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Fairy Platinum – results from 5,000 testers


5,000 savvy circlers tested Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets for 8 weeks. They then shared their experiences with their friends and families and reported back to us. Take a look at just some of the results below:

The final opinions of the project team:

What is your general impression of the Fairy Platinum tabs?
Fairy Platinum helps remove even hidden grease from my dishwasher whilst cleaning my dishes.

Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

It has been an eye opener to see just how effective Fairy is, an excellent product that cleans superbly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this trial.

savvy circler Nickynackynoo
Ambassador opinions
Ambassador opinions

All family and friends I gave samples to have been so positive with their comments on the fairy dishwasher tablets. It’s been really good to have been able to share the vouchers and samples of such an excellent product. Thanks for including me in the project.

savvy circler coady
Ambassador comment

Cleans throughly. Fairy has delivered an amazing product, I love how it cleans thoroughly, adds sparkles to my dishes and leaves my dishwasher filter clean. Thank you for including me in your project. This was my first project and you made it very much enjoyable.

savvy circler Shahz

Definitely buying again! These are fantastic tablets! I will definitely be buying them again. The whole dishwasher is clean and smells great, and I haven’t had to put a single dish back through. I probably would never have tried them myself but I am so impressed now that I have!

savvy circler 2Monkeys
Ambassador comment

Sticking with Platinum. I’m really sold on this product. I haven’t had a bad wash and the dish washer is really clean and fresh. The project coincided with me getting a new dishwasher – so I’ll stick with Platinum and keep my machine in tip top condition. The price in the supermarket is great to – it’s certainly for me.

savvy circler Fruittea