Fairy Platinum

Fairy Platinum

Savvy Circle

Welcome to our exclusive project with Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets.

10,000 members of the Savvy Circle will have the chance to try out and spread the word about Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets.

Cleaning and degreasing for both dishes and machine.

Over time, grease and residue can clog a dishwasher filter, slowing down its performance. Luckily, Fairy Platinum tablets are specially formulated to remove this grease and deliver a sparkling shine to dishes.

The benefits of Fairy Platinum:

  • Removes grease and dirt from dishwasher filter
  • Able to clean tough-to-remove food residue
  • Improved shine technology reduces filming
  • Leaves dishes and dishwasher smelling fresh

For you to try out with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours:

  • 1x 20-pack Fairy Platinum Original dishwashing tablets
  • Project handbook full of background information
  • Product research sheets to survey friends, family and colleagues

To pass on to friends, family and colleagues:

  • 10 booklets of specially-crafted recipes by master chef Annabel Karmel, with money-off vouchers for Fairy Platinum attached

In this project we want to...

  • ... try out Fairy Platinum together with 10,000 members of the Savvy Circle.
  • ... find out your opinion of Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets via three online surveys.
  • … work together to help spread the word about Fairy Platinum – simply by talking to friends, colleagues and family.
  • … collect lots of conversation reports and product research results: What were your experiences whilst spreading the word?

[The application phase has now finished - all further info can now be found on the Fairy blog.]

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