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gorsey19 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

The scent is fantastic, it fills the whole bathroom and even the landing and bathrooms. I really really love this scent, I have already given out most of the coupons to friends and family for them to use. Just a small air freshener but it really packs a punch still smells as strong as the first day it was put in the bathroom over 1 week in already and the liquid doesn't even look like its gone down. Hopefully it lasts for the full 50 days, but I have already used 1 of the coupons to buy another ready to replace it. No going back to the aerosols or gels.

cherrybakewell • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I had high hope for this but I really don't like the smell and it's so strong I felt I could taste it in the back of my throat. I've re-located it to the bin shed for a while, hoping that it will become less intense over time.

Dlp • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Unfortunately my freshener arrived damaged so couldn’t try but handed all vouchers out

sallmay • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

At first smelt really strong but carnt smell it so much, could just be me now I’m use to the smell this is the tropics one I do have a vanilla one in another room and that’s still noticeable

oneplus • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

The smell in the bathroom is amazing. Eliminates odours and freshens the smallest bathroom.

Given vouchers out to friends and neighbours.

bakks • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I had never used this form of air freshner but when i started using the fabreze bathroom air freshner I noticed a plessent diffrence to the overall scent of the bathroom

Teapot73 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

My tracking is saying that my parcel has been delivered tonight but I have not received it

abraMagik • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Oh yummy smells delicious and travels around the top of my stairs even filters into the bedroom.
Given vouchers to friends so hopefully they will use them and enjoy the lovely fragrances.

BronMarie • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Really pleased with the scent I'm testing, definitely long lasting 😍
I've started sharing some of the coupons today. My mum was pleased as she has used Febreze Bathroom Liquid Diffusers before and would like to try out new scents 😊

Teapot73 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I’ve not received mine yet but all these blogs are great

lcequeen • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Team fruity tropics
I love this is so summery and tropical. It's very strong at first but then it becomes delicate. It's lasts a long time and makes the entire room smell awesome. Handed all my coupons out and hopefully my friends love it just as much as I do.

JulieD72 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Day 2 - still smells amazing, not overpowering, light and fresh. Gave out vouchers to colleagues at work yesterday, they were very happy.

Bella186 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Love this!! Smell was quite strong at first (not complaining!) The scent has now stopped being as strong just slightly noticeable but I still love the fragrance 😍 will definitely be repurchasing these from now on just hope it will last as long as it is supposed to as it has gone down lots and only had it a week

Ek5185 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Tested the blossom and breeze, not overly keen on the scent but was quite strong on first use but after a week it doesnt seem as powerful, its great in a small space really packed a punch as the door opened but didnt find it great in a bigger bathroom as the scent wasnt strong enough to fill the room. Would use it again but maybe a different scent.

Crazycatmum466 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Absolutely loving the fabreze blossom n breeze my toilet smells amazing I found if you keep the toilet door closed the smell is so much better 🌸🌸🌸

Lydia001 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Loving the project so far! Some great pictures from everyone! My toilet room still smells as good as day 1!

Jenny48 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Still smells lovely very impressed with it 👌

1986 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I was impressed how easy it was to set my freshener up. Smells lovely!

NannaDeb • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

It was nice for the first few days but I can't smell it anymore. There wasn't a lot of liquid in mine so I can't see it lasting 50 days.

Leanne24 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Team cotton fresh I was abit dubious at first with it being quite small didn't think you would be able to smell it that much but boy was I mistaken.It may be small but gives out a mighty fragrance that you can smell through not just my bathroom my landing as well it's lovely and fresh .Also the design is very nice and compact so you could I'm fact move it around your house if you so desired.

Chen84 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Everyone has snapped up the coupons to one. I forgot to save one for myself - good job they are on offer anyway 😊

stinkybee • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Really like the tropical fragrance of my product, amazed it is lasting so long.

Elaine1962 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I could smell freshness as it came through the door!!.
Once unleashed, the whole of upstairs smells fresh and flowery and wafts across the landing when bathroom door is opened.
A big improvement on sprays which only mask odours and only last 5 minutes

sassylou15 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Lovely smell, love this product

Sophie29 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I can smell mine coming up the stairs even though it’s in the bathroom so highly recommend

Kmills13 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Fabulous pics on Instagram I’m loving all the content being shared 💓

redpanda0803 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I really like this air freshener so far. It leaves such a nice, fresh scent in not only the bathroom but in the adjacent room too, I am impressed. Hopefully will last the 50 days!

JulieD72 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Day 3 Team Blossom and Breeze, still smelling wonderful. Love opening the bathroom door, so fresh!!

LA79 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Thank you for this opportunity. I received Cotton Fresh scent which smells very fresh. Can smell it even before entering the bathroom. The design looks stylish. Looks nice in my bathroom. Doesn’t take to much space. My sister went with one of her kids. She liked the smell. My family are liking it. Said better than the Air Freshener that we normally use

M3rcury78 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Can smell it in my whole upstairs, it’s lovely but I see how it could be a bit overwhelming for some

nas131 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Febreze Bathroom Liquid Diffuser is so easy to use, simply flip the switch and it will freshen your bathroom for up to 50 days. I love the cotton fresh scent, it helps to prevent lingering odours whilst leaving a light fresh scent. No batteries or electricity needed

Bethany2020 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I have the cotton fresh scent and I love it! The scent was very strong at first but quickly settled down and has made my bathroom and hallway smell amazing! I'm looking forward to trying the other scents and have handed out coupons to family and friends.

LittleMissDeals • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

This. Smells. So. Good ☺️☺️ started working within 5 minutes, and by working I mean filled the bathroom, hallways and bedrooms (pretty much the whole top floor) with a lovely fresh aroma of cotton fresh!! Love it, definitely repurchasing this one - as will the recipients of my coupons 🥳

CWarrilow93 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I am still loving this it smells amazing and will be buying more i want to try out the other scents too and pick my favourite. Definitely helps to keep those toilet smells at bay 😂 thank you so much for letting me be a part of this project!!

Emb3669 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

10 days in and the fragrance is still as strong. Usually at this point you have gotten used to it, but not this one. I’ve picked up two of the other fragrances to test them out too now 🫣

JulieD72 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Day 4, still going really well, all coupons handed out now. Really loving Blossom and Breeze, so lovely xx

Helendaz8 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

When I first put this in the bathroom the smell was amazing, it's now been a week and it's gone? Unless I actually pick this up and smell it, I can't even tell there is an air freshener in the bathroom. Is anyone else having the same problem?

dillypitt • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

I am very happy with the scent. It is long lasting and smells very summery and fruity!

madrasa • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I like that the odours in my bathroom are no longer!

Julie39 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

I’ve had this in my bathroom for a week or two now while it does give off a very light gentle scent this would not last any more then a month if that!! you would need a couple of these to smell it,I have a small bathroom and can’t smell it now, personally think one is not enough and they are not cheap to buy you will have to have a couple of these to make the smell last a bit longer overall I like it but for the prize the smell just isn’t strong enough

ManuMillie • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

This week, as each friend came over, I waited until they used the bathroom and every one of them commented on the lovely fresh fragrance (and I have an indoor cat's litter box in there). After giving them a coupon they have all said they've made a purchase! So apart from making my bathroom smell gorgeous it's made lots of others bathroom smell wonderful too.

cathyhutchinson123 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago

Easy to use and looks great in my bathroom however I was extremely disappointed with the lack of scent. It smells lovely when I activated it but the next day there was no scent at all very disappointing. I have used my vouchers to purchase other scents and I’m hoping they will last longer.

mandy64 • Team Cotton Fresh 1 month ago

Love the smell , but as my bathroom is big it won't last 50 days unfortunately, also my family/ friends are having trouble redeeming the vouchers anyway x

rovers123 • Team Fruity Tropics 1 month ago


Anum634 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Such a lovely frgrance love it

manxmargy • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Have passed all my vouchers out, everyone loves the smell in my bathroom, and can't wait to try it for themselves

xxnimmyxx • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

Simply amazing. These really work and leave my bathrooms smelling amazing! Had to go out and buy more for the other rooms

Sofialouise99 • Team Blossom & Breeze 1 month ago

I’m amazed at how strong the smell is as we can even smell it downstairs but I’m also disappointed with the actual scent. It smells like a really bad perfume. I’m going to use a voucher to get a different scent as I have had it in the bathroom for 2 weeks now and the scent is still there! As I say just a shame about the type of scent.

suzannem1 • Team Fruity Tropics 29 days ago

Never tried this scent, I do tend to purchase fruity scented candles and this did not let me down, smelt as soon as I clicked the back into place which I will say was a bit tricky at first, didn't want to damage the product with pushing it too forecfully.

shellyevz • Team Cotton Fresh 27 days ago

I'm so in love with the fresh smell 😍

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