Apply for the chance to win £1,000 worth of Olay products

We’re looking for real Olay fans to feature in future marketing campaigns

Our skin is so much more than we give it credit for. It’s how we face the world. For 70 years, Olay’s mission has been to make people feel beautiful and confident in the skin they’re in. And, as we all know, confidence enables us to #FaceAnything.

Over the decades, Olay has received so many messages and letters from people sharing how Olay has improved their confidence, and the brand would love to feature these stories in a new campaign on social media.

Could you be one of the next faces of Olay?

Olay are looking for real women to feature in a new social media campaign

Olay are on a mission to showcase authentic beauty and are launching a new campaign to find the next faces of the brand amongst real-life Olay lovers. So, whether you’ve been using Olay since you were 18 or you’re a more recent convert, we’d love to hear about your journey with Olay.

Three Olay lovers will be chosen to win £1,000 worth of Olay products (including their latest innovation, the Niacinamide 24 collection) and could also feature on Olay’s social media.

How to apply

It’s very simple:

  1. Complete the short application survey

  2. Upload two pictures, one from years ago, one from now

That’s it! Once you’ve submitted your application an uploaded your photos, you’ll automatically be entered into the competition to be one of the next faces of Olay.

Competition was open until 19th April. Winners will be announced on 26th April. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

💻 If you are not a member of the SuperSavvyMe and savvy circle community, make sure to register here first.

Want to see how it’s done?

Take a look at Therese’s testimonial:

Therese in 1996 and 2022

“Having used Olay for over 20 years I have seen the health of my skin improve as I grow older. I used to suffer with redness & uneven texture when I was younger, and although I still have rosy cheeks I no longer need to cover it with makeup as the skin is clearer. I thank daily use of Olay for this and my not so secret routine is: Day: Vitamin C serum, Vitamin C eye Cream & CollagenSPF30. Night: Olay Retinol Max Serum, Retinol Max Eye Cream & Collagen Max” – Therese

A few tips for winning content

  • Follow Therese’s example and share your Olay story.
  • Upload an older photo of you (we’d love to see you as a teenager or young adult). Photos from the shoulders up are perfect.
  • Upload a second photo of you as you are now. We want to see a headshot that is well-lit, relaxed, confident and happy-in-your-skin.

We can’t wait to hear from you and see your photos.

Congratulations to our 3 winners! 🏆

  • Deenz
  • Yellowpompom
  • nushcar

@all: Has Olay transformed your skin?


Leesa • 8 months ago

Yes it makes my skin soft and smooth

HollyLolly383 • 8 months ago

Olay always used to be for the older demographic - NOT ANY MORE! I am in my 30's & Olay is one of the best skin products out on the market. I was swayed years ago when I was given a sample & I'm hooked. I have very sensitive skin & no longer have irritation or breakouts since using Olay. Love it!!!

reggaequeen • 8 months ago

I love Olay, have been using Olay products for at least 10years. My skin is smoother, more firmer, and I have no red spots. the best skin products on the market in my opinion. Thank you

reggaequeen • 8 months ago

I would really love the opportunity to become a face of Olay. To represent such amazing products, whilst continuing on my journey for gaining self confidence. Using my favourite Olay products along the way.

kellyroxanne • 8 months ago

Love Olay, my nana has been my inspiration ❤️

Nitabethel76 • 8 months ago

I would really love the opportunity to become the face of olay,I've been using olay for the last 5 years and it has done wonders for my skin as its sensitive, it has given me the self confidence in which i didn't have before. I abselutly Love olay and I've highly recommended it to family and my friends ❤️

sarahcolly • 8 months ago

I'm 52 and I wish my skin looked as good as when I was 18. everybody hates knocking on abit but I need every help I can get these days to get rid of the old looking skin and I think olay is up their with the best.

Meanameicallmyself • 8 months ago

My mum is 74 and has used Olay for as long as I remember, she looks amazing for her age and her skin is smooth and beautiful. I will help her enter this because she’s a true Olay fan.

Vickyatt • 8 months ago

I absolutely love play cream it’s the only one I can use on my face, I have used it for years

NatD • 7 months ago

My belated mother swore by Olay, formerly Oil Of Ulay. She would use it everyday right upto the end, and she was the one who talked me into trying it and I have done ever since ❤️

SavvyNatty56 • 7 months ago

I’ve always used Olay since late teens. I used to use the Olay complete lightweight day lotion with spf 15 and the cleansing cloths and loved it. Unfortunately in my 30’s my skin has changed and I have an under active thyroid as well as several vitamin deficiencies. I didn’t find the whips enough for my skin I’ve only recently in past two months changed over to Garnier products mainly vitamin C so don’t feel it would be fair I enter this. But love seeing people’s pictures they look amazing! Will keep following good luck 🤞🏼 to also those entering

prensesjulia • 7 months ago

As I've got older ice tried many a cream. Each time I end up back with Olay as its the one my skin doesn't react to the and the one I don't feel ymi have to scrb off in an evening

PaulaSavvyUser • 7 months ago

I've used Olay since I was 18 and a Student Nurse, when it was a simple moisturising lotion.
Now at 69 ( 70 this June) still using it, but now use the Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Max range.
I've always had compliments about my skin, and being told I look 10 yrs younger than my age.

happybear1993 • 7 months ago

So it says open until April 26th but no application button 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

hooria • 7 months ago

i use olay when i was 17 in my home country n till use

Moniadora80 • 7 months ago

Yes that will be lovely

Lynne44 • 7 months ago

I love ULay.I’ve always used it.My nan used to do that’s why I started to do.It leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft.

Mummmyofthree • 7 months ago

I would really love the opportunity to test olay cream with being peri menopause my face is constantly dry and struggling to find a decent face cream

Misskelly • 7 months ago

I would love this opportunity my face is very dry

TraceyG • 7 months ago

I would love the opportunity to test this, as far as I am concerned the more simple my beauty routine the better, and I am hoping Olay can do this for me.

KAtieXx • 7 months ago

I would love to test this

Shu • 7 months ago

Olay isn't for mum it's for me too. The way it transforms my skin is magical. Goodbye to a 100 products claiming to do different things on my skin my one stop shop is now Olay. #slaywitholay

karly4u • 7 months ago

Are you ready?Today we will find out who the winners are 🥳🥳 Good Luck Everyone 🤞🤞🤞

Mrgt • 7 months ago

I have been using Olay since I was 16 and I am 55 .it’s what my mother used so I just followed her example,so I have spent a lot of dosh for reason I can’t do the before/after
Is because we had a house fire so it destroyed everything.I would love to try any of your products.
Warmest regards

reggaequeen • 7 months ago

aww good luck everyone

Paulinechristina • 7 months ago

I did enter this but even if not chosen I feel I am a winner either way . Having used this amazing product for 50 years. Good luck all and well done to the winners.

Sheep • 7 months ago

I've used Olay for more around 30 years since early twenties. I have always had dry skin and and started using Olay in early twenties and I used to get told you don’t need to be using moisturiser at your age but I did need too and nowadays my skin needs hydration even more so than in my twenties. My skin is a lot softer and looks healthier.thanks to Olay. I like to always use a face cream with an spf factor in all year round and then I also use a serum as well. Great range of products by Olay do good offers on the products too which makes it more affordable for a whole range of products.

reggaequeen • 7 months ago

has anyone had an email yet :)

Surbz • 7 months ago

Olay should be rebranded as the fountain of life.

Dawnylouise • 7 months ago

Have used okay when it was in a pink bottle and slapped it on every might. I have sensitive skin so don't swap and change. Over the yea4s I always bought the lovely jars of this magic potion and am told I look a lot younger than 52.. have tried a few others a lot more expensive but don't seem to agree with my skin. So expensive mistakes. Spf an important factor for me and avoid sun on my face. Top tip ladies!!!

Samjosh • 6 months ago

I grew up with Olay my mum would always use it and now I do.

Supersmilemichelle • 6 months ago

i grew up with my mum using it& i continued& i would like to pass it on to my daughter & her friends, who are becoming mums,, to show them by results of sampling the cream& showing that , moiturisers Do not have to be expensive to work on skin, now that they have to budget money

Farjana1 • 6 months ago

Really amazing products and very nice smell and good quality I like

Ali123456 • 6 months ago

I need to Olay after all of these recommendations it sounds great to nourish my face

sho1 • 6 months ago

have used in the past but changed, not for any specific reason.

Baba47 • 6 months ago

Never tried but heard everyone raving about it so would love to try this product

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