I got it working. The aroma was very strong but very pleasant. It has been going well for a few weeks now and I'm hopeful that it will last around the full 50 days.

xxnimmyxx • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Family and friends have been over and even they noticed the amazing smell coming from the bathroom.

JulieD72 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Well thats the final survey completed, feeling sad it's coming to an end. But one thing that's still carrying on, is the wonderful fragrance in my bathroom!! Love it so much. Thank you for choosing me to participate x

geegal • Team Blossom & Breeze 29 days ago

Given out all my coupons. People really like the fragrance and the idea . Having issues with deep link urls

suzannem1 • Team Fruity Tropics 29 days ago

My in-laws have a dog and with the winter weather found the house smelling doggy, gave her a voucher and she ended up purchasing one for every room. Got rid of the wet doggy smell in the entire house, she did wish it lasted longer though.

Ellisgarner • Team Blossom & Breeze 28 days ago

Team blossom and breeze love the smell of the scent smell the flowers of it coming threw always use this one now so thank u #savvy circle @supersavvymeoffical @asda

wendyh65 • Team Cotton Fresh 27 days ago

Team Cotton Fresh. Had this for 3 weeks now and the scent is still as strong as when I activated it. When I return home the frontroom smells as fresh as the bathroom. I have handed out most of the money off vouchers and kept a couple for myself.

Sharron1980 • Team Cotton Fresh 26 days ago

I am so sad that I couldn’t take part still to this day it hasn’t arrived I was looking forward to testing it. I got in touch but they said unfortunately there is nothing they can do

Kukulis • Team Fruity Tropics 23 days ago

I am so happy I received the sample! Now I know how gorgeous the scent is and I'll be sticking to Fabreze from now on!

Bid • Team Cotton Fresh 21 days ago

Freshness still going strong, did not really expect it to last but it has….great.

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