Daz Gels

Daz Gels

Squeeze just what you need for a Dazzling clean

Doing your laundry can be a messy business – liquids are hard to control and powder residue in the drawer is unpleasant. Ever wanted a tidier and more flexible experience, while still giving your clothes a great clean? Good news! We’re excited to share that Daz is now launching in a new gel formula! #DazDoesGel! This means you can have controlled precision dosing with no mess and fuss and STILL get a dazzling clean.

Is this up your street? Then apply today for our Daz project.👇🏼

Applications for this project are now closed.

What makes Daz Gel so special?

New Daz Gel will give your clothes a dazzling clean. Here’s why we love it:

Easy to use squeezable bottle & viscous formula for precision dosing control. You can also be flexible with your dose, depending on the size of your load.
Less is more – gels are powerful & concentrated so a little goes a long way.
Dazzling cleaning for your whites & colours, even in a cold wash. 💦
✅ Also comes in a Cherry Blossom scent, for long-lasting floral freshness.🌺

We’re looking for 1,500 savvy circlers to put the new Daz Gels to the test for a brilliant clean and dazzling wash.

As members of the team, we will:

  1. Try out the new #DazDoesGel – We’ll put the Daz Gels to the test with our dirty laundry.🧺

  2. Post on socials – Then, we’ll share some snaps to Facebook, Insta and Tiktok, and talk about how Daz Gel is ✅ easy to use ✅ provides a brilliant clean and ✅ is mess free.

  3. Leave reviews – We’ll leave reviews online for others who want a fab clean without the faff. ✍🏼

  4. Talk to pals offline – Then, we’ll get gabbing to friends and family about our new laundry routine and share our money off coupons.📣

  5. Feedback to the brand – Finally, we’ll fill in a quick survey to let the Daz team know what we think.📝

🎁 Our Starter Kit:

• 1x Daz Gel Whites & Colours
• 1x Daz Gel Whites & Colours Cherry Blossom
• 2x 5 Coupons to share with friends
• 1x Project handbook with briefing

💻If you are not a member of the SuperSavvyMe and savvy circle community, make sure to register here first.

Ready for #DazDoesGel to shake up your laundry routine? Then what are you waiting for? 👇🏼

Applications for this project are now closed.

We can’t wait to hear from you. ❤

@all: Fancy trying the new #DazDoesGel range?


Iwona • 4 months ago

Good luck everyone! I hope I'll be choosen for this one 🤞

Cleanandsparkeatlauras • 4 months ago

Any wait to see if I’m chosen
GOOD LUCK to all who have applied

AshokPatel • 4 months ago

Hope I get to test daz gel… TeamDazGel

Lisanemilyx • 4 months ago

Would love the chance to try daz as I have never purchased or used before so would be a great experience and to see the results after use. Exciting

Aloro887 • 4 months ago

Good luck everyone

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