#LaundryDreamTeam Round 3

Discover the Dream Team for your laundry!

Now more than ever, keeping things fresh, hygienic and clean is important to us. And while some people find doing the laundry a chore, the rest of us think it’s the perfect time to show ourselves and our family a little bit of love.

When it comes to doing your laundry, what truly matters most to you? Is it finding a combination of laundry products with super soft results for your family’s sensitive skin? Is it getting the freshest wash for your sports wear? Is it having a luxurious fragrance that stays with you all day long? Whatever it is, you might just be the perfect person to join one of our three exclusive laundry dream teams:

  1. The Ruby Jasmine Dream Team
  2. The Sensitive Skin Dream Team
  3. The Active Odour Defence Dream Team

If you’re interested, then submit your application now for our third #LaundryDreamTeam project, and you’ll be sorted into one of the fab teams to receive everything you need for your personalised dream wash.

In this savvy circle project we will:

  • Receive a fabulous #LaundryDreamTeam Starter Kit containing all you need for your dream wash (absolutely free!)
  • Get social by sharing selfies, videos and Boomerangs of your #LaundryDreamTeam progress
  • Post updates online to help your friends and followers discover their very own #LaundryDreamTeam combination
  • Feed back to the Brand via a simple online survey

This project is going to be super fun so get your application is as soon as possible to be in with a chance of making the team.

The opportunity to apply is closed, as the project has already started.


alannajade • 3 years ago

I’ve received my ruby jasmine laundry dream today. It’s smells amazing 😍😍😍 I can not wait to wash the bedding at the weekend! And share my result!
All my followers have loved my unboxing and have even asked where they can buy.!!!

missp_x • 3 years ago

Soooooooo happy to be part of Team Ruby Jasmine and my box arrived today so cannot wait to try these products 😍 🥰

Sparkle_and_strawbs • 3 years ago

Well done if you were chosen guys.
I d love to try the pods. X

Char23 • 3 years ago

I still haven’t received my pack but keep getting emails asking me to review. No-one is responding to my emails.

DeeDee2506 • 3 years ago

I got a kit with non bio/sensitive skin washing tablets and fabric softener and found so washing to do straight away. The washing smelt lovely and was very soft to touch. Myself and my child both suffer with eczema and have to be careful with want we use. We both tried it and it was lovely on our skin, no richness or redness at all. I’m very pleased and will continue to buy it once the free sample is done.

Nicki • 3 years ago

3rd time lucky I hope 🤞 🍀

naty_23 • 3 years ago

I hope i will be choosed this time to receive the amazing detergent,fingers crossed for everyone 🤞

Rochh89 • 3 years ago

Sadly didn’t make it into number 1 or 2 😢 really hope I get picked for the third one 🤞🏽🤞🏽 Well done to all who got chosen 😘

Toad.Hall.Cottage • 3 years ago

Fingers crossed! Xxx

Je11ybean • 3 years ago

Well tomorrow's the day we find out if we've made it into the last dream team! Good luck everyone 🤞 well done to whoever makes the team!

Bev1961 • 3 years ago

Well today’s the day we find out if we made it to the last dream team I’m crossing my fingers... good luck everyone 🥰

shellyb78 • 3 years ago

Good luck all for the last team patiently waiting

Clarence • 3 years ago

Active odour here I come 🙌
Can’t wait to get started

HannahMarie2488 • 3 years ago

Yay! So excited to have be chosen!!! Can’t wait!

Kellyann12 • 3 years ago

So excited and happy to have been chosen. Super excited to get started!!!

Lucysmith1008 • 3 years ago

So happy to be part of the dream team, can’t wait to receive my active kit!

Je11ybean • 3 years ago

Well done to those that got picked, unfortunately I wasn't picked to be part of this project 😔 maybe next time I'll be lucky enough to participate.

Shellslittlehome • 3 years ago

Has anyone heard about team 3 yet? I'm so excited to find out, keeping fingers crossed I have been chosen!

Sutton83 • 3 years ago

Unfortunately after months of trying for everything I never get chosen 😔 well done everyone who has been chosen

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Sutton83, we encourage you to keep trying. Other SavvyCirclers have only made it into the team at the third try, maybe you will make it next time!

Chris2010 • 3 years ago

I haven't made team 1 or 2, good luck everyone xx

Manda67 • 3 years ago

Haven't been picked for anything yet😕😢

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Manda67, I have just checked your profile and it seems that you didn't apply for this project in first place. Make sure to apply for a cool project as long as the application is open in order to catch your chance!

Maria26 • 3 years ago

Fingers crossed🤞🏽🤞🏽

shellyb78 • 3 years ago

I got picked for the Ariel odour defence team
Can’t wait to get started thank you for the opportunity

Bev1961 • 3 years ago

Well done the team that got picked for odour defence have fun 😊

Cristina23 • 3 years ago

Congratulations to the ones who got chosen to test this amazing Ruby range

Chris2010 • 3 years ago

Have the 3 been chosen yet, doesn't look like I've been picked.😢😢

sweetcupcakes16 • 3 years ago

This would have been good wanted that ruby range

vdushevnaja • 3 years ago

Very exited to start trying out the products!

Isitjustmeme1 • 3 years ago

Disappointed I heard nothing & logged in to find I'm not on the team - disheartening when it's the 5th one I've been unsuccessful on and according to social media some people are getting multiple opportunities :(

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Isitjustmeme1, I can promise that for all our #LaundryDreamTeam campaigns we did only choose participants which have not participated already in one of the previous #LaundryDreamTeam waves.

Curlytots • 3 years ago

Every time I try to apply it says opportunity to apply is closed a little disappointed

Shellslittlehome • 3 years ago

I didn't receive an email but it said on my dashboard that I was unsuccessful. Really disappointed 😣 hopefully next time

Alicerose1505 • 3 years ago

Disappointed to have not made the team. But lucky enough to have done one so far. A little miffed as to why people haven’t received emails notifying them they have been unsuccessful. I too had to find out by logging in

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Alicerose1505, your dashboard is always the first place to receive notifications about, e.g. a project participation status. We're always working in the improvement of the content we're sending you via e-mail, so that we only contact you via e-mail as soon as we have worthy news.

bingoclyde • 3 years ago

Would love to try these products as love the thought of detergent softener and scented balls all the same fragrance. Nothing better than fresh bedding and the thought of jumping into bed all fresh and smelling gorgeous after nightshift especially brings me joy. I know how sad 😀

Eternia • 3 years ago

Looking forward to trying the third detergent , so hope I get taken on as look after neighbours with incontinence problems and do all their wahing---would be helpful to see how this product works.

Eternia • 3 years ago


MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Eternia, I'm sorry to hear you would have loved to be in but didn't make it this time. Sometimes it might be a single question in the application that you didn't answer to in a way we need it for a specific team. Keep at it, it might already work for you with the next application.

Gemmav92 • 3 years ago

I would love to join your amazing team! I love trying new products and very enthusiastic to try new things

Cjd1976 • 3 years ago

So disappointed it said I didn't apply for team when I did 😟

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Cjd1976, I just rechecked our data and I need to confirm that we didn't receive a fully submitted application from you. Always make sure that you receive the confirmation message at the end of a survey to make sure it has gone through.

NIKKIKENNEDY • 3 years ago

Disappointed that I didn't make it into any of the 3 laundry projects! Would of loved to test maybe next time, I've been a member of savvy circle for several years which has been great but for the last 3 and half years I've not been lucky enough to try any projects I never seem to make it on the team anymore? Fingers crossed for the next project 😊👍

Lyndsey1986 • 3 years ago

Sensitive skin dream team as my son has eczema

lc_homestyle • 3 years ago

Didn't make any of the teams, which is a shame. I hope I am able to be picked for my first project soon! I was able to get a free sample of the unstoppables though and honestly they are so good!! Love smelling the fresh scent on the towels and bedsheets. Can't wait to purchase some so I can use them in every wash.

Zia • 3 years ago

Ariel active odour defence looks great!!

Minimiha • 3 years ago

Dissapointed as I did not make it in any team, 3 rounds not succesfull, how come?I really lost hope in Super savy circle....
Was really eager to see if these combination of detergents helped with getting rid of stains and keep laundry fresh

Pritch-29 • 3 years ago

I was really hoping to get picked for this but unfortunately not select. I have applied for a few different one but am getting know where 🙈
Anyone have any tips of how to get picked??

ginandskin • 3 years ago

I was asked to complete final survey but nothing there when I clicked the link. What can I do?

Chris2010 • 3 years ago

Have the 3 sets been picked Please as there is nothing on my dashboard saying if I have or have not been chosen for the 3rd campaign

hannah_norton39 • 3 years ago

Disappointed I have put in for all laundry dream team projects and not selected for one

Lisanemilyx • 3 years ago

really disappointing as I have been a member for 2 years and I don't think I have been picked once for any projects

Asawer • 3 years ago

Very disappointed I've been unsuccessful 3rd time and some people are getting multiple opportunities I know few who selected 3rd time it's unfair ☹☹

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Asawer, that's 100% impossible :) We have made sure that if someone has been chosen as participant for a previous wave, (s)he couldn't make it in again.

Shabelle • 3 years ago

I was asked to submit the final survey also but when I clicked the link there was nothing there and said to return to savvy circle. I also noticed that it said I wasn’t successful so I am unsure why it would have final survey!? Hope to be picked one day fingers crossed some of my insta friends have been picked for projects but they have thousands of followers which is influential I guess

2kittens • 3 years ago

I was also asked to complete the final survey but nothing there when I clicked the link! It's years since I was chosen for a project and I am wondering if it's because I am a dinosaur and don't use any social media platforms??? May Supersavvy should look at projects for us oldies who only write reviews and share with friends and family.

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler 2kittens, which link are you referring to after you have finished your final survey?

Fezab • 3 years ago

I am sad....I never get selected for any of these projects :(

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Fezabo, I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for you in this project. I can only encourage you to keep trying it - others had to apply for the third time in order to get in the third wave. It might work for you as well with your next application!

DizzyDani2009 • 3 years ago

Same I never made the team I've waited years to be accepted I think it's time to say goodbye and give up but good luck to everyone else

Dass1975 • 3 years ago

I applied to try the dream team but nothing but every single one come through maybe in future😔

MrsTaank • 3 years ago

Really happy to have been chosen for this project. My daughter suffers from eczema. This has been absolute godsend! Its so kind to her skin, smells amazing, leaned clothes so soft and I love the lock on the box. Thank you SuperSavvyMe.

Please follow us and see our journey at Toddler_and_baby_life x

ginandskin • 3 years ago

Asked to complete final survey. Clicked link and nothing there. Contacted via Instagram and was advised to email. No word back. What going on?

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler ginandskin, how exactly can we help you? You can also reach out to me via e-mail (olivia@savvycircle.co.uk) - I'm more than happy to help you.

Oldhamguy • 3 years ago

Can't find the link for the finaly survey?

MissOlivia • 3 years ago

Dear savvy circler Oldhamguy, you can always access surveys by visiting your personal dashboard or by clicking the links in the emails we send you.

MrsM86 • 3 years ago

Disappointed to have not been chosen again. I have applied for every single dream team and haven’t made it. I’m starting to wonder what it takes to review some laundry products? Also as someone who has a cleaning account on Instagram, most of us will have the same followers and it does seem apparent that the same accounts get then opportunity.

Je11ybean • 3 years ago

Ah I didn't get picked again, I've applied to 4 projects now and nothing 😔 well done to all who were chosen and good luck for next time.

Chris2010 • 3 years ago

Can you please reply to my message sent on the 13th of July. Thankyou x

MrsJackson14 • 3 years ago

Shame I never heard a thing after applying a few times.

Natalieedxx • 3 years ago

Very disappointed as I did apply for the laundry dream team but my dashboard states the application process is closed and that i did not enter the laundry dream team. Confused🤔🙁

Natalieedxx • 3 years ago

Very disappointed as I did apply for the laundry dream team but my dashboard states the application process is closed and that i did not enter this project # laundrydreamteam. Confused🤔🙁

Kotryna13244 • 3 years ago

Ariel active odour defence looks great!!❤️❤️

ulfetc • 3 years ago

I didn't receive an email but I got my package:) Thanks

Jadeywoot • 3 years ago

Havent been accepted for one of these yet! But fingers crossed one day! X

Linz221 • 3 years ago

How disappointing, applied every time for the laundry dream team and still unsuccessful!.. what does it take to get picked ?

Ffionowen • 3 years ago

Congratulations to all that were picked xxxx I can't wait to see your reviews xxx

Catiemoo • 3 years ago

Disappointed, used to get involved in lots of projects but had nothing for ages. Applied for this & the flash mop one & didn’t get picked for either. Yet lots of people on social media getting multiple tests for the same things. :-( hay ho I’ll keep trying as I have done some amazing projects in the past!

yvonnefoster • 3 years ago

The question in the link asks about social media how many people your follow and vice versa this has an influence on been chosen i think. In a nutshell if you aren't on social media forget it!

Maureen13 • 3 years ago

Very disappointed i was not chosen. Could not apply for 1 and the others no luck. I used to get chosen some years back but not anymore, not sure why though.

Ashka • 3 years ago

I love trying new products and very enthusiastic to try new things

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