Fairy Max Power

New Fairy Max Power – Fairy’s most powerful formula turned up to the MAX

Ever tried balancing your washing up liquid bottle upside down to get at the last few drops? You’re not alone. But thankfully, those times are about to be turned on their head with new Fairy Max Power.

Wave goodbye to precariously balanced bottles and hours of scrubbing because Fairy Max Power has arrived and it is here to revolutionise the way we do dishes! Lords, Ladies and gentlefolks, if you want maximum power with minimal effort then we think this new project might just be right up your street.

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Introducing new Fairy Max Power

It’s time to experience the power and convenience of new Fairy Max Power. Want to know what makes the new Fairy Max Power different?

  • It features a new upside-down design so you access every last drop.
  • It contains a highly concentrated formula that cuts through grease and requires 4 x less scrubbing**.
  • The grab and squeeze bottle design offers quicker and easier dosing with no fiddly cap.
  • It’s created from 100% PCR* and with a 100% recyclable bottle so it’s kinder to the planet.
  • It works even in cold water so you can save time and money without compromising on results.

Your Project Goals:

Here’s how we’ll help Fairy to get the word out there:

  1. Try out – we’ll try out the new Fairy Max Power
  2. Get social – we’ll post boomerangs, videos and grid pics online and share our thoughts on Fairy Max Power with our followers
  3. Share – we’ll share our thoughts with our pals and hand them money off coupons
  4. Review – we’ll leave our reviews on SuperSavvyMe to let others know we just turned our clean to the max

What you’ll get:

  • 1x Fairy Max Power Original
  • 1x Fairy Max Power Antibacterial
  • 2x Social sharing cards
  • 10x Discount coupons

Interested? Then apply now.

Applications for this project are now closed.

@all: Why would you like to power your dish-washing routine up to the max?

*on baked on grease vs the next best-selling brands except label


dirtydancing • 3 months ago

i always use fairy so it would be great to try this one out hope it cuts through grease and burnt on food easily. i also work in a care home so loads of washing up there would love to try this out there too. love the upside down bottle less mess and less waste as can use all the bottle

Mel114 • 3 months ago

I would absolutely love to test this game changing product.. fairy is such a house wife’s must have 💖

Dziosefina • 3 months ago

Fairy i been using many years..and new would be perfect to try

Rahman12 • 3 months ago

I would like try this out

annipoos • 3 months ago

I use the blue antibacterial Fairy washing up liquid. So I would love to try this new improved Fairy to see if I can tell others what the improvements are.

Mrsnunn12 • 3 months ago

I would love to try this product help tackle all my dishes my teenagers leave me

hahachu • 3 months ago

Hi, I tried to apply for this but it says survey ended.

Bobbielou91 • 3 months ago

How long till we find out :)

Pkno1 • 3 months ago

I really would like to try this product but it days this survey has ended.

Vickyj2o • 3 months ago

Look forward to comparing this to our usual fairy!

tashaharrison • 3 months ago

super excited!

angi123 • 3 months ago

Always use Fairy so cant wait to try this . Looking forward to my delivery

Nanna2Meeyah • 3 months ago

Got my delivery today! Looking forward to trying it out. Hearing great things so far!

AlfieandAdaline • 3 months ago

Waiting on our delivery! Can’t wait to try it out! Iv always used fairy for the stains on my children’s clothes too so interested to see it in action

SJD76 • 3 months ago

Got my delivery to looking forward to trying this out this afternoon . Got high expectations for this

Tillys • 3 months ago

My delivery arrived this morning, looking forward to trying this out

Clairebennett93 • 3 months ago

I received my kit today I cannot wait to try it out on my dishes tomorrow

Sarahjaneivesane • 3 months ago

This is brilliant such a fab product

Andzia_x3 • 3 months ago

Brilliant product does the job, really recommend

Kippas • 3 months ago

I didn’t get picked for this project but after reading all the great reviews I will definitely be purchasing this

neilkitten • 3 months ago

Gutted we didn't get picked again :( we always use lots of washing up liquid and always trying to find a decent 1. Fingers crossed for mayb next time

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