Fairy Dream Team

Gentlest care now comes with added freshness thanks to Fairy 🤍

Have you ever felt like you have had to compromise between softness and scent when it comes to choosing your laundry buddies? Happy to share your honest opinion to help others find the softest care for sensitive skin? Then this project is just for you!

Introducing the brand-new (and currently 🤐 top secret! 🤐) Fairy Dream Team – because you shouldn’t have to compromise between softness and freshness

Fairy believes that the most delicate skin deserves the best possible care. That’s why Fairy Non Bio is the no. 1 brand for sensitive skin * and why Fairy Non Bio PODS® are already a firm favourite. But until now there hasn’t been a way to give gentle freshness a super soft boost… 🚀

As a member of the project team, YOU could be selected to try not one but two fab new Fairy products. If you care for sensitive skin and want even more freshness from your laundry, this is going to be right up your street.

As members of this VIP team, we will:

  • Try out the top secret and very exciting Fairy Dream Team for ourselves, and
  • Leave a review on SuperSavvyMe to help others caring for sensitive skin get the best possible laundry experience

What you’ll get:

  • 1x Fairy Non Bio PODS® 🧺
  • 1x NEW Fairy innovation 1 🎁
  • 1x NEW Fairy innovation 2 🎁
  • 1x Welcome Letter


Applications for this project are now closed.

@all: Are you tired of compromising between softness and freshness?

*Online panel of 3327 females among which Fairy Non Bio detergent was voted most often as the #1 detergent for sensitive skin.


Jax78 • 1 year ago

Great to see a sensitive fragrance booster and dryer sheets finally on the market!

Kellyjo • 1 year ago

Looks amazing! I never got picked but would love to try I’m sure my babies would thank me… off to shop 🙂

Lesleycb18 • 1 year ago

I would love to try it

Chez82 • 1 year ago

Love to review this 🤞

Hrowson • 1 year ago

I love fairy love to try Heidi rowson ❤

Candice300 • 1 year ago

Ime a wide, a mum, a carer and sole buyer for my household. I love trying new products and always pass on my thoughts about new products to family and friends to try

Candice300 • 1 year ago

I am a wife, a mum, a carer and sole buyer for my household. I love trying new products and always pass on my thoughts about new products to family and friends to try

Donna56 • 1 year ago

I'm mum and always got loads washing, I love smell of freshly washed clothes. I love reviewing new products.

Hrowson • 1 year ago

Love to try Heidi rowson ❤

Zahei • 1 year ago

I love fairy I always use it for washing specially for kids clothes and really softener, great fragrance and best sensitive skin . Definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks fairy from my family 😊

Niceboys • 1 year ago

I love Fairy no other laundry product can beat the fragrance and it’s so gentle on your skin, I would definitely recommend Fairy to others.

mcc_20 • 1 year ago

I love these products and together they leave clothes smelling sensational!

Millymoo • 1 year ago

Love Fairy products,the fabric softener would love to test!

Milenkaaa • 1 year ago

I love these products and together they leave clothes smelling sensational!

Mistie23 • 1 year ago

I love the smell of this product and I wouldn’t buy anything else again

Sue-ling • 1 year ago

I adore Fairy Products, I would love try /test
I’m always interested in trying different products and reviews.

Waterman • 1 year ago

I would love to test this

Gaillie41 • 1 year ago

Would love to try this

Loopyloula • 1 year ago

I love fairy! Been using fairy for years. Wouldn’t use anything else on my little ones

Alex1389 • 1 year ago

I felt like mrs hinch opening this !! Amazing products and came in such a lovley big box I am a super fan of fairy 🧚‍♀️ so I can’t wait to start using these products. Thank you 🙏

Beata123 • 1 year ago

😍👍😁Today I tested the new Fairy ! The smell is fresh and very strong. Freshness is all over the house! I recommend Fairy 😍 #savvycircle, @supersavvymeofficial!

Paam • 1 year ago

I use fairy non bio anyway as I wash my babies clothes in it but I never tried the outdoorables or the scent beads and oh my word !! So when I had the bundle delivered I couldn't wait to use it The smell is absolutely stunning and lasts for ever the smell is all through the house . I only had my babies jumper on my table and u could smell as soon as u walked into the kitchen! I'm a big fan and will be buying religiously. The softeners of the clothes are unreal and soft and cleans thoroughly!

deeh • 1 year ago

received my package end of last week done 3 washes now well impressed with softness the fact that I done itch and the scent of product like the fact the packaging is all recyclable would recommend and buy

Vik73 • 1 year ago

Beautiful long lasting scent

Mrsslivinglifeandepilepsy • 1 year ago

I've not used fairy for years now, we all found there was no nice smell that went with washing with this particular brand. I hope that they've changed this now.. a nice smell would go well with the softness that this has.

celkins • 1 year ago

Didn’t receive anything, so still using off the shelf Fairy…

Samjosh • 1 year ago

Fairy is my favourite brand. I didn’t make the team but I’ll most definitely be adding this to my shopping list

KD96 • 1 year ago

Will this application be reopening??? I would love to try this for my little one who has all her clothes washed in sensitive products!

Nicco • 1 year ago

I loved all the scents and will buy again

margaret123456 • 1 year ago

Would love to be a part of this campaign.😍

Smurf78 • 1 year ago

I would absolutely love to try this love fairy product's ♡

maiterith • 11 months ago

Yes please, would love to try this, new baby in family sounds perfect.

CATHYJAY1965 • 11 months ago

i would absolutely love to become part of wave 2 for this but it seems there's something wrong been invited to apply but on the website i cannot get into the application process. Pity as I loved trying the fairy sensitive pods in the past. Please let me apply ;)

lorrainem • 11 months ago

Fairy has a great range of products covering household requirements

Veee05 • 11 months ago

I love trying new laundry products

Mary1212 • 11 months ago

Thank SuperSavvy me! It’s lovely 🥰 the smell is incredible 🥰

Glips27 • 10 months ago

Tested the products 2 days ago. My washing smells amazing. Everyone in my household (4 of us) wore something that had been washed and no one has had any irritation or itching. I also have always been afraid to try pods but I had no problem and got everything clean no residue left,it’s definitely opened my eyes am so pleased with these products.

Queenofironing • 10 months ago

The Fairy Dream Team certainly have the right name, after washing my bedding with Fairy non bio and using the Fairy in-wash scent booster plus the Fairy fabric softener, I had the most wonderful bed ever. Lovely, soft and smelling wonderful, no wonder I had sweet dreams. My daughter has very sensitive skin but there were no problems with Fairy non bio, she said her uniform was super soft and smelled lovely. Thanks Fairy Dream Team - Sweet Dreams.

THETOPMAN • 10 months ago

I have tried the Fairy tabs , in wash scent boosters and fabric conditioner twice and found that my laundry was soft and the scent was very nice that lasted for days on my clothing both times. I have sensitive skin and have found no discomfort after using the fairy tabs.

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